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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's freaking unbelievable that mods and admins of this site can't figure out this problem. Some questions are supposed to be a discussion between brothers only or sisters only. The gcpd or whatever is for private questions that one might not want to be so public. Well keep on with the game talks in brothers forum whether super Mario is better or his turtle friends. BTW I pmed Abu Hadi one month ago, and I still haven't received any answer. Maybe he didn't see it idk. @Abu Hadi
  2. This is one of the reasons why marriage contract is bad.
  3