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  1. What do you call a Pakistani man with one hair left? Iqbal.
  2. Wow. I've only went through Al Kafi on my iPad right now and this is so easy to navigate through. Many thanks
  3. When I have absolutely nothing to do I find I waste a lot of time holding my fridge door open looking for some answers lol.
  4. I personally try to avoid it. I used to feel very self conscious about this when I first started working because the majority of my coworkers are guys, but I've found that most people don't really care whether I do or don't return a handshake or a hug, so I dont see why I should overthink it.
  5. It doesn't sound like you were fired, but laid off. Have there ever been certain hobbies you've always wanted to do, but couldn't, because of school? You could also look for another part-time job to continue the savings you started.
  6. I'm 5'5". I used to think I was tall (for a girl) because growing up, I was always the tallest person out of all my relatives, friends, people from the mosque, etc. Then I started University and reality kind of set in lol.
  7. It's funny how there are so many contradictory opinions about skinny jeans.... back in November I remember listing to a radio channel where they had some expert who was saying skinny jeans would be the least selling holiday gift this Christmas since it's been a style for so many years now, everyone has so many, no one wants any more, this style is going out of fashion, etc. Yet I work for a major international clothing brand and the top item sold, out of everything in the entire store, were the skinny jeans. I don't think they even look that good on most people. It was barely a few years ago that a few brands started reselling boyfriend jeans and flared. I wish those would come back into fashion.
  8. The Internet makes it so much easier to seek knowledge and interact with others. If anything, I'd say it'll become more popular. Why do you think it'll die down?
  9. My brother recently came back from Hawaii. He travels a lot and never faced any issues at airports or when he's crossing internal borders. This time he was flying domestically and was stopped by airport security both to and from Hawaii and both times he wasn't let go until like 10 minutes before his flight. Both times they asked him very rigorous questions for over an hour. He's 20, has a common Muslim name, was mistaken to be Arab, and was traveling alone... It could have been a coincidence he got stopped, or it could have been related to the recent "Muslim" ban imposed in the US. I've had several other friends get stopped at airports as well. I really hope this thing calms down soon. Other than that, he had a good time at Hawaii. Said it looked very similar to Los Angeles. He ended up renting a car to get around instead of taking buses as their timings were very limited. Cost of living is very high as well. He was in Honolulu where there were mostly tourists from all over the world and a few locals who were also very friendly. Be prepared however and plan out where you want to go beforehand as there are certain areas with high crime.
  10. Can you try sparing an hour to sleep in the afternoon after you get back from school or work once the daytime hours stretch out in the summer?
  11. I think maybe you're interpreting this the wrong way. All sustenance and blessings and everything else we ask for is provided by Allah and only comes from Allah. There is no doubt about that. Thinking that any of God's creation has the power to make our Duas accepted is shirk. However, as we all sinners in this world, often times our sins push us farther away from our bond with God and block our duas from getting accepted. It is for this reason why we often ask for the ahlul bayt to intercede on our behalf, as they are sinless and they have a closer bond with God. There is nothing wrong with asking the ahlul bayt for shafa'ah or intercession, but please don't confuse that with them having the power to grant your duas. That belongs to God only.
  12. Sorry to hear that, your father is in my duas. Inshallah it is kheir. Keep us posted on how hes doing.
  13. When I was in uni I did a lot of my studying and school work on my laptop and kept getting distracted by Facebook and other stuff online... I don't remember the name of the website anymore, but you could enter certain websites that would be blocked on your computer for certain timeframes (such as when you're studying or writing a paper), and when my semester finished I was able to go back and lift those blocks. I'm sure there's still lots of websites/apps available that do that.
  14. In what regard would you say LinkedIn was helpful? To find job postings/recruiters, or for hiring companies to find you?
  15. Trust me, you're not alone. I also feel this way from time to time and so do several of my friends. But it's important to realize that it's caused by pressure from the media and the society we live in to act and dress and look a certain way to fit in. If I decide to take off my hijab, all I'm doing is compromising my beliefs in order to conform to what society "wants" me to look/dress/act like, which is not worth it. I don't know a single person who took off the hijab and said anything good came out of it. We all experience this feeling from time to time. I think you mentioned you were a revert; do you have any close Muslim friends you can speak to regarding this? Having a support system to rely on can make all the difference. Imam Ali (AS) said, like your body your soul also gets tired. So refresh it by wise sayings/doings.
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