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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have not done nothing bad, but something you havent realized in life is that Words are strong. For you to bring that up in a way like that out of no where will make Other people believe i am trying to insult Shias. Life is a game of pshycology, you have to understand how people think. I dont care that you are Shia, but to call yourself shia indicates to other people that you are a different sect. You quoted a verse and are TRYING to use this as evidence or proof to allow yourself to be called Shia lol.. I dont know why your trying so hard. So be a SHIA today means to Follow imam ALI , I am a follower of Imam ali but i am not a Shia.. Being a shia means you follow all the traditions that Shias practice. You dont hit yourself or rip your back open so why cal yourself a Shia. Your kind of blinded by the term Shia, and dont cherry pick the quran and call youself a 'SHIA' because it was said one time when the quran says the word Muslim over 100 times.. It doesnt matter who you Follow, a muslim is a muslim like you said, after a shahada. But to call yourself a sect, in which the majority of Muslims today know of and consider Seperate is wrong. Do as you wish. Goodluck The point is , "you guys believe that" and the "other guys believe that" ... So.... Techinically we are seperate, anyone can believe anything. But adding on to a problem and claiming to be seperate my hurt us one day. Btw im curious, you stated you believe Shias are following the correct beliefs, and not sunnies... I honestly Dont know, so inform me on what things Sunnies are doing wrong? I can say for sunnes i dont know of any, Except, that they teach the young ones about ahlulbayt. I can say for shias that some have extended their love for the imams too much which has grown into a major problem today
  2. I can tell you a little from my experience. I use to listen to alot of music, but i was raised a good kid alhamdella. Problem with music is that it puts you into a trance and distracts you from Allah, from repenting your sins, from doing a bunch of other things that you can do instead of listening to music for a couple hours. Some people that weren't raised praying and reading quran, when they listen to music they get too deep into the shaytans trap, to keep distracting you for as long possible. I, Alhamdella have noticed that i used to get to deep into music and seen myself wasting time, not only wasting time but also getting into other types of trouble. When your with your friends and a nice song comes on, everyones minds go to a trance and you guys want to get all hyped and go to the club or go do more haram. Those are the Week people, sadly to say. Thugs only listen to rap Gotchics only listen to punk etc etc,, many people will let music get to deep into them and let it rule their lives without them knowing it. -- So my conclusion, I have tried to learn how to manage my music and still not let things get to me. And alhamdella i am getting better, althtough i wish i dont listen to music period, its hard here in america. So, i can listen to music, but if i see myself in another world i will tell myself its just music. Then i can turn it off 20 minutes later and still go catch the masjid now.. Sorry if i sound confusing but try to understand. Goodluck
  3. The problem with a bunch of muslims calling themselves different titles Seperates us, I dont have to worry about ISIS, if they try to kill me they are not muslim. You are muslim, i am muslim, we believe the same thing. So, you say your following the correct teachings, correct teachings of What??? We pray, we fast, we both love the rasool, we both love ahlul bayt.. Why try to seperate your self and confused the confused ones even more. By the way yes, i was interested about shias back 6 months ago when i still called myself a sunni. I needed to know more info, its pretty childish for you to bring that up and try to make me look bad The problem with the word SHIA TODAY means that we are SEPERATE, with the main problem of Allah telling us NOT to seperate yourselves.. So if abraham, moses, jesus, muhammad we all muslims in Submission to Allah. (Believers) we call your self a Shia? Because you want everyone to know you follow the teachings of Imam ali, who was a muslim. So mainly your a muslim, but a Shia muslim. In the end your dividing us. Not only you... relax
  4. Thank you You see we might pray different, in our eyes, but we're not really praying different. When I was sunni my family and I went to a Shia funeral of a friend and prayed alongside. Everyone has their hands to th side, we had it folded. Who cares. I don't know if we Say different things while all the way down in prostrate, this can be another topic. Again to make my point clear because to add to much info -.- leave your salat views at home, and call yourself a muslim. If someone was curious on how u pray, inform him. And if he calls himself a different sect of a muslim, and he tried to argue with you. Keep your mouth shut for Allah, tell him I am a Muslim. And it depends on how strong of a muslim you are to not get mad and distinguish yourself to call yourself just a muslim for Allah. Anyway now I've made my points clear so no point in continuing the discussion. You can reply if you want and if you ask a question u will reply Nice talking with you!
