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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, The message there is very true, LOL!
  2. Salam, Benjamin Franklin, famous American historian/inventor and a lot of other things said that the group of people to be feared most for their cunning and scheming ways were the Jews and he also was a Jew himself. I think the Jews have been known since the beginning of time to have been selfish and if you notice, selfish people of whatever background can find any means possible to fulfill their needs and desires. Somewhere in the Holy Qur'an i once read something along the lines of, we asked them (The children of Israel) which was better for them, this world or the Hereafter and they chose this world and so we gave it to them. I know it wasn't exactly in those words something close to that. So maybe in this world they are to be feared because they will be successful here, but Allah (swt) always gives victory to those with truth and everyone will get their haqq or rights on the Day of Judgement where each soul will bring forth all its deeds. May Allah (swt) keep away from us His wrath and keep us in His Mercy insha'Allah.
  3. salam, i think you should wear shari to be more like fatimaht ill zharra! salam zeinab
  4. salam muslims, Yes the cat and child or very cute.But think Allah created some thing very cute. Allah is the one who let u hear,walk,talk and see. Say alhamdulallah!!! salam zeinab!
  5. I think it is the most stuiped's shows. Franky Munize {malcolm} is a very retarted show. we are muslim not christan.Wach arab shows maby u will learn :D ;) salam zeinab
  6. Salam, Welcome! :), you'll find a lot of interesting people and topics here.
  7. Salam, Welcome! :), you'll find a lot of interesting people and topics here.
  8. Salam, Ajarakum Allah sis...May Allah (swt) make these 3 holy months of Rajab, Shaban, and Ramadhan bring blessings and mercy on all of us insha'Allah.
  9. Salam, Here is Gog and Magog as mentioned in the Qur'an in Surat Al-Kahf: About Nabi Dhil Karnayn, 93. Until when he reached between two mountains he found on hither side of the two mountains a people who could scarce understand a word. 94. "Said they: 'O Zulqarnain! Verily Gog and Magog cause mischief in the land, shall we collect for thee the necessary resources from among ourselves so that thou shalt raise between us and them a barrier?" 95. He said: "the power in which hath my Lord established me is better, so ye help me only with the strength of laborers, I will make between you and them a barrier," 96. "Bring ye unto me blocks of iron," until when it fulled the space between the mountain sides, said he: "Ply your bellows," until he had made it red hot with fire, he said: "Bring unto me molten brass which i may pour over it." 97. So they could not scale it nor could they make a hole in it. 98. Said he: "This is a mercy from my Lord; but when the promise of my Lord (the Resurrection) cometh to pass, He will level it with the ground; and the promise of my Lord is always true." 99. And We will let some of them, that day, to dash one another and the Trumpet will be blown, then will We gather them all together... OK, so Gog and Magog were said to be cannibals (human eaters) and were two tribes that were so ignorant and unlearned that they couldn't even speak and acted like cavemen basically eating anything in their way. This was at the time of Nabi Dhil Karnayn and so Allah (swt) asked him to stop these so called people who lived so animalistically. He imprisoned them between the two mountains by pouring iron and brass which they can't break through until Allah (swt) levels it to the ground before the Day of Jugement. After that they will be unleashed to attack what some say the hypocrites, including the Muslims who appeared to be religious and weren't. I hope this helps. :) salam
  10. Salam, I don't how much sense this explanation makes but here is what one scholar answered some of my friends. That Allah (swt) created two wombs in Eve's stomache and when she had their sons each was born with a twin sister. So each married the others sister which was from a separate womb, hence they are not exactly brothers and sisters. I don't know how much i can agree with that but it's just one explanation given, allahu a3lam.
  11. Salam, I believe Salik means Journeyer or something like that. Anyway salam and welcome and i hope u enjoy reading and posting :).
  12. Salam, LOL! I mean seriously, do they really think we are that dumb, i mean do they expect someone to like circle YES. LOOOOL! Seyed Hassan is the man ;)!
  13. "The US believes that Israel has the right to exist" So does everyone else, but not on Palestinian land. Why doesn't the US give up some of it's land or a state or something if they so desperatley want Israel to exist. They took land that doesn't belong to them and i don't understand why they are so shocked that they Palestinian people don't accept it. I don't think u would be too happy if someone moved their stuff into your house and said that God said this house was mine! I mean look at all the other Jewish people in the world who think Israel is in the wrong, don't they know what they are talking about?
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