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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    hello91 reacted to coldcow in Need advice on aborting a baby   
    1) Unless you know all the facts, it is best to refrain from judgement
    2) What's done is done, instead of condemning this girl to being shunned for her mistakes, show her some love and help her become a better person.
    3) Allowing her into your house doesn't make you a part of the abortion.  For all you know, her replacement may have had 10 abortions that you don't know about.  
    4) If you are shia, and believe mutah is ok (I don't), then you believe it is ok to contract with non-muslims for "relations."  Right?  Those non-Muslims may be sinners, or horrible people, right?  In this case, you're contracting with this woman for services provided (cooking?).  Outside of the contracted services provided in exchange for money, there's no need for more snooping or worry.  If she violates the terms of the contract, whatever it may be, then terminate the contract.
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    hello91 reacted to Chaotic Muslem in Need advice on aborting a baby   
    Why are you snooping on her ? 0.o aint your business , is it?
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    hello91 reacted to notme in Popular Muslim Convert Explains Why He Left Islam   
    We don't know what he understands, though we can clearly see some of what he doesn't. Allah is most merciful and perfect in justice. Let Allah be the judge, not us. 
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    hello91 reacted to MaryamAfghan in I hate my hijab   
    Something you should remember is that free will is a thing in Islam. This way, we will be held accountable for the choices we make in this donya. So, do as you please, but refrain from changing the rules and way of life that has been set for us by Allah (swt). If the headscarf is a prescribed article of clothing for muslim women, then so it is. The Quran doesn't say everything explicitly. If you don't want to wear a hijab, nobody on this platform can help you. If there was a way to help, we wouldn't. However it is unfortunate that you were forced to wear it as it would have been best if you please Allah (swt) with the intention to do so yourself. 
    As humans we are all sinners, in one way or another. It's true that we all have our struggles. If your post was more along the lines of "I don't like my hijab anymore, need help/motivation keeping it on" then there would have been a point in your post, and the members here would've been more understanding and provide you with some motivation. But it seems like all you've done was make a post stating your intentions to remove it... I hate to sound harsh but that's really what it looks like. So I'm not really sure what kind of responses you were expecting to get by making this post, if you aren't seeking motivation to keep it on. Just know, that the headscarf does have a place in a muslim woman's outfit, and if you choose to remove it that's simply your choice and it isn't justified by the Quran. I myself do not wear the hijab, & I'm saying this because I don't want to be a hypocrite. But, I am fully aware that it is mandatory. Why don't I wear it? This is where my imperfection comes in. I'm a sinner. But, I would never seek to claim that just because the headscarf isn't written in the Quran, it doesn't hold. I think about it a lot, but I haven't been able to bring myself to put it on for good. All of us can be better muslims in one way or another. Some muslims can improve their akhlaq, some can improve their character, some can improve their keeping up with prayer, some can improve the way they treat their parents... and some, along with myself, can improve their outer modesty. So if you wish for motivation to keep it on, you've come to a good place and the previous posts are helpful but if you just want to remove it there's not much anybody can/will do. That's on you. I really hope that you become free from this struggle.
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    hello91 reacted to notme in I hate my hijab   
    I once was offered a job as an engineer partly because of my hijab. I also have been rejected by employers, sometimes blatantly because of the hijab.  
    Years ago when I first converted, I started wearing hijab because I had a friend whose daughter thought that a woman can either have a professional job or wear hijab, not both. I wanted to show her that we can do both. 
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    hello91 reacted to Bakir in Dr Sekaleshfar lecture on homosexuality in media   
    Sexual disorientation is different from homosexuality.
    In the other hand, simplifying the reproductive issue to that point as if it was the absolute truth is not sophisticated, mainly because there is a study that pointed out that homosexuality could actually be good for human reproduction (because the "gay gene" would translate in a positive feature on mother and aunts of gay males).
    CM you are coming with conclusions that fit the message you want to say instead of what science really reveals or allows to say, which for me shows a bias I can't really tolerate and makes it difficult to have a fruitful debate without counter arguing each point you bring. This shows a defensive attitude towards homosexuals and homosexuality which I really don't know its real benefit.
    I am gay, muslim, and recognize the prohibition of homosexual relations without any real problem nor dilemma. Because it is, in the end, a matter of WILL. If you want to follow Islam's rules, homosexuality won't put any barrier to you. At most, you may not marry, but that's not the end of the world. If you want to get closer to Allah, homosexuality won't be any barrier. As of today, the only barrier is people's behaviour towards homosexuals and their stupid prejudices (and the apparent incoherence in the west and the east to see someone who identifies as gay and as muslim). I can tell you for sure that this is common sense for muslim gays, and in the end they will have to choose. I have experienced the gay world and nothing in it has called my attention, nor it killed my passion for religion nor my love and respect for it. Yes, it may mean I will live a celibate life till I die, but in all honesty, I don't care at all, I am happy with it. Some see it as a test but I don't even give to it that importance because it deserves no attention. With time and enough determination, sexual desire ends up being secondary in your life.
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