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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What does it matter when OBL died, or even if he is dead? The fact of the matter is that by any measure OBL or Al Quaeda or whomever pulled his puppet strings won. We have been reduced to the status of a beggar nation. Only the fact that we have nukes keeps us somewhat relevant, just like Russia.
  2. Well whatever has been tried or proposed so far hasn't really worked has it? The "have-not" countries of the world have populations that give an entirely new meaning to the term 'breed like rabbits'.
  3. Wow...! Post of the year, if not the decade!
  4. Even if the "recount" supposedly announced by Khamenei is a stall tactic just to buy time to really rig the original results, it does reveal that perhaps he is no longer the "supreme" leader, and that there are other power centers (military?) that Ahmedinejad serves as a frontman for, that are calling the shots in Iran now.
  5. Birds of a feather flocking together, eh? Chavez, Hamas, and now (maybe) Medvedev/Putin. Hardly a ringing endorsement is it?
  6. Not logical at all, as the Vulcan would say. Why have them if you're not going to use them, even as a last resort.
  7. Come on now....if its whites doing it, its racially motivated, and if its blacks doing it, well its just economics? So blacks hate rich people, many of whom just happen to be white? Imagine if whites were to offer up that excuse..., "uh judge, I don't hate blacks, I just hate poor people!" Actually most law enforcement agencies/the media/Hollywood etc., are extremely loathe to label ANY non-white on white crime as racially motivated, while white on non-white crime is much more easily pigeon-holed as "hate" crime. Of course ethnic minorities will always see themselves as disadvantaged and bullied or put upon by the majority. Nevertheless, you don't see these minorities making a beeline for greener pastures elsewhere do you? Name one country with a minority that says things are hunky dory and that they have zero problems with any aspect of life as a minority...!! In any case please do yourself a favor visit the DoJ website and see all the gory details. In particular, see Table 42, on page 38 of this document (2006 stats). Look at the numbers for Completed Crimes, Rapes, etc. One interesting quote from the link you provided above: Well, duh...of course! This Cathy Cohen (a professor, no less!) is completely oblivious to the irony in her statement. Merit and not favorable treatment is exactly what has propelled more recent immigrants into the American mainstream. There are no university quotas, or interest free loans, or a silver spoon, or whatever else that Filipinos, or Chinese, or Indians or any of the other perceived "favored" minorities are supposedly given upon arrival into the country.
  8. That depends... half of the world thinks otherwise: From China we have: From some of the other "shocked" parts of the world there is this: What predicament? What crises? Is India putting more fuel on the fire? Quite the opposite, its Pakistan who is toying with India and delighting in its impotence. In fact as the Times of India points out here, this has turned out to be yet another "cost free exercise" for Pakistan.
  9. So did this guy predict the rise of Obama anywhere?
  10. In re: Rodney King A little common sense goes a long way...
  11. Here's one link for starters: The DOJ site Also read this page... the whole page. I admit I missed your point. However, IMO the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons (and you radicals across the pond :) ) are the only ones who still see racism as big a force in the US as it was 50 years ago. There might be a subtle racism going on sure, but ultimately racism is in the heart or mind, and you cannot legislate or force a change in one's thinking. I don't think its as entrenched as you imagine it to be. Its as if you're thinking Bush told his white chief of FEMA to discreetly pass the word down the white ranks (and keep it to whites only, please) to delay and drag out the response to Katrina as long as they could... eff the blacks, let 'em drown/starve...? Not likely.
  12. I think you have a mental picture of America where whites roam around looking for innocent old blacks ladies to pick on, where blacks cower in fear of there lives, venturing out only in daylight and in safety of numbers... Actually if you looked up the official numbers regarding interracial crime in America, you'd find that in fact the victims in these cases are more often whites by many orders of magnitude, than blacks. However, seldom if ever, do you hear of these black on white crimes being labeled as hate crimes by either the press, or the politicos and (especially so) the law enforcement agencies that keep track of the stats.
  13. Of course any proof proffered would be instantly proclaimed to be "lies" or "propaganda", all designed to malign the good name of Islam and Muslims and Pakistan. No proof would ever be good enough, would it? Actually though, the shame is on India for this one. Any war it wants to declare, should be on its own corrupt politicians and institutions, especially the police.
  14. Mayhem on American streets? Hardly... Actually, when you consider it, just how many Sikhs and Muslims were killed in the aftermath? This nation has gone through extreme upheavals before (the depression, with unemployment at 25% or more, defeats such as Vietnam, relatively high inflation in the late 70's etc.), and yet social structures always held. What do you suppose it is that gives the social fabric a comparatively high resiliency?
  15. Now Mexicans = Muslims? I thought you were talking about Muslims emigrating from Muslim Lands... Its probably difficult for a "good" Muslim admit, but I'd venture that at least a few come emigrate to escape the pressures of conformity, be it religious/political/cultural etc. Of course its going to be interesting to see just how many of these economic opportunists (Mexicans, Muslims, or otherwise) abandon the sinking ships of the West and find their way back home. Perhaps the Mexicans will wake from their drunken stupor to realize that the grass is now greener in China, Russia, Malaysia etc., and hey, they need people to cut it on the cheap over there too...
  16. You make it sound as if these people seek to emigrate solely for economic reasons. If that is indeed the only reason, do you really see them beating a path to any of the new economic powerhouses such as China, or even to any member of the anti-American axis, if America and the rest of the West go into a terminal decline? Its more than just money that brings them here. Though I agree with you that this decline will probably bring out nationalist (ie: white) urges that would make it ugly even for the immigrants already here.
  17. So can we assume that China has become a liberal democracy? Because even though they'll never admit it, the "communist" Chinese have become much better capitalists than the Americans ever were. Thus it seems that capitalism doesn't always require democracy to take seed and flourish, though one can argue that as a result of the embrace of capitalism, forces are unleashed that will eventually lead to some "democratic" policies and characteristics to emerge and be adopted.
  18. Well SC is still up and running. No shortage of anti-US and anti-Bush opinions and rants here is there?. I wonder how its escaped the attention of Bush's thought police... Just how many critical blogs/forums/sites have been eradicated so far? Since you celebrate the Russian release of this anti-US documentary, do you think the Russkies would be as welcoming to a critical piece about their wiping out of Grozny? For that matter, care to elaborate on Putin's method of eradicating journalists who dare to criticize him or his policies?
  19. What special or new insights did the Italians bring to the table...er, screen? The authors claim that the official version is not true, so what have they uncovered that definitively proves this?
  20. I think you're right. The sheen has already tarnished somewhat. Palin gives the republicans who loathe McCain (and who would have sat this election out) a reason to go and vote. As more is revealed about Obama's past, his seeming arrogance and premature posturing as the next president (in all ways but for the swearing in), will cause many of the whites who voted for him in the primaries because he seemed fresh and pure to suffer from buyer's remorse, come November 2nd. Also, a huge factor will be that Hillary has so far refused to savage Palin as the rest of the Dems (the party hacks) have. If she doesn't do it before election day, will that be taken as a subtle but tacit hint to her supporters (18 million strong) to punish Obama for not taking her on as his veep?
  21. More blather from attention starved (and sufferer of ED) EGO Chavez...
  22. This is really interesting. Egypt is ripe for an Islamic takeover? The near unanimity of the responses does not bode well for Mubarak, or his preferred successors (and perhaps his benefactor/s) either. Iranians who've had a 30 year dose of Shariah would rather be like Turkey (well at least a little bit)?
  23. Democracy has you all tied up in knots, eh?
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