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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    HussainKhashab got a reaction from Hameedeh in Oatmeal!   
    I have oatmeal everymorning! I usually just add milk, microwave it, then I brake up Oreos into little pieces and throw them in for a little crunch. Would really love to try other things though.
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    HussainKhashab got a reaction from Musa Sadr in How many of you believe in Pan Arabism   
    I used to believe in Pan-Arabism, but now I believe more in something along the lines of Pan-Islamism. I think it's more possible and will be a pain in the neck for the extremists on both sides.
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    HussainKhashab got a reaction from Abul Hussain Hassani in Wilaya Of Ali (A) To A Sunni Is Difficult- Why?   
    If you put your self in their shoes, you will face the same issues; why do the Shia twist every verse in the Quran to make it fit their faith, why do they twist hadiths such as that of Ghadeer to make it seem as if Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was announcing Imam Ali (as) as his caliph?
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    HussainKhashab reacted to eThErEaL in Wilaya Of Ali (A) To A Sunni Is Difficult- Why?   
    The problem with most Shias is that they are ignorant of Sunni orthodoxy. They are so used to arguing with Wahabis/Salafis that they have missed out discussing and engaging with genuine Sunnis.
    So, because Shias are used to arguing with Wahabis or people influenced by Wahabism, they tend to have very weak arguments and don't stand a chance with a real Sunni.
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    HussainKhashab reacted to 5a49 in How many of you believe in Pan Arabism   
    Pan-Welayat Fakih
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    HussainKhashab reacted to Reza in How many of you believe in Pan Arabism   
    Instead of pan-Arabism, how about just cooking Arab food in a nice pan?  That's a much better idea. 
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    HussainKhashab got a reaction from ZainabHairan in A Shia Boy In Love With A Sunni Girl.   
    Brother, don't listen to these arrogant comments telling you to stay away from such a marriage. As long as you see that she is religious and fit for you as a wife then inshallah things workout. The number one ground rule is for you to respect her sect and her to respect your sect. As for the kids, let them grow up and learn on their own. Though, I believe that before you'd be blessed with kids, your wife might be considering or has already become a Shia, everybody needs light to guide their way.
    Regarding a Quranic proof then you can use chapter 49 verse 13: "يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ إِنَّا خَلَقْنَاكُمْ مِنْ ذَكَرٍ وَأُنْثَىٰ وَجَعَلْنَاكُمْ شُعُوبًا وَقَبَائِلَ لِتَعَارَفُوا ۚ إِنَّ أَكْرَمَكُمْ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ أَتْقَاكُمْ ۚ إِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلِيمٌ خَبِيرٌ
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    HussainKhashab reacted to m.mahdi in How many of you believe in Pan Arabism   
    no just Islamic Umma
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    HussainKhashab reacted to alirex in As A Shia,how Are You Treated By Other Muslims?   
    Problem is " polarization " this is Shia colony , this is Sunni colony. And that makes rumors to grow faster. India and Pakistan are having illiterate more so obvious rumor work more.  This year one fatwa was there .. Watching 10th moharram procession is haraam. So we can guess how things are working, watching movie is not haraam but procession is haraam :D  .. whatever. Ayatullah Khamnei said clearly .. " Whoever will create problem in unity is neither from Shia nor Sunni he is enemy of Islam and culprit of Anti Islam ".  So its duty of all those who believe in Rahbar-e-Moazzam to not create problem, avoid such gathering where there is fear of quarrel due to sects. Love and Spread Love
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    HussainKhashab reacted to Shabnam Rizvi in As A Shia,how Are You Treated By Other Muslims?   
    Alright, This is very interesting topic, and even i have something to share here... I am from India and currently we stay in Hyderabad, and here we can see Muslims from both the sects in majority...what i noticed here in past two years is that when anything happens the Sunni community becomes one and support their community member irrelevant of whether their community member is right or wrong, even if that member did something wrong, they will stand for him instead for the one who was suffering...(Complete injustice)
    And yes, where we stay I have seen people introducing us as Raabzi, the other day a lady said, "oh u are raabzi, u know even one more rabzi stays in the next lane".and hearing this i thought ok may be by respect she reffered us by this name, may be rabzi is the other name for shias, but when i told this to my father, he said raabzi means Kafir and then i came to know that this lady was referring us as a Kafir on my face itself with great respect...
