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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Update ? - you sound like your view is that the law in the old testament is compatible with the complete contradicting teachings of the NT. So what is the point them ? This is so typical for Christianity, there is never a clear answer to anything. Update is not the same as contradiction - but an update can have that effect that a contradiction now is in place.
  2. ok, So Im not the only one that finds the Bible contradicting, Jesus dis as well, and some of these contradictions are in fact addressed by Jesus as well if I understand you correctly. So to be absolutely clear on this - there are - according to the New Testament - contradictions with the old testament that Jesus have addressed, and that Jesus have replaced ? Is this correct ? The new testament - is not to be compared with the old testament, because there are in fact things that contradict. So why the heck have I been hearing from these Christians over and over --- that there are no contra
  3. This is a very interesting topic, because the difference between believing something yourself, and to force your believes on others - is big. This is something that one has to like about Islam, that it is trying to protect people from being led astray. Christianity had some attempt like this a long time ago, but it all ended in disaster where your girls were burnt on fires and similar craziness. In Islam - it is very serious - it is about your life. To an atheist religion is like a "hobby" or interest, it is not about life and death. So they do not understand why this is such a serious topic
  4. You said to HI Ali Musaaa, "I know I am making a point about Religion and then people who mis-use the religion. a distinction solitair seems to overlook." You are absolutely judging Islam by the actions of some Muslims, but me that is not a Muslim and not a Christian, have no motive to do judge any of them. You are in fact in several things you have written, not separating the people that mis-use the religion from the religion it self. I am on the other hand clear on this, last time in post 271: "Does that mean that it is true ? No, it simply means that the people that followed and used
  5. You are correct. I am not very knowledgeable in Christianity, and I do not understand the Bible - but i never said i was not knowledgeable in history ! I never said I did not understand, and in great detail what has been going on with the Catholic Church. The inquisitions, the witch burnings, the crusades and so on. I read the Bible - and maybe i am completely wrong. If I am wrong, i expect to hear that from the Christians here, that is why i debate. Is Islam better than Christianity? I have no Ida - well what version of Christianity is it we are talking about ? If it is the original vers
  6. I was honestly hoping that this topic was going to just fade out of the conversation as there is ready enough polarizations - but it seems like I just can not help saying something now. Christianity is one long series of contradictions - and Jesus is often in the middle of it. They teach tolerance and criticize for example Islam for being judging - and how their religion is so understanding and loving - just see what jesus did and said - this and that... but they just never stop to listen or to realize what Jesus really did say - and what the bible really does say. I find this to be complete
  7. I find it fascinating that people want to have conversations where large quantities of facts and history is just supposed to excluded from the conversation. The most characteristic thing about Christianity is that it seems to want to be accepted in spite of its history. Any times history comes up to slap them in the face - they want the rest of the world to just ignore it - and love each other... You see this as a down spiral - because you will never accept history ! It will always bother you ... because what you believe in, is contradicting facts from history. Christians want to believe in
  8. You say that I am telling you that: " ... islamic concepts of justice if revenge is the underlying principle of the jurisprudence as solitair seems to say it is. " Are you deliberately trying to twist my words ? I was talking about Christianity - not Islam !! It is within Christianity Jesus made endless points out of stooping the people from wanting revenge - or are you saying that the bible is about Jesus talking to Muslims ?? Are you deliberately just hearing what you want to hear ? Did you not hear my references to the NT ? Turn the other cheek ? Was I referring to anything in the Qur'an
  9. You seem to be confused about revenge, like so many people are. Like revenge is a bad thing. It is not bad - is is good - of God. And it is a cleansing rectifying thing, but not something people should execute easily because people are not capable of handling its power. Therefor God said - leave this up to me. Christianity has a very wrong interpretation of "turn the other cheak". It means, "dont worry, your revenge will rain like fire over this violater" one day - so do not let him trick you in to becoming out of control. This is along the lines of how it is better to tear out your eye than
  10. .. and then they went on and did it all again before they started their next project. Don't forget that they resulted to cannibalism as well during parts of this... not very chirstian ey... :-) compared to muslims that dont even eat pork, id say Islam is a bit more appetizing...
  11. (your post about history as you see it - is simply to long for me to comment. I just want to say that it is not very relevant for my point so I am not going in to it. I have a little different understanding of all this history, as there are many historians that have different opinions also.) I think the above is the point where Im pressing on a nerve... was this in the name of jesus or not ? A logo - or a banner - lest say that you have the logo of BMW on your office building, are there anybody that is not going to think that it is the office of BMW ? So what if you have a long parade with
  12. Let me just bring a very important definition of guilt in to this conversation. Standing by the side of a crime looking, doing nothing. In stead of asking what did the Pope do - to be accused of such crimes... ask yourself - what did he NOT do. The history is full of just that, NOTHING... In many conflicts you will see a groups that contains individual that wage war, that try to get the rest to follow in to conflict and battle. In the same group you sometimes have other that try to calm things down. So - during these 100, 400 or 750 years - (how every you define this period, because this i
  13. Well, what i like about Islam is that it is clear - and little compromise. Bad is bad, not like with your pope, where there are so many circumstances, so many this and that... bla bla, we have to understand this and that... and in the end we are so tired in the head that we don't know what to think... so it is all deluded in to bla bla bla... Why do you for example involve Lionhart and so forth ? We are talking about the pope. Not trying to understand the complexity of the crusaded. The fact is that the Pope is a man of God, and he should know better - he should follow Jeusus - regardless of
  14. No basis in reality ? Did the Canon Law stop the pope from ordering 400 years of crusades ? No, it did not. Who and what exactly was it that was supposed to stop him from not following the canon law ? Is there a council ? And why did they not stop him ? Or are you saying that he did not break the canon law (or what ever you call this law) with his crusaded? I would be very carefuller claiming the latter. There is no such thing to stop a pope, and a pope has never been stoped. He did send soldiers to massacre Muslims for about 400 years repeatedly... in the name of Jesus !! Why did he not lov
  15. It does not matter if you turn your life around after you kill an innocent child or rape a young girl. No matter what you do - it is not going to un-rape the person. It is not going to white out the bad, or bring the dead back to life. Your sin is eternal, the pain of the victim is eternal, and so should your punishment be... I do not care if the rapist does something good for society after committing his evil act... the most important for society is to be relieved of such a person. The raped child does not need to be afraid of running in to him... Money made from selling drugs. People do
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