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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Just wondering if an Afghani cap (Pakol) is OK to wear being Shia? I understand that a cap is a cultural item, and this Pakol seems to be tied to Afghani culture in particular. But don't only Taliban-type of people wear this cap? Has anybody seen Shias even such a cap? Thanks, TYE
  2. Can somebody explain what a "Half Hijab" is, and whether it is acceptable as a Hijab? I have heard that many Iranians and Afghanis observe a so called "Half Hijab"--is this true? From what I understand, a "Half Hijab" is essentially a scarf that covers about half the hair--is this true, or something else? Is a "Half Hijab" observed outside of Iranian/Afghani culture, and if so, in which other cultures? Thanks, TYE
  3. This session was mainly an introduction to locally focused introduction-making efforts by this Heavenly Match team. It just gave an overview of how they work, and there were some speeches about marriage. TYE
  4. Anybody know anything about or going to the Heavenly Match session/event @ IEC (Islamic Education Center) in Houston, Texas? More info is at the IEC website, http://www.iec-houston.org/ ? Is this a meet-and-greet/introductions/match-making type session, or is this an informational event? Any general thoughts on Heavenly Match? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I agree with "as long as he is a good and pious individual." I was just curious which he followed. Thanks.
  6. Shia or Sunni? And how do you know? Has he spoken in any Shia centers or Sunni centers? Thanks.
  7. I'm just curious if anybody knows whether Mahmoud Abdul Rauf (former NBA basketball player, formerly named Chris Jackson) is Shia or Sunni? Not sure where to post, but thought I'd check here. Thanks, TYE
  8. Just curious, what are people's opinions of: ShiaMatch v. ShiaSpouse v. HeavenlyMatch v. Shaadi? How many Shias are on each site? What types of people (particularly in level of being conservative/liberal, being in the U.S.-Canada versus elsewhere) are on these websites? Has anyone had or heard of anybody having success in finding their spouse on any of these websites?: The links are: http://shiamatch.com/ http://www.shiaspouse.com/ https://heavenlymatch.muslimcongress.org/ http://www.shaadi.com/ Salaams, TYE
  9. Is there any Shia mobile app that provides: prayer time, azan, & log prayers? I have found the app, Athan (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/athan-prayer-timings-tracking/id505858403?mt=8) , which has Sunni prayer times--is there something equivalent for Shias? The Athan app also allows ones to log prayer and keep track. And additionally, can someone provide other good mobile apps for anything Shia? Thanks. Salaams, TYE
  10. What is the Shia view of Sufism? Thought on Sufi practices?
  11. I have heard that "chicken marsala" (popular italian dish in America) and "tiramisu" (popular dessert in America) have a tiny bit of alcohol--is this OK? Here is more info. on the 2 examples: 1) Chicken marsala is often cooked in a tiny bit of wine, which I have heard is burned off while cooking. The purpose of the wine is solely for cooking purposes--is this permissible or haram? 2) Tiramisu is a dessert prepared with a bit of brandy, which I have heard is only in traditional tiramisu recipes. I have heard that the tiny bit of brandy is so insignificant compared to the other ingredients--is this permissible or haram? I mention these 2 particular dishes, because they are popular in American. Many Muslims eat them at restaurants. So, is 1) burning off of a tiny bit of alcohol while a dish is being prepared permissible? And is, 2) a tiny bit of alcohol as an insignificant ingredient permissible? Thanks, TYE
  12. Where does one get or purchase a turbah? Other than being given one from family, where? Thanks, TYE
  13. What is the Shia religious scholars perspective on qawwali? Is it allowed? I've heard some Sunnis denounce qawwali, and consider it harram, whereas other Sunnia embrace it. What are the religious issues that are being debated related to qawwali? Thanks, TYE
  14. To: professional, educated, single Shia women Why are you finding it a challenge to find a husband, if you are seeking marriage? I'm just curious--what are you looking for, in terms of qualities? Where do you think would be a good venue to meet somebody Shia who is compatible? I suppose I'm just curious and trying to understand viewpoints. Thanks, TYE
  15. Just wondering what are people's thoughts on an acceptable age difference of potential spouses these days? Certainly there are many other qualities to look for. And it seems like the generations before accepted (or maybe even promoted) a rather large age difference by today's standards--for desis of the generation before, a man being 10 or 11 years older seemed to be perfectly fine. What about today's generation of an acceptable age gap? What are thoughts about a woman being older? I've heard some white american friends say that, 1/2 of a man's age plus 7 is an acceptable minimum age of a woman for a man. Not sure if this is just a fun equation or one people that people accept. As an example of this equation, it would be acceptable for a man being 30, to marry a woman being 22 (since 1/2 * 30 = 15, then plus 7 = 22) as a minimum age. Thoughts on this age difference topic? Thanks, TYE
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