    I even noticed that the behavior of others have been changed when they came to know that we are shia Muslims... i don't know what's wrong with them but they seriously have to change their thinking for their own benefit..
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    HussainKhashab reacted to saramuslim in Why Aren't Iran And Hezbollah More Active In Iraq?   
    as for iran involvement in iraqi war against isil, i should say that iran has declared its readiness to help iraqis many times, it has sent military commanders to iraq in ordet to train iraqi soldiers, it supports iraq with weapens, even has sent militants to fight there. iran always supports muslim nations theoritically and practically.
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    HussainKhashab reacted to Jahangiram in How many of you believe in Pan Arabism   
    Sultan Abdulhamid II of the Ottoman Empire tried Pan-Islamism, and he was pretty effective at uniting his people and industrialising the countries under his rule. Its one of the few instances in history where a Sunni ruler was willing to warmly embrace his shia subjects, going to the extend of funding the shrines in najaf.
    A great, modernizing Sultan, whose reign fell short of achieving its maximum potential thanks to The Young Turks.
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    HussainKhashab reacted to Abu Hadi in Racism Against Jews In Usa Justified Or Not?   
    Not all jews believe the above. Within Judaism, there are many schools of thought. 
    Racism is never justified. It is Zionism we are against. Zionism is a political philosophy that is not particular to a race, or even a religion.
    There are more Christian Zionists in the US than Jewish ones. 
    Not all Jews are Zionist, Not all Zionists are Jews. 
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    HussainKhashab reacted to ceecee in Am I Shia?   
    salam i do suggest you watch Sayed Ammar Nakshawanis lectures "the biographies of the 14 inffalibles"..I am also a convert to shia islam and i learned alot from Sayed Ammar. I know It can be so overwelming the amount of books people suggest you to read, and you must read ofc but try not to over whelm your brain too much at first. Mashallah congratulations on taking the first step and may Allah bless you and increase your love for the Ahlulbayt (as)...do try to watch those biographies by Sayed Ammar im sure you will enjoy them aloot and you will find yourself gainin knowledge without even realising
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    HussainKhashab reacted to repenter-gone4awhile in Unity Amongst Shias - Most Important   
    Dear brothers and sisters.
    Lately I have noticed that Shiachat and it's members, including me have changed for the worse. Shiachat in itself is just a website, but it is also the biggest shia community. Granted that it is digital, but in todays day and age, it is equally reflective and mirrors what shias believe and how they behave than it does in physical life. Perhaps even more.
    However, we are in a bad spot here. I am talking about the behavior and conduct of shiachat members, and their lack of understanding the effects of their words. Both how it affects other shias and how it looks in the eyes of our enemies. I am saying shiachat member, because I myself am a member and take equal part in this act.
    Some points:
    1. Issue: We are constantly criticizing the Ulama. Now this in itself is ok, but everyone knows by now that it has gotten way out of hand. We all have different marjas, and we all have different opinions on their actions. But that does not give us the right to cause turmoil in public. Shiachat, is public, and the worst thing we can do is to show the enemies of AhlulBayt that we have such low opinions about each other.
    It often turns into personal insults and really bad behavior in the name of criticizing. What this does is create hatred towards each other, and nothing.....NOTHING, pleases the wahabis more than this. I have witnessed now from a discussion that i had with a wahabi that we are in bad shape. He specifically pointed out shiachat, and i had nothing to defend our behavior with. It truly broke my spirit, hence me making this thread.
    1. Solution: No matter how the Marjas behave and how much we disagree, we must remember we are in the same camp. Marjas are our generals and we are the soldiers. The generals might disagree, and some generals might misbehave. But that does not give us the right to disrupt the peace between ourselves. The only thing we have in this world is Allah, Ahlulbayt and our brothers and sisters in faith.
    Let us now focus on creating threads that show the unity we have. Let us create threads that are intellectual and smart in purpose. Let us create posts and threads that promote Shia Islam, not tare it down. This is what discomforts the wahabis and whoever is against the Ahlulbayt. This is what causes their despair and strikes fear in their heart, our strong unity.
