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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. this person is clearly a sunni trying to convince us to think the sunni ways
  2. But nay! I swear by the falling of stars; Most surely it is an honored Quran, In a Book kept hidden None shall touch it save the purified ones.(the reference to the purified ones being the Ahlul Bayt in verse 33:33) A revelation by the Lord of the worlds. Do you then hold this announcement in contempt? And to give (it) the lie you make your means of subsistence. The Quran clearly states that the MEANING/TAFSEER/RULES and its secrets of the Quran is only given to the Ahlul Bayt and that they are its guardians and keepers and commentators and those that explain it, not every joe jerry and blow
  3. If God knew that you could tolerate life 1400 years ago, thats exactly where you would have been However that is not the case, the best environment for you is now, and if you keep complaining then that is exactly why life isnt getting better If you take that complaining energy and turn it into something positive, you wouldnt be so boring to yourself We live in a time where the world stage is offered to anyone, nop discrimination, you can create an amazing youtube video and get the world attention you can learn sciences and discover new things, you can hel so many people because there is so
  4. life is so much better without sex or with absolutely minimal sex , seriously, your mind becomes clearer, your more spiritual, your thinking gets deeper, you actually feel physically stronger, your more patient and tolerant, your more wise, you eat and sleep less, you learn quicker, your have better memory, you have more time to spare , you do less sin, your less interested in life etc and so on and so forth sex should be just for bearing children, otherwise avoided , it should NEVER be done for pleasure, because doing anything for pleasure results in difficulties for you, it is one of those
  5. this is none other then YOUR own theory, if it had any basis and truth the Imams or Prophets would have mentioned it, or the Quran would have mentioned it Your giving you opinion based on what? Also your demonizing a creation as if it created evil whilst God says that "everything that is from God is Good whilst everything that is bad is from you" God is not the creator of evil and bad things This is very dangerous what your doing, your making your own rules and giving your own verdicts about Islam which you dont have the authority to do so , and the worst thing about it all is that you are bas
  6. why are we trying to fit our beliefs with their "theories" and ideoligies? we dont need to, let the alcohol drinkers, many sexual partners, pig eaters, unwashed and najas , money hungry, life desperate, uncertain fools believe what they want we have Allah(swt) and thanks be to Him for this amazing gift of faith which nothing can compare to or take away
  7. there is nothing intelligent to debate here, firstly if we just follow Quran on its own literal sense, how do you define how to pray? how do you define rules of fasting, how do you define other rules in complex society scenarios really the Quran on its own cannot make rules and laws except the most obvious ones, but important details are not mentioned but yet the Quran does say "pray" and "fast" etc but doesnt define them and other things like taking medication during fasting, food rules and laws, all of these things need an opinion , someones opinion and guidance
  8. and who says you have a body? where did i say "God has a body" honestly sometimes i wonder am i talking to children?
  9. if your memory serves you correct you would know that even the Quran is sufficient for my "claim" despite that it is not a claim "he is more closer to you then your jugular vein"
  10. following Islam means following truth and your natural created state, it is truth and if you decide to not follow it and instead follow your evil desires(whatever it may be) it will destroy you there is not other way to go you cant just step outside of the consequence and kingdom of God and find your own path as if you can break away from God's control you have two options follow God and be happy or follow evil and end up in the worst darkness that you cannot even imagine if you decide that your going to follow your evil desires, go ahead but i guarantee you that it wil lead you to such
  11. maybe you cant , and thats cause of evil nothing less nothing more if you were righteous and pious you would have felt God , the only thing which can stop that is evil period and i am not accusing you of anything but i am telling you what is absolute reality , you can deny it or accept it
  12. Dont sacrifice that closenes to God for anything not for lusts not for money not for power not for fame or wordly posessions be it women/men/propertty/wealth God is that thing in us we feel cleanses our bodies and souls and heart when we are on the right path, and that goodness you lose when you do evil consciously so dont sacrifice anything for that God connection within us dont do it brothers and sisters God is worthy more then anything else , and nothing is worth sacrificing that God-closeness for
  13. you will either get married or you will go down a dark and evil path , and i am sure that the former is what you will do the only chance of you NOT getting married ever or having sexual relations is if you have physical problems with your reproduction organs, in which case your correct, but since you didnt mention it then probably you have normal function this might be all wishful thinking right now, but whether you want to or not or like to or not , you wont be able to ignore your animal instincts, and if you really stay away from woman and masturbation , then you will reach a really desper
  14. wesellams why are you so convinced that he would simply respond to you what you want to offer him? he isnt a child and he is very opinionated and he looks down up "desert religions" as he says, you would be surprised but he doesnt se things eye to eye with you, despite that it may sound so yes he is talking beyond those materialistic things that most haven't learned to overlook, but he is not where you think he is , and he wouldnt be interested in what you want to offer him , nor respond to you as you imagine in your mind
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