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  1. (salam) If you put your self in their shoes, you will face the same issues; why do the Shia twist every verse in the Quran to make it fit their faith, why do they twist hadiths such as that of Ghadeer to make it seem as if Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was announcing Imam Ali (as) as his caliph?
  2. (salam) Around a year ago, I was given an amulet with Quranic verses written on it as a gift. 3 months ago, I started wearing it and since then, more than once have I encountered people who told me that this was haram and bid'a. Is this true or not? I recall reading hadiths where people were advised to tie Quranic verses around their arms and such. (not sure whether these hadiths were from Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).
  3. It's because here in Kuwait, Shias and Sunnis live side by side so there is no general hatred or enmity. But in places like Pakistan or India, one who is Shia would be discriminated and would be looked at as if he belongs to a cult.
  4. (salam) I understand that it is pretty hard to achieve, but not impossible. I never said it was any easy to achieve, there will have to be a lot of wars and massacres before we realize that we'll just have to tolerate each other and live as neighbors. Christians sect fought and killed one another for hundred of years before they reached where they are today. Nevertheless, this is not how our beliefs describe it, rather, we believe that Islamic schools will be at war until judgment day. It's just never a bad idea to have hope and be maybe sow the seeds for the next generation.
  5. Yes brother, I'm lebanese but I actualy live in Kuwait; I went to a mosque and they do say it here. Thanks to tthis thread Iv'e learnt that it's an innovation and now say it neither in tashahud nor in adhan. Thanks for pointing it out though !
  6. (salam) I used to believe in Pan-Arabism, but now I believe more in something along the lines of Pan-Islamism. I think it's more possible and will be a pain in the neck for the extremists on both sides.
  7. Not necessarily, there are welcoming people as well as close-minded people within each sect. I once went with a friend of mine to a majlis that was held in an open house on the day of shahadat Imam Ali (as), it was also Ramadan and this was from 12 am until fajr. After the lecture, I wanted to ask the sheikh something, so my friend joined me to the sheikh. The sheikh answered my question then asked us to sit with them as they were having a discussion. I later pointed out that my friend was Sunni, after which my friend sat and said (salam). The men sitting around the sheikh welcomed him and said (wasalam), but the sheikh got grumpy and only said "wa alaikom". However, the sheikh later left and we had sohoor with the organizers there; they even put out the food 10 minutes earlier than they usually would because they know that the Sunni adhan starts around 10 minutes before ours and they wanted my friend to join us.
  8. (salam) Welcome brother! I know how amazing the feeling is, it feels like you have unlocked such a beautiful secret and it's so bright you just want to share it with everyone around you! By the way, where are you from? I'm from Lebanon.
  9. Ofcourse the marriage can't be a contract of an hour or two! It is very similar to a permanent marriage, but the requirements for it to happen are different, such as the woman being a non-virgin and such. However, Mut'a also include 'eda (the waiting period after marriage). I haven't learnt a lot on this matter since we do not need it much in todays world where our work doesn't require us to be away from our homes for periods extending over a couple of months. It is up to you to research on this topic, but there are much more important and interesting things to learn about!
  10. (salam) I once got 2 friends of mine with me to a Shi'a mosque for Maghreb prayer, one was Sunni the other Shi'ite. Usually around here, if a Sunni prays in jamma'a with Shia's, Shia's tend to slap their thighs while in prayer to get him to let his arms down. I was worried about this happening and putting my Sunni friend in an awkward situation mid-prayers, so I started a prayer in the back side of the mosque for just me and my 2 friends. Later, I saw a man come inside running to prayer and then the man found out that the mosque was Shi'a. He then nervously headed to the exit when he saw me and my two friends, so he came and joined us and it was clear how relieved he felt :D I felt like I saved that man's life on that day!
  11. Opps :angel: How come I can't edit my post? :blink:
  12. (salam) Believing in Imam Ali's Wilaya is the first step I took into Shi'ism. The best thing to do right now is go on YouTube and watch lectures from Sayed Ammar Nakshawani, I can post links for you if you want. When it comes to the issue of Mut'a, remember that it was established by Prophet Mohammed (pbuh), and he never declared it halal, it was the 2nd caliph Umar who did. I actually have a question posted all about this topic. However, watch Sayyed Ammar's lecture on the issue, it'll help you understand.
  13. Yup, that one. My father used to always tell me a different story that seems to be fabricated from this one :D He tells me: There was once a Muslim nation that was split Shia-Sunni and people did not know who was right and who was wrong. So one day, the parliament called for a meeting between the most respected Sheikh of each sect to decide who was right. When the Sunni sheikh came in, he kept his shoes outside. When they asked him why he did that, he replied "because Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said, when you argue with a Shia, resist the temptation to throw your shoes at them". The Shia sheikh said that's a lie, there was no Shia at the time of the prophet, to which the Sunni replied you said it yourself :D
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