    If we happen to create threads that show sings of getting out of hand, it is the responsibility of every shia to respond with respect and behavior that the Ahlulbayt has taught us. Speak gently, and if someone disagrees, then respond respectfully and with dignity. If someone does go out of hand, let's all join in and stop such behavior.
    I am certain, that when Imam Mahdi looks upon our behavior as of late, and i am sure he does, he is extremely disappointed. There is nothing wrong with holding back and controlling what you want to say.
    Let us respect each others marjas and ulama, no matter how much we disagree, and show the world that we stand united regardless. I know it might sound cheesy, but this is the way it should be. If you don't believe in the Marja of your fellow brother or sister, at least believe in the brother or sister themselves and love them mainly because they love AhlulBayt. This is the code of Ziyarat Ashura!
    2. Issue: Nationalism! Even though we perhaps never mention the nationality that we have a problem with, the undertone is there. What is this nonsense? Since when did Allah or Ahlulbayt love anyone for their passport and place of birth? It is clear as day that we have issues with nationalities, and sometimes it comes off as a joke, but any sane person that understands linguistics and how it is used, will see that there is a nationalistic tension between members.
    2. Solution: Again, it is the responsibility of shia members to stop this. Everyone must join in and firstly correct their on behavior, secondly be smart and noticing such things, and finally speak out in a proper manner about it.
    3. Issue: The urge to answer. We can see that sometimes someone creates a thread about Yasser Habib, or Nasrullah, or Shirazis, Khamenei, Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq, etc etc. And we have this urge to show our disgust with the article or case that the thread starter is presenting.
    3. Solution: Control your urge as much as you can. You don't have to answer negatively to it every time, there is no purpose to it other than starting a big mess.
    I am not ordering, i am merely asking in the name of Allah and everything that we hold dear, namely the AhlulBayt whom are dearer to us than our parents and our lives that we start changing. Pitch in and be constructive. Our main enemy is wahabis whom are killing Shias day in and day out, and they laugh and point their dirty fingers at us. This is the platform we can use to do our part in showing that no matter how much we disagree on certain issues, we won't let them have the pleasure of seeing it or taking joy from it.
    I hope you take this into consideration.
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    HussainKhashab reacted to rubab atif in As A Shia,how Are You Treated By Other Muslims?   
    Mostly muslims of different sects dont care much but their always few bad fishes. They try to attack ur faith many times by intensionally bringing up certain topic to tease shias.
    One was too much when a so called frd of mine in uni said on my face during a casual conversation tat shias do zina on ashura and kept explain other stupid nonsense regarding it. If it wasnt for another frd who gave her a shutup call when I was just about to slap her but my frd held my hand. But good ppl are there and the rest of group told her of all the shia rumors tat is the most ridiculous one and other rumors. then she had to leave as they topic turned into a talk of how stupid ppl can be to belive on rumors instead of investigating about it.
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    HussainKhashab reacted to Mithrandir in I'm A New Shia! :d   
    Salam, brother! Thank you!
    I'm from Dhaka, Bangladesh--the ancient seat of Shi'ite power in the Indian subcontinent, as well as the last stronghold of the Shia Nawabs :)
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    HussainKhashab reacted to realizm in Fatwah: Better Not To Add Ali Yun Waliyullah   
    Come on brothers, why would you not say it in adhan but say it in tachahud. It's either all or nothing... And all classic scholars tend to say that it's nothing.
    Brother, you mentioned being from Lebanon in another thread, ahlan wa sahlan. Please go visit any mosque there, you will never find any sheikh saying Aliun Waliullah in tachahud of prayers. This is a serious innovation.
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    HussainKhashab got a reaction from alina92 in As A Shia,how Are You Treated By Other Muslims?   
    Not necessarily, there are welcoming people as well as close-minded people within each sect.
    I once went with a friend of mine to a majlis that was held in an open house on the day of shahadat Imam Ali (as), it was also Ramadan and this was from 12 am until fajr. After the lecture, I wanted to ask the sheikh something, so my friend joined me to the sheikh. The sheikh answered my question then asked us to sit with them as they were having a discussion. I later pointed out that my friend was Sunni, after which my friend sat and said (salam). The men sitting around the sheikh welcomed him and said (wasalam), but the sheikh got grumpy and only said "wa alaikom". However, the sheikh later left and we had sohoor with the organizers there; they even put out the food 10 minutes earlier than they usually would because they know that the Sunni adhan starts around 10 minutes before ours and they wanted my friend to join us.