  5. Ok thanks for this, your right i will study more on scholarly books. But still i honestly dont take a mans words for nothing in the end, because if one scholar says one thing and another scholar says another, whos right and whos wrong? In the end we all use our own common sense, well i do. Can i ask you personally something, you claim you are actually a Lover of Ahlul Bayt, Which there is NOTHING wrong with it because i am too, but what do you mean by I AM , are you trying to disperse yourself from people who are not real lovers of ahlul bayt? My point again, i just think what ever we call ourselves it will make some people think we are separate and that is why we should all call our selves JUST Muslim and not confuse other muslims.. I know this will never happen where everyone will just wake up and call themselves a Muslim. But i feel we have to start somewhere. Otherwise what would god mean "and hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided." Now if i was still calling myself a sunni i would still tell everyone we muslims are one, whether shia or sunni, because in our hearts we are one. Now i just call myself Muslim, and still preach the same. But to the people who are not bright enough to see that we are one Ummah, they are stuck on the division between Shia and Sunni, EVEN Though WE KNOW we are one, those people will not. And thus by continuing to call our selves sunni and shia, we are not firmly holding the rope because we are being apart of a world where people believe sunni and shias are TWO , No matter if you know the truth or not, you are not helping by calling yourself one... And that ^^^^ is my Point i have been trying to say all along and it finally came out in better words alhamdella. Anyway Jumaa Mubarak to all of you!
  6. I understood your analogy, but everyone can make up an analogy. Btw, please dont get the idea wrong that im attacking imam ali.. He is the prophets Cousin, he was raised with the prophet, he was the prophets Right hand man, Dont take what i say the wrong way. Of course he is the greatest of all teachers after muhammad, but try to understand what i Say, The Problem with people calling themselves Shias is that New muslims growing up will not be knowledge enough to know that deep down us muslims are one, hence growing up as a different sect will make them obviously believe they are separated as muslims. For the ripping back things, I already know many Shias have stepped up to bring that issue down, but like i said, the problem with calling yourself Shia is the fact that people grow up with the 'traditions' and have made them apart of their religion. Alhamdella you were smart enough not to do these acts, but not everyone is as smart as us. Many people dont know how to use their brain sadly to say. Even for Sunnies who would make fun of a Shia for loving the imams, i believe they do not use their brain. They should simply ask, "well, who is this Imam Ali, Let me learn of him" but, humans are not perfect. And i also dont believe i generalized, im sure i mentioned to Some Shias. Anyway - Furthermore, I have never and will never say anything negative of the Imam. I did notice you wrote (3leihi asalam) when mentioning Imam Ali's name, i could of sworn that was only for Prophets so thats something i will learn about. Now to say Umar and the other guys werent educated people is also wrong i think, Umar grew up with the prophet (I believer?) I am a neutral guy, if Umar had started a fight with Imam Ali about being the leader Allah will judge those people, not us. -- Even though I explained how the above sentence was taken out of context... I'll still reply to you by saying 80%+ of muslims seemed to agree that at the time of moawiyah (la) it was O.K to send la3na on Imam Ali (as). I did not understand sorry, what is Moawiyaih i have heard of this before, and la3na, what is it? Thanks. --- Ameen, inshallah we dont see hell fire Exactly , Alhamdella. I just wish one day were more shias and sunnies will stand up and say we are muslims, and not talk about what they believe. -- I have a question for anyone who can answer these please for my own knowledge.. What makes a Shia think what they are doing is correct compared to what Sunnies are doing can possibly lead them to hell (as mentioned before) or that sunnies are not practicing religion right. Also Vice versa what makes a sunni think that they are right. ,, IF you don't know the answer, then should you not be calling yourself of either one, just a muslim?
