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  1. why are you proejecting your life onto mine? What makes you think my life isnt successful? Did you even look at my profile pic before judging me like that? I have lots of girls around me all the time. My life is fine. I am talking about most of the world's population. I am not a self-centered insect like you to only care about my existence. I have humanity in me. I have empathy. I see people suffering everywhere. Most of the religious ilk you are like this. Hypocrites to the core. Your love for God is only self-serving Let God put you into calamity or a situation like Job. I bet you 1 trillion dollars you will be cursing him on day one of your calamitous life. You cretin, you go personal on me just because i tell you the harsh realities of life. I have more choice words for you but i will stop here. Goddamn you to hell if he and hell exists. boohooo where are the mods where are the mods this guy is making us realize the harsh realities of life
  2. I dont have a God complex. I am just saying that God either doesnt exist or he doesnt care and is evil. Ban me all you want.
  3. i would have given every being everything that it wanted there would have been no hell or suffering eternal bliss no need to pray Paradise only Even satan would have been a good angel I dont understand this god who operates this universe Not being blasphemous, this is what i think. Feel free to delete this thread if you find it offensive.
  4. why is it when she is in love with you deeply, you dont feel the same way and when you do, she is bored with you and as moved on? Ah sweet depression..
  5. http://www.answers.com/Q/How_long_was_Adam_alone_before_God_created_Eve Adam was younger than 56 years old when God created Eve, the exact age is not determined. In Genesis 6 you find that God counts time starting with Noah's birth. Every godly day is 1000 years acording to Peter. So God counts time in weeks of thousands of years. So, the Sabbath that followed Eve's creation must have finished with Noah's birth, which happened 1056 years after Adam's birth if you count the beggetting ages mentioned in Genesis. Therefore, if Eve was the last creation, she must have been created wihin those 56 years. 5, 10, 30, 40, 50, but no more than 56 years. Suppose if this is true, I guess God created my Eve too and ill have to wait a while before i have her?
  6. After the Battle of KarbalaZaynab took the jug of water. As She went to Sayeda Sakina who had fallen into a fretful sleep. Gently she stroked Sayeda Sakina's uncombed hair. Sayeda Sakina opened her eyes. Zaynab bint Ali said, "Here is some water Sukaina, please drink a little. You have been thirsty for so long. On hearing the word “water” Sayeda Sakina cried out hopefully, has my uncle Abbas come back? When she was told that Hurr's widow had brought the water, she got up, went to Hurr's widow, thanked her and then asked Zaynab bint Ali, Have you all drank water? Zaynab bint Ali shook her head. Sayeda Sakina asked, why then do you ask me to drink water? Zaynab bint Ali said, because, my dear, you are the youngest". Sayeda Sakina replied, no, Asghar is the youngest. --------------- :cry:
  7. I am very depressed. Shia friends of mine told me to listen to sad shia songs related to Hussein, Grandson of Prophet Mohammed. I dont understand whats being said, but it helps me in dealing with my personal tragedies. The problems they went through, my problems are nothing compared to what they faced. The fact that this is the same world where they went through such hardship, goes to show that this life is not for entertainment and happiness. Maybe God will provide me whatever i seek in my afterlife. But not here. This is helping me cope with my situation. What do you think? I am sorry but this message was too personal. how do i delete it?
  8. Either way, she missed her son when he went away. Imagine her feelings..
  9. What were the feelings Mary was going thru when Jesus was crucified? imagine the agony...
  10. seems like this is the only way. Do it yourself.
  11. Seriously. i am losing the desire to exist. Why doesnt he end my life? I dont want to live anymore since he doesnt answer my prayers? Does he even exist?
  12. i am sure this thread shouldn't be considered offensive. If yes, let me know so i edit it out. http://i.imgur.com/IgowrY4.jpg http://i.imgur.com/pXdLEXF.jpg http://i.imgur.com/mmYhVFk.jpg http://i.imgur.com/1u74yhh.png
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