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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Question: Can a Muslim marry a non-Muslim in any circumstances? Answer: The legal rulings aside, the purpose of marriage is to get closer to Allah. Therefore, we should try to find a spouse who is religious and who will lead us closer to Him, not one who will bring us further away. Therefore, even IF permissible, one should not marry a non-Muslim. Sayyid Sistani... Full Answer: http://www.14publications.com/question-and-answer/can-i-marry-a-non-muslim/
  2. Infertility is a problem that many people across the globe face. In the United States, almost 11 percent of women are considered infertile, which is the inability of a couple to achieve conception after a year of unprotected intercourse, or the inability to carry pregnancies to a live birth. According to statistics, in Australia, one in six women suffer from impaired infertility. Full answer: http://www.14publications.com/question-and-answer/why-cant-i-have-kids/
  3. Alcohol is widely used in oral care and cosmetic products. The common type of alcohol used in said products is ethyl alcohol which is formed during the fermentation process of carbohydrates, such as corn. This alcohol is used in alcoholic beverages as well, hence it is edible. In order to avoid taxes, this alcohol is then denatured rendering it inedible. One example of denaturation is when methanol, a wood-based alcohol, is combined with ethanal... Full answer: http://www.14publications.com/question-and-answer/is-the-cologne-acqua-di-gio-najis/
  4. Question: There are some products, such as Arnotts Tim Tams that, that contain trace elements of alcohol in them. Is it permissible to consume them? Answer: There are many food items that contain small amounts of alcohol, including Tim Tams which was confirmed via email. This is important to Muslims because the consumption of alcohol in Islam is prohibited and alcohol is considered to be inherently najis (ritually unclean). Usually the amount of alcohol in these items is very small and it is assumed that the alcohol burns off because it evaporates at 172 F. But, the Unites States Department o
  5. ...this article wants to highlight the numerical miracles of the Quran. These miracles show that the Quran could not have been written by a man. The Quran was revealed over 23 years and it would be impossible for the following numerical miracles to have been compiled by a normal human being: The word world (dunya) is repeated 115 times in the Quran, the same number of times that the word for the hereafter (akhirah) has been repeated... More Numerical Miracles listed on: http://www.14publications.com/blog/numerical-miracles-of-the-quran/
  6. The first verse of the Quran and the opening verse of all chapters of the Quran starts with the phrase “In the name of Allah, the Most-Mericful, the Ever-Compassionate.” Allah constantly reminds mankind of these attributes. Allah is also known as the All-Forgiving (al-Ghafur). This article will present some of the dimensions of his forgiveness when it comes to those who commit sins. Allah provides the possibility of forgiveness from all sins on many levels. The first level is seeking repentance. Allah accepts the repentance of all who sincerely repent. Imam Jawad (a) has described repentance
  7. ...The question was about the female mujtahid becoming a marja’. The main argument that those who support the prohibition of a woman becoming a marja’ use is Islamic traditions prohibiting women from becoming judges. Traditions also state that the judge must be a rajul (male). Since judgment is one of the duties of a marja’, a woman is barred from that position.... full article: http://www.14publications.com/question-and-answer/can-a-woman-be-a-marja/
  8. Thank you so much! may Allah bless you.
  9. Credible academics in the western world do not accept that dreams can be a method of obtaining information about the future, about the past, or from another being communicating through the dream. They state that all dreams stem from the daily acts of mankind, unfulfilled desires, and fear. For instance, Freud believed that dreams were the gratification of repressed tendencies which, with alterations, creep into the arena of self-consciousness. Nutritionists add that dreams are related to the nutritional needs of the body, for instance when one witnesses blood in a dream it might mean the quant
  10. This article discusses the third and fourth signs, the rise of the Sufyani and the earth swallowing them up in Bayda’. It is understood from some of narratives that “Sufyani” is a specific person from the lineage of Abu Sufyan, but it is also understood from other narratives that “Sufyani” is not a specific person, rather specific characteristics and plans. For instance, it is quoted in a narrative from Imam Ali (a): “The appearance of Sufyani is one of the certain matters; and there is one Sufyani against anyone who rises.” Full article: http://www.14publications.com/articles/the-rise-of-t
  11. Revolutions will erupt in an effort to fight global oppression and corruption, some of which will succeed in organizing new governments. The rebellion and movement of Yamani, which is a symbol of the struggle of truth against deviation at the End of Time, will be one such uprising. The movement of a certain Sayyid Khurasani who will be of the lineage of Imam Husayn b. ‘Ali (a) and who will rise to uphold justice is another of the factors involved. These two movements—one of which will be in Yemen and the other in Iran—will be among the elements laying the groundwork for the re-emergence of Ima
  12. The battle of Khaybar was the third major battle of Islam in which the Muslims fought the Jews. During that time, the Jews were powerful and harnessed much power. They erected 7 or 8 military forts in Khaybar at the time. There is much speculation about the reason why the Jews erected these forts. Some speculate that the Jews knew of the coming of Prophet Muhammad (s) and wanted to fight against him and his religion. This is why one can see that they set up strategic positions all the way from Medina to Jerusalem. In any case, these forts were sturdy and were equipped with a two-year supply of
  13. A phrase that I’m sure many Lebanese brothers and sisters have heard is: “Go home you Lebo.” According to statistics, there are 476,300 Muslims in Australia who make up 2.2. percent of the country, slightly behind Buddhists. In fact, when you lump all non-Christian religions together, they only make up 7.2 percent of the country. Full Article: http://www.14publications.com/blog/lebo-go-home/
  14. The British media have been running a story about a popular pizza franchise, Pizza Express, who secretly uses halal chicken on their pizzas. The media and some right-wing racist Brits are furious about the fact that they have been consuming halal chicken without knowing it and they think that Muslims should be furious as well because the fact that they decided to use halal chicken without informing the public should be somewhat offensive. They say that this is one example of how Islam is creeping into the British society and should be fought against. Full Article: http://www.14publications.c
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