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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I'm a woman hence I posted it on the sisters forum, so the first responce doesn't apply to me. It happened after fajr.
  2. As salamu aleykum and I hope you are all during well in Ramadan. I have a question regarding a wet dream. During Ramadan I had a wet dream, but I was in a weird state of mind half way through. I had a dream, and then somewhat half awake and half asleep, (I think I still was dreaming, not sure) I rubbed myself and an orgasm released. I woke up fully and realised what I've had done. Mind you that in my dream I was rubbing myself, so I wouldn't be surprised if I happened to do the same during the release of an orgasm. Is my fast void? I know that if you wake up after having an orgasm f
  3. our jihad is to look at ourself and work to become pious rather than judging other people, that's one of our main goal in this worldly life to reach Jannah.
  4. how about people start seeing within themselves and their mistakes than focusing on other people and the things they do wrong.
  5. can you give an example of the kind of "separation" he could go through? i just made istikhara with a tasbih and my niya was if there is khair to marry him, and i got "do what you want". i also used the imam ali (as) method again with the same niya, and i got "‎هـ = His matter will stop for a bit but its consequences are good" which makes no sense to me.
  6. salam aleikum beloved brothers and sisters... i have a question. i made istikhara where my niya was if i should keep having sabr and wait for a guy when he is ready for marriage. right now he isn't ready neither with me or any girl. he stopped talking/writing to me, so now we no longer have contact with each other (he doesn't respond to my texts). he wants to finish college before he thinks about marriage. i made istikhara by using imam ali (as) method as in this one: you tube.com/watch?v=JG-r4sgxrVs (remove the space between u and t to watch the video). I got ف (Allah reunites him after
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