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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Salaam Brother
    I have made this account in order to say this to you. So please take this advice, if worthy, seriously.
    I know few people who were in similar situations. I urge you to tread carefully and not make any rash decisions. Many people will go into depression or get into bad habits. Or at times think of God negatively. Don't allow your passions and Satan to get to you. It's a slippery slope, I pray you don't slip.
    What you are feeling is natural. The pain is difficult to bare; but it has been done before by many people. Increase in remembrance of God and read Qur'an more often.
    Do not reveal anything to anybody, especially to her family, the nature of your relationship. Do not even threaten her that you will reveal unless she gets back with you. That is not expected from a believer. Instead, if you have a way to contact her, break your Mu'tah contract with her, by forgiving her the time. You don't need (I think) to say it in Arabic. Just tell her, I give back to you your time back. This is so, if she decides to marry soon, she will not be committing any sin.  This is only if your really love her. You want her best, and even if she doesn't listen to you or doesn't want to marry you, don't give up on her or misbehave with her. Once, you advise her this, leave her to God and remember her in your prayers for her guidance. If Heavens have decreed her for you, then rest assured no father will be able to marry her off to anyone but you.
    She is not the universe. She is just somebody. Don't allow this false longing to make her the center of your universe. God is your center and should always be. I know it is difficult but you should know, we Humans will always truly be lonely. Even if you get her, you will not be truly happy and still feeling lonely. This feeling can only be gotten rid off if you lose yourself in God. Thus, try to remember God more. In addition, remember only your mistakes and forget hers. Improve your self  and leave her to God.
    Here are some practical things you can do: 2) Every time you think about her and you feel sadness, don't allow this thought to go away. Rather, think about why your thinking about her, analyze your thoughts and you will see there is some flaw in it. The more you do this, the less her thoughts will bother you.
    2) Spend more time with religious friends. Don't leave yourself to yourself.
    3) Spend more time with family.
    4) Don't go try to find a new girl to replace her. Until you have learned your mistakes, don't risk another relationship
    and Finally, don't watch movies or TV or do things which will put you in a state of fantasy and wishful thinking. Face reality heads on.
    Inshallah, I pray you will be fine.
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