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  1. Salamalikum, How do Western nations and Israel achieve a set joint command when it comes to their foreign policy, while having free elections and different parties come into power at the same time? Like in the West and Israel, it doesn't matter whether its democrats or republicans, or right wing or left wing parties, no matter who comes to power, they all have the same foreign policy towards the Palestinans, Iranians, and Russians and despise them. Foreign Policy it seems crosses and unites all party lines. However in the east, Nations such as Russia, China, and Iran are different. Ahmadinejad took a harder line against the west, and Rouhani came to power and has a more liberal foreign policy it seems. Same with Putin and Medvedev, one was a friend and allie of the west while the other is hostile and the differences can be seen very clearly. What unites them in their foreign policy no matter who comes to power, they do the same?
  2. I have to agree. I mean like why go to a place where you are not wanted or welcomed? Where your "resident scholar" does not even know you exist and has his own little group? And social status and class are huge too. Rich and poor divide is a big issue. I have no money, hence I have no say in any matters, hence I can't be close to my Alim because the only people "close" are the rich and higher ups and leaders. Its a waste of time. With respect to the Hadiths, there has to be situations where they are true but I don't think they are accurate in every single instance.
  3. Salamalikum, I don't like Politicans much at all. But this guy is just outright stupid. Like at least know what you are saying. At one point hes cheering up the terrorist group MEK and blasting Iran about womens rights, then randomly says "saudi arabia doesn't even allow women the right to drive" lol like wth... And throughout the whole thing he says Iran is responsible and has a hand in Isis and 9/11 etc. This man is seriously deranged and a lunatic. I really worry for my President and Country after watching this. And I am not going to start on the event being called an Iranian event, those people can't be Iranian.
  4. This is israeli propoganda. No way Iran risks this many troops far from home.
  5. Salaamalikum, I'm just asking this as a general question and I am not in this situation, but if a guy likes a girl and they are talking with the intention of marriage, but later on one of them(let's say the guy in this case) ends up wanting out but doesn't want to hurt the girl, how can he end it without hurting the girl or causing her pain and heartbreak? Is there anything wrong with the guy changing his attitude over time to instead get the girl to breakup with him lol? Is that unwise? :)
  6. I thought Yemeni Air Force planes were more modern than that lol? That looks like one of those Egyptian Nasser planes from the 60s. Lol actually even older than that :P but still very nice though mA.
  7. Brother its either one or the other, can't be both. You're either a US ally and only look after their interests or You look after your own interests first and get put on the US's sanctions list. :)
  8. Abdullah of jordan, there is a possibility he can be the wicked sufyani. Him or Isis. I can't see israel doing it. They would be overstretched, but you never know.
  9. Dearborn is the last place I'd expect an incident like this to happen in :/ just wow
  10. LOL the gcc is demanding the UN security council evoke chapter 7 of their charter in yemen which would authorize military deployment. :lol: :lol:
  11. I think the curse on the jews means that Israel is a curse on the jews? idk
  12. http://presstv.com/Detail/2015/02/14/397507/Suspicious-fire-burns-US-Islamic-center Murica :P :(
  13. Would I wrong to suggest that Muslims in the US, if they feel threatened, that they should buy a gun? Or would that be too harmful to our image? I mean it is our right no?
  14. Go to new york city. Best Atmosphere shia community wise lol :P I was in Portland Maine not too long ago and ended up just making the trek.
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