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  1. Writers of the Sihah al Sittah are forgers? Your logic is completely flawed and biased. The man compiled narrations, both weak and strong يا أيها النبي إذا طلقتم النساء فطلقوهن في قبل عدتهن‏‏ “O Prophet! When ye do divorce women, divorce them at the commencement of their prescribed periods” 65:1 Those words that verse verse are not in the Quran! so on your basis every compiler of the Sihah al Sittah believed in tahrif? That is your opinion. It was compiled by the successor of the Prophet (pbuh) Imam Ali (as)
  2. I gave you all I know. But we know you'll still find a way to avoid the and come up with some excuse. Come on, what is this explanation for the hadith about the loss of a chapter? You don't have one.
  3. You can keep avoiding it but we're still waiting for the reply for a removal of a whole chapter the size opt al Bara'ah...
  4. lol that's a different hadīth which is about supposed abrogation. Your talking about the 17000 verses one! lol. People are fallible and that's the whole point - he got it wrong and the hadīth is not sahīh and the link shows that. He is not some sort of blind hujjah like you take upon yourselves for Bukhari and Muslim! He views the reports as mutawatir but so what? Is he some sort of infallible hujjah? I never denied that, but I said that the hadīth is not sahīh. Shall we open up the other Sihah al Sittah? There's a hadīth where Umar says the original Quran has 1,250,000 words!
  5. Although Allamah al Majlisi said it is reliable, it isn't. Nice try: http://www.revivingalislam.com/2010/09/hadeeth-17000-verses-in-quraan-saheeh.html Plus, Sheikh al Kulayni stated very clearly that anything in his book is to abandoned if it contradicts the Qur'an. So now that I have explained this hadīth, you explain the hadīth in sahīh Muslim, which is supposedly perfect, saying that a whole surah has been removed : ) Precisely - Muawiyah kills thousand, curses Imam Ali (as) from the pulpits but 'Ijtahada and he erred' Allamah al Majlisi - Kafir Majoosi zindeeq and all the rest of it.
  6. About al Kulayni and al Majlisi, or abrogation of verses? if it's the first, then Ok then we can talk. If it is the second, can whole chapters be abrogated (the size of Surat al Bara'ah)?
  7. *because Indeed, "wow" - I think you need to answer to the hadīth saying a huge chapter has gone missing.
  8. A whole chapter can be abrogated? It's only specific verses as far as I know. Why are you talking to yourself?
  9. Jazak Allah My mistake Could some of the nawasib explain how that is not tahrif then? A whole chapter was abrogated?
  10. I've got a quick question, did al Arnaut present any other reasoning apart from Abu Balj for weakening the hadiths that mention the virtues of Imam Ali (as) ? If he did, the argument couldn't stand, could it? Stop spamming this website, degrading everyone as though your God, just to massage your ego. If you can answer directly to the thread then great! We'll discuss! If not, leave and stop shaming yourself. The point of the thread is to ask the question- how could al Arnaut use a weakness in two hadiths to say they are weak, and then say the other is sahih even though it has the same weakness? Can you answer the question? Hm? Clearly not.
  11. Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: When the time of the death of the Prophet approached while there were some men in the house, and among them was ‘Umar Ibn al-Khatttab, the Prophet said: "Come near let me write for you a writing after which you will never go astray.”‘Umar said: "The Prophet is seriously ill, you have the Qur’an, so Allah’s Book is sufficient for us.” The people in the house differed and disputed. Some of them said, "Come near so that Allah’s Apostle may write for you a writing after which you will not go astray,”while the others said what ‘Umar said. When they made much noise and quarreled greatly in front of the Prophet, he said to them, "Go away and leave me.”Ibn ‘Abbas used to say, "It was a great disaster that their quarrel and noise prevented Allah’s Apostle from writing a statement for them. What is the Sunni opinion on what the Prophet (pbuh) wanted to write?
  12. -- Nice article found here I thought would be beneficial
  13. No one cares you guys have even made up excuses for the mutawatir hadīth al Thaqalayn which even the blindest wahabi/salafi/deobandi cannot deny. But we can't even question a single sahabi out of hundreds of thousands? I see the logic...
  14. http://shiaweb.org/books/al-nafis/pa58.html
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