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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes I am. I don't know which maraji specifically have this ruling but Sayed Sistani does, for example. But as I said, it is not really found in our aHadeeth literature (AFAIK). The more authentic requirement is that the woman be mature (baligh).
  2. Agora


    Oh yeah, forgot about them. Thanks :D But why can riders bet but nobody else? o.O
  3. Thanks! I'm a cat person lol. One day, I will become as obsessed as Ruq is with her bears :P
  4. Here's another episode of Agora pwning David. Oh, by the way, I'm so slow. It totally took me until just now to realize that you're CLynn. It's cool that your back. I sort of missed your ridiculous posts. This place got kind of boring without you. Try not to get banned again. Now, without further ado: I'll keep talking, thanks. What bigotry? Care to "expose" me properly? Speaking of which, why are people so obsessed with "exposing" people and things. Pro Irani: America exposed!Shia: Sunni beliefs exposed!Sunni: Shia beliefs exposed!YH: Khamenei exposed!Khamenei: YH exposed! Don't people get tired of constantly "exposing" each other? I'm really getting sick of hearing that word. It's such a buzzword like "Islamic Unity". Empty buzzwords. *sigh* I never said I can speak for all Christians. Where exactly did you read that in my post? Which sentence, exactly? I've written a lot of them. Do u ev3n sarcasm? That is an incomplete sentence. I am just going to assume you meant to end that question with a question mark. Anyways, I would really appreciate it if they would do that. Maybe then "Westerners" would finally realize that all of the hatred and violence is coming exclusively from one sect. I would totally dig it if the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, etc. banned all Wahhabi hate preachers such as Anwar al-Awlaki, Anjem Choudary, and Feiz Mohammed along with their c.rappy hate groups. Ah, you see, the problem with that is there is really no reason to ban the Shia. When was the last time a Shia shot up a day care? When was the last time a Shia bombed down town Oklahoma City or flew airplanes into buildings? Never. So yeah, there's really no reason to ban the Shia. However, evangelical protestants have committed a lot of terrorist acts. No, I wouldn't. I would view it as stupidity but not a war. Iran doesn't even stop evangelical protestants from doing their thing. They just aren't allowed to preach their hatred. If Amerika stopped me from Dawah but allowed me to do basically anything else as a Shia Muslim, I would be against the restrictions but I wouldn't call it a "war on Islam". Yeah, you could say that. That doesn't make you right. False. There is a difference of opinion. Plus, the fact that your lot aren't regarded as Christians by other Christians is only one factor I mentioned. You totally ignored the part where I mentioned the violent tendencies that your people have. Not really.
  5. Agora


    (bismillah) (salam) Okay, so to get this straight, betting on horse racing is allowed as long as you are not a random onlooker or an owner of the horse. Wat? Who else is even involved? I live near a horse racing track and betting goes on quite frequently. The owners of the horses and the onlookers bet on who will win. Who is betting if it's not onlookers or owners? Why is it halal for them but not for the rest of us? :dry: (wasalam)
  6. I don't know, are people going to riot in the streets if I did?
  7. Science is shirk. The only scientific method we need is the following: 1. State your hypothesis 2. Behead those that disagree with your hypothesis
  8. Burning it is the most respectful way to dispose of a paper or cloth with Allah's name on it, isn't it? In fact, I was told to burn a Qur'an because it had become too fallen apart to use. A shaikh told me to burn it instead of disposing of it.
  9. Oh snap. This was in the sisters forum. My apologies. I hope you don't mind me (a male) responding.
  10. Wa alaikum asalaam. If your marriage was done properly then there is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes there is a stigma against muta and so that could make one feel ashamed but it has no religious bearing. The requirements for a valid muta marriage are: - Stated time period - Agreed mahr - Proper "formula" recited in Arabic - Some scholars say that if it's your first marriage you are required to have your father's permission. Not all scholars agree, however, and the aHadeeth mainly talk about maturity and not father's permission. If the above requirements are satisfied, your marriage is completely valid Islamically and there is nothing wrong with it. I wish the best of luck to you and your husband in sha2 Allah :)
  11. Treated I'm what way? Let me just make a few important points. 1.) She chose to marry him. 2.) She is a big girl and can discuss the issue with him. 3.) If he is too controlling and she can't stand it, she has the right to divorce him. 4.) Even women make similar demands. My ex told me to delete all females from my Facebook friends list. Is she too controlling and am I being oppressed? No.
  12. Yes but in general usage Ismaili refers to Aga Khanis despite the existence of other Ismaili sects. Likewise, in general usage, Shia refers to twelvers even thouhh there are other sects such as Ismaili, Waqifi, & Zaydi. Likewise, in general usage, Bohra generally refers to the Dawoodi Bohra even though there are other Bohra sects such as Alavi Bohra & Sulaymani Bohra. Likewise, Nizari generally refers to Aga Khanis despite the fact that there was another group of Nizaris (can't remember their name). I hope this makes sense. You can be highly technical but it is difficult to hold a conversation that way. Clarification should be given where its needed, not in places where everybody already understands what it being referred to.
  13. Thank you so much for your explanations! I have always been interested in Nizari Ismailism and its super exciting to know somebody that is going to enter the Tariqah. I'm going to learn so much from you haha. I just thought of another explanation for the `Aly Allah issue. My Arabic is not good at all and maybe someone will correct me, but perhaps `Aly Allah means "Aly of Allah". For example, Ibrahim (`as) is known as Khalilullah which means friend of God, not friend the God. Just a thought. Anyways, I have another question about the Du'a. Right before the last sajda you turn to both sides and say "Shah jo didar" to the person on your right and on your left. What if you're praying by yourself? Do you still say Shah jo didar twice or do you omit it? And if you do say it, do you still turn to both sides or does it matter? I hope my questions aren't bothering you! I had the great pleasure of knowing Khalil Andani on Facebook and he was always willing to answer my questions but his answers were sometimes too deep for me to understand lol. So yeah, its pretty exciting to know another Nizari Ismaili. If my questions annoy you, please let me know and I'll stop.
  14. Asalaamu alaikum brother Haydar. I apologize for the confusion in what I wrote. I mean that their words are inspired by God. You're right. Somebody posted this both on ShiaChat and Facebook but it was a misunderstanding. Someone in the Saudi government had proposed it in an academic or opinion essay; it is not official. Apologies for speaking before verifying. What do you mean by his body not being there any longer? I didn't mean physically. The Imams aren't idols to be worshipped. I meant spiritually. They are the Caliphs of Allah (as per the Qur'an) meaning that they are the representatives of Allah on Earth. An American diplomat represents America so speaking to a diplomat is likened unto speaking to the president of the United States. Likewise, speaking to the representative of Allah is likened unto speaking to Allah himself. With contradictory aHadeeth, I agree. If it contradicts the Qur'an, it is out because the Qur'an is the most authentic source we have. However, I hold the unpopular opinion that a great deal of the Qur'an was removed from what we have now. Since we don't have the full revelation at this time, we must refer to the speaking Qur'an for issues that the current version of the written Qur'an does not speak on. I know (or assume) that you do not believe in tahreef so my last point isn't something we will ever agree on but I hope my explanations for the other confusing statements have helped clear things up in sha2 Allah.
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