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    HussainKhashab reacted to forte in ‘Get Your Own Extremist Husband'   
    The bride advises girls not to chase married men.  It is ok to steal from, behead, slaughter and orphan, innocent Muslims but it is poor "self-respect" and you are a "homewrecker" when you choose to follow shari'ah to be a second wife.  ISIS value system?
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    HussainKhashab reacted to Ali Musaaa :) in I'm A New Shia! :d   
    It's a controversial issue. Some avoid it since it looks rather similar to what Allah condemned the Mushriks for (over and over and over again) in the Qur'ān and, more alarming, there isn't sufficient textual sources backing up this practice. More to the point, this isnt something the Prophet and Imams taught their followers to do. 
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    HussainKhashab got a reaction from notme in As A Shia,how Are You Treated By Other Muslims?   
    I once got 2 friends of mine with me to a Shi'a mosque for Maghreb prayer, one was Sunni the other Shi'ite. Usually around here, if a Sunni prays in jamma'a with Shia's, Shia's tend to slap their thighs while in prayer to get him to let his arms down. I was worried about this happening and putting my Sunni friend in an awkward situation mid-prayers, so I started a prayer in the back side of the mosque for just me and my 2 friends. Later, I saw a man come inside running to prayer and then the man found out that the mosque was Shi'a. He then nervously headed to the exit when he saw me and my two friends, so he came and joined us and it was clear how relieved he felt :D
    I felt like I saved that man's life on that day!
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    HussainKhashab reacted to Mithrandir in I'm A New Shia! :d   
    Salam 'Alaykum.
    Thank you everyone!

    Brother, I thought we were allowed to ask for Madad from the Imams...correct me if I'm wrong please :)  

    Thank you, this was great. It was very informative.  

    I thank for your Duas ^^ I'm actually trying to instill the love of Ahlul Bayt(as) in my seven year old brother, so please pray that I'm successful. I'm also desperately trying to get my mother to convert to Shi'ism, but I dont know how that will turn out. But sabr pays off, so i'll be at it. Those links will be very useful to me :D
    Actually, Hassanain Rajabali was the reason I started reasearching Shi'ism in the first place. I remember watching his debate with Dan Barker and later heard he was Shia. Curious, I began learning about Shi'ism and felt myself being swept away by the flood of truth I came across. I owe Hassanain Rajabali a spiritual debt, I suppose.
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    HussainKhashab reacted to realizm in As A Shia,how Are You Treated By Other Muslims?   
    I once placed a leaf for salat in a sunni (mostly african) musalla. A man from maghreb -whom I noticed as the only one praying with hands on his sides btw- turned to me when I was in tachahud and picked the leaf saying something like, "what the heck is this bid'a". I finished and went away quickly.
    Next time I went he ran up to me and said, "please it's ok for you to stay and pray but please, no more bid'a". Lol. I argued and said there were many differences amongst madhahib, and asked him why he didn't summon all the people who folded their hands like he was doing with me, he replied he kept on telling them to unfold hands but they were stubborn. I insisted that he should leave me alone, and he started to get rude about irrelevant stuff, like I was an ennemy of Islam and he even went until bashing me form wearing socks inside the mosque (!) At that point I felt annoyed and said ok you know what, I'm leaving, congratulations you've just repelled a muslim from a house of Allah.
    Guess what he replied ... He said "no, you should stay and perform your salah, but without bid'a... If you leave without praying, you'll be obeying shaitan". Lol.
    I offered my salah after two older and wiser men kindly told me to pray like I wanted, that in Islam the deed was in the intention, and that the guy was nown for harrassing people for nothing...
    But I never went back to that place.
    I feel generally life amongst sunni muslims is ok as a shia but you never know when one of them is gonna start to teach you what real Islam is, that there is no sect in Islam and that the Prophet used to do and say this or that...
    It's a shame because as far as I'm concerned, and maybe it's just a consequence of such experiences, everytime I see a sunni in our mosques, I feel like it is a duty to make him feel at ease.
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    HussainKhashab reacted to Ethics in Am I Shia?   
    You mean *haram*
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