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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for your help. It all makes sense now. its funny how simple things could easily be turned into a complicated myth. Jzk
  2. Asa brothers/sisters, As i mentioned before, I just became shia and started practicing the school of Pure Ahlulbait(as). I am not sure how much you lot can understand but I am facing a lot of problems in the community due to the fact that I prefer the belief of PURE's over others. I am hoping to understand certain concepts from you lot in a positive way and would appreciate any help whatsoever - jzk I've been presented this narration from Bihar ul Anwar from this website. http://gift2shias.com/2014/02/23/the-shia-madi-a-sadistic-mass-murdering-anti-arab-bigot/#more-10068 There's a lot of filth mentioned here about the followers of Ahlulbait(as) which I really dont believe and know its nothing but a pile of lies against us. However this narration (apparently from Biharul Anwar) did confuse me and I am still wondering what must be the original context of it as we all know the Imamuz Zaman is in hide and he's the son of Imam Hasan Al-askari(asws) I am not even sure if its mentioned in the original book so will definitely check the original text as well. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks مهدي الرافضة من سلالة كسرى فارس يزدجرد بن شهريار روى ابن عياش في المقتضب، عن الحسين بن علي بن سفيان البزوفري ، عن محمد بن علي بن الحسن البوشنجاني، عن أبيه، عن محمد بن سليمان، عن أبيه، عن النوشجان بن البودمردان، قال: لما جلى الفرس عن القادسية وبلغ يزدجرد بن شهريار ما كان من رستم وإدالة العرب عليه وظن أن رستم قد هلك والفرس جميعا وجاء مبادر وأخبره بيوم القادسية وانجلائها عن خمسين ألف قتيل، خرج يزدجرد هاربا في أهل بيته ووقف بباب الايوان، وقال:السلام عليك أيها الايوان ! ها أنا ذا منصرف عنك وراجع إليك، أنا أو رجل من ولدي لم يدن زمانه ولا آن أوانه.قال سليمان الديلمي: فدخلت على أبي عبد الله عليه السلام فسألته عن ذلك وقلت له: ما قوله: ” أو رجل من ولدي “فقال: “ذلك صاحبكم القائم بأمر الله عز وجل السادس من ولدي قد ولده يزدجرد فهو ولده” . انتهىكتاب بحار الأنوار للمجلسي – الجزء 51 – الصفحة 164 – طبعة مؤسسة الوفاء – بيروت لبنان- الطبعة الثانية 1403هـ – 1983مTRANSLATION: When the Persians were defeated at Al-Qadisiyyah (Iraq) and Yazdgerd Ibn Shahryar (the Kisra i.e. king of the Sassanian Majoosi/Zoroastrian evil and oppressive empire) was informed about that and that Rustum (his general) was captured, he thought that Rustum and the Persians are all perished until someone informed him about (the battle) of Al-Qadisiyyah and about the loss of 50.000 (Majoosi soldiers, against a handful Sahaba!!!). Upon that, Yazgerd fled to his household and stood infront of the gates of Al-Iwan (his palace) and said: “Peace be upon you, o Iwan! This is where I am going to leave you and where I will met you again, me or a man of my progeny [...]. Sulayman Al-Dulaimi entered upon Abi Abdillah (Imam Al-Sadiq) and asked him about that. I asked him: ‘What does he (Yazdgerd III) mean with “a man of my progeny”? He (Imam Al-Sadiq) said: ‘It is none other but one who is the arising (Shia Mahdi) by the will of Allah, the sixth (from the progeny) of my father, Yazgerd has given him birth, he is his father’. (Bihar Al-Anwar, vol. 51, p. 164)
  3. MashaAllah, great replies. As for prohibition on blowing on food, We've had the same understanding as Lover said. two types of blowing and blowing for blessing is allowed. (wallahu alam) May Allah makes me a true follower and lover of Mola-e-Kaainat. Need lots of duas and help from all brothers n sisters. Jzk
  4. Thanks for the reply - when I was sunni, I used to read fatiha, mauzatain n few more ayahs on food n blow on it. is this not valid anymore
  5. Hi everyone, I have recently started learning the deen from the ways shown by Pure Ahlulbait(as). Can anyone please guide me how to give niyaz of Mola Mushkil kusha(as)? Mola Madad
  6. I've heard that Amr bin AAS(la) was born to a prostitute but people know him as son of AAS because he slept with that prostitute as well(out of five). Can anyone please give me some historical evidence for this Thanks
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