  7. Hold up man, first off. Wahabism.. Come on. Second, about the abraham thing i didnt think you were emphasizing alot about it, Ok it calls him Shia of Noah, Follower of Noah... Just like Imam ali is a follower of muhammad, and muhammad is a follower of jesus and abraham.. You are trying to make ANY claim that will allow you to be called a Shia... Abraham was called shia once so its okay? How many times was he called a muslim, how many times was muhammad called a muslim Our Lord, and make us Muslims [in submission] to You and from our descendants a Muslim nation [in submission] to You. And show us our rites and accept our repentance. Indeed, You are the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful. You are kind of being blind about the whole SHIA term, It means follower, we know your SHIAT ALI , but why cant you call yourself just a MUSLIM ... why do you have to call your self a SHIA or SUNNI . It SEPARATES ISLAM .... And i didnt ignore any of your posts on purpose sorry, just skipped over them. ------ Allah With all of us inshallah. I just dont see why people wont call themselves a Muslim. Imam Ali is not your Lord to call your self Shiat Ali. Umar is not your Leader to call your self Sunni. When i was sunni to be honest i just called my self a muslim growing up, not realizing i was apart of a group called Sunni, I didnt look up to no one but the prophet, When i realized that i started calling myself a Muslim. So if im calling myself a Muslim now, and your a Shia, and the other guy is a Sunni, theres 3 of us. Trying to represent one, But we all claim we pray and fast and have the same beliefs... So My final question, do YOU think we are dividing up the ummah this way or no. I feel its sad that i feel this way. Only differences between us is probably i dont hit my self for imam Hussein... what else? No, your kind of intellect is like those of a Hard Head sorry to say. Muhammad did not say not to Learn from Ummar and the other guys, the problem with (some) Shias, is that some grow up with so much love for the Imams not knowing, You dont NEED to have all this love for the imams. Its not a problem that you love the imams, but its a problem for the Weak people that take this Love soooooo deep and have Ripped there back opens for imams, and some even call out the imam in the Athan, etc etc. "Everyone knows i taught Mr.ABC everything" ... If everyone knew that we will all believe the same thing, but apparently 80% of muslims dont agree. I dont know what you meant with the comment for a pitstop to hell,, but it sounded just ignorant. -- Also, safe trip to heaven from listening to Mr.ABC, you know im positive Ripping your back open for Imam Husseins suffering will "Possibly" get you to hell. --- So please, think before you talk and be neutral.
  8. .....? Now you dont sound as intelligent as before. First off we only have ONE master, Allah. (I dont believe a muslim is dumb enough to say that Allah Muhammad and Imam Ali share the same status in the way you made it sound) Im sure you meant something else. But Allah is above everyone, im sure we both know that. Second, Imam Ali Is not mentioned once in the Quran, So i dont know why you WANT to believe imam Ali is as Great as you make him out to be. He was the Greatest of all IMAMS, he is not our prophet to be anything more than a Leader. Again you have not answered my Original question. Are you strong enough to call your self just a Muslim and not Shia Muslim, or Sunni Muslim which divides Allahs ONE religion. Yes or no. Dont come back saying "But i proved to you Shia means a follower of god" We know that, but if calling yourself shia disperses you from other Muslims, then your are Dividing ISLAM Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become sects - you, [O Muhammad], are not [associated] with them in anything. Their affair is only to Allah ; then He will inform them about what they used to do. [6:159]
