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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Do you mean for instance Newroz? Persian new year, I believe this remained from the ancient religion of zoroastranism.
  2. Selam everyone, So I have watched some islamic videos on youtube on this channel: SoldierOfAllah2 There were 2 videos that caught my attention regarding the comments bellow in which shia and sunni brothers were discussing about a wide range of topics such as: the prophet mentioning who his successor would be , that umar and abu bakr were tirans, that they threatened to burn the house of Hz.Ali and killed his wife fatima and her unborn child by kicking in the door. Here are some quotes of a Shia brother: The Prophet chose and favored and talked about and presented Ali to people more t
  3. No I am 100% certain that it is not this, he simply wants to have everything his way and he wants his daughter to marry her cousin. He is afraid he will lose his pride and cannot look his family in the eyes anymore after they hear that his daughter 'picked' a man for her own. Our cultures are very similair and religion as well. She threatened a few times that if he will continue to force her, she will run away from home. At one point ehr father was okey with me and the fact that she wanted us to engage, then he suddenly changed his mind and I think this cousin influenced him. So what should I
  4. Assalamu alaikum. First of all, I would like to say I wish you the best of luck when it the family issues you were talking about in your thread. I pray that Allah will unite you two in a marriage of bliss and harmonious family relations. I saw that you stated you are Alevi though, which piqued my interest. I am quite interested in Alevism, but I believe it is difficult to find reliable sources on the internet and most Alevis I have tried to contact online were either not interested in tal...

    1. Fatima Hussain

      Fatima Hussain

      talking or only spoke Turkish. Would you be will to tell me about your religion?

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  5. You are right, I need to prove that I am the man he would want his daughter to marry and shouldnt feel embaressed about telling his family! Right now though we are kinda stuck her father and she dont talk much.
  6. I am Alevi I think this is equal to shia twelvers in Turkey, and she is a sunni girl.
  7. thanks, a funny thing is during the time that her father accepted me he told his daughter thath he noticed she hasent changed a bit: she is still the respectful, shy and honest girl that she is and he said this also states about what kind of a person I am. Her mother and sisters and grandmother all have positive thoughts about me because of what she told them, the thing is her father seems to be concerned about loss of his honor because he would have to tell his family back in Afhhanistan that his daughter married a Turkish man so we must have had a'relationship' and his family will gossip abo
  8. Thank you for your advice, yes that is what we plan on to marry after university ends we would like to engage and after we have jobs only then marry eachother.
  9. Selam everyone, I am deeply in love with an Afghan girl, I myself am from Turkish/Zazaki(iranian/kurdish) origin. We have a normal relationship for one year now, I am really certain this girl is the perfect one for me and we havent done anything but hold hands and talk and walk. I want to ask for her hand like it is normal in both our cultures, first we ask the girl hand and then we get engaged an evenually marry after a few years. Her father is very strict and saw us at the bus station one time and he wants her to marry her cousin, this is what old school people that are stuck in the time d
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