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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think u have ocd, therefore you need to be on anti anxiety/ depression medications. You dont need to discuss religous topic with your doctor because they might not understand your problem. Since your issues are religious based you need to contact a mujtahid office such as Ayatollah Sistani or Khameni. And send them a email about your problems they are experts in religion and can properly guide you.
  2. hello brother, have you been able to stop completely masturbation and pornography after marriage. Can you please elaborate.
  3. i think you should keep it in your heart instead of inviting trouble in your life. There are many people who don't believe in 3 caliphate, because of that many people in pakistan are killed in shia/sunni violence!
  4. if i am masturbating once or twice a month would you still call me addict, when it is absolutely healthy to masturbate 4 to 5 times a week. When you take out religion out of the equation. The problem is not the addiction, it is the suffering from the guilt. Why would i even care to write this post, when i wanted to end masturbation through marriage, rather to carry inside my marriage?
  5. First of all i don't have a addiction, second i don't watch porn. I already know the only solution to overcoming masturbation is marriage. But i wrote this post, because i feel there should be ease in restriction regarding fatwa on masturbation. I don't mean to be offensive, but many people who pass these fatwa back home, did not went through what i have went through, nor did they lived there youth in the west. I feel instead of easing their misery some of the judgement make their lives miserable. Hence it makes them turn away from islam forever!
  6. bro, if it was so easy for me to getting married than i wouldn't be writing my story here. But i am trying my best to get married soon, as this the last option on the table.
  7. when i was first masturbating, i never had addiction or anything like that, i would normally do it 3 to 4 times a week. And get on with my life without thinking to much. But when i tried to stop, first i went one week, and than i thought i had overcame this hurdle so i was happy. But than it happened again so i end up controlling myself for one month. But still after a month i would slip up, so i realized there is no way i can stop this habit.
  8. Salmaalekum, I would like to know why can't a fatwa be passed specially for youths living in the west. So it can help ease and alleviate the suffering, and guilt that is attached to masturbating? Millions of young man and woman who can't get married at a young age for various reasons specially "education", are indulge in this act not by choice, but it is inescapable for young healthy adult to shut off his/her desire completely until marriage. Or control it by fasting etc. for a long period of time! My story I have tried every tactics there are in the book in order to stop masturbation. And when i say i "tried" let me tell you, i have been through hell! So, it has been now 2 years since i have been fighting this battle, first let me tell you how i was before, when i did not touch upon this topic. "Peace of mind, high confidence, stress free, positive feelings, loved life, studying, going to college, going out, meeting people, going to mosque, etc. Were some of the things i used to do, before i tried stopping masturbation. And now let me tell you what has happened to me while i tried to stop masturbating after i contacted marja/ ayatollah; SEVERELY DEPRESSED FOR TWO YEARS, ANXIETY, STRESS, CONSTANT FEELING OF GUILT, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, DON'T LIKE TO PRAY, STOP GOING OUT AND SPEAKING TO ANYONE, NERVOUSNESS, QUIT COLLEGE etc. I know that it is my fault, that i went so deeper into this topic in order to stop masturbation . But it was only to please Allah and remove that burden off my chest, but i still failed. Plus getting the advice from marja did not help my suffering, as it just kept pushing me deeper in to the hole i was already in. Lastly, i would like to know what you guys opinion on this subject, i know that i am not the only one who has been consumed by this matter. And i did many researched and found out many such stories like mine. Where the youth had gone far as trying to end his life, from the suffering. At the moment i have just accepted my self, which has given me confidence, and peace of mind! Ali
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