  9. Im sorry, heres to make the question very clear. We , and the prophet, and im pretty sure the Imams all called themselves Muslims. Our Lord, and make us Muslims [in submission] to You and from our descendants a Muslim nation [in submission] to You. And show us our rites and accept our repentance. Indeed, You are the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful. Quran 2:128 (In Submission) Muslim. is the word to declare who we are to Allah. Not Shia , not Sunni. to be a Muslim declares that you are following Allah and MUHAMMAD to be a Shia declares that you are following the teachings of Ali (whether or not you think he is the right teacher) to be a Sunni declares that you are a follower of Umar (Whether or not you think he is the right teacher) If you want to call your self a Shia Muslim means you are a follower of Allah AND MUHAMMAD - by teachings of Ali If you want to call your self a Sunni Muslim means you are a follower of Allah AND MUHAMMAD - by teachings of Umar So if you can Try to Very clearly see my Point, They are technically two different sects, which Clearly goes against the Quran to divid the sect of Islam and being a Muslim. My suggestion, is keep your Beliefs about islam at home, Teach your beliefs to people in a respectful manner, but never call yourself anything but a Muslim. "But im not saying im not a muslim, im saying im a Shia/Sunni Muslim, Still a muslim" YES, Still a muslim in TERMS , but still dividing the Muslim UMMAH in Allahs eyes. Thanks
  10. Understood. But you cant say "We are one" Yet we call ourselves two separate titles with titles that today follow different teachings (Not 100% different) You say Sunni comes from Sunnah, which sunnies think they follow the sunnah of muhammad, shias (many actually claim to be Shiat Ali) call themselves that because they follow Imam Ali and his ways of the sunnah muhammad. Thing is what actual teachings are different? I dont know honestly, a muslim doesnt have to believe Imam ali was the succeeder of the prophet to go to heaven, So what makes us different? Everyone has a different reasoning which is the problem.. The main point is. These reasonings Dont Matter.... And everyone should understand that. Shia today means follower of Ali, So by you saying earlier "do you not want to call yourself a follower?" If being Shia means to be a follower of Ali it could be a wrong thing to say. We are followers of Allah and his messenger Only. We LEARN from Imam Ali and the prophets fellow companions, we dont follow them and we dont praise them. Ok, my grandma who was also a sunni followed and quotes many things of the Imam. She fasts on Ashura as well... So why is she different from a Shia?
  11. Its too late to try to interpret what he meant why he said what he said, What matters is is that he is an imam. Regardless of who took over, it shouldn't be that important, only person that knows today for sure is no one but Allah. It is our duty to learn from them and their knowledge on how to be a good muslim, not to fight and agree who took over and who didnt (Not talking about you)
  12. And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you - when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided. [3:103] Indeed, those who have divided their religion and become sects - you, [O Muhammad], are not [associated] with them in anything. Their affair is only to Allah ; then He will inform them about what they used to do. [6:159] I was once a Sunni, born and raised one. Not knowing who Ahlul bayt was till i have met some Shia friends who have been my friends for many years. As a sunni we never studied, cared, or loved Umar and the other guys (dont know all their names) like Shias love and study the imams. I have recently came to a point in my life where i started doing my own research and have understood the importance of who the imams are, and i understand why Shias love the imams. I have given knowledge to many Sunnies who disliked shias, and have made them understood it was wrong, and i have given knowledge to shias as well and made them understand as well. --- Now, i know why we call ourselves Sunnies or Shias, but do most Shias and Sunnies understand why? No, because we've always followed what our fathers followed without question. But for sunnies to not know the imams is a wrong, and for shias to hurt them selves for an imam is wrong, But we do it without knowing the truth and that these were just traditions brought upon us. I dont call my self a sunni anymore as I have mentioned those Verses above in the Quran, NO MATTER the issue, i believe its wrong to separate your self, correct? Shouldnt you just keep your beliefs between you and Allah SWT and dont spread it amongs people so that way we dont fight. My questions: 1 Shouldnt we ALL stop calling our selves a Sunni or Shia? If you dont think so, Why not? 2 After those verses in the Quran, will you still call your self a Sunni or Shia? no matter what your beliefs are, would you do it for Allah? Yes, or no and why not.
  13. Sorry, and yes it is.. ? What are you trying to say
  14. I love it, Thank you! You increased my knowledge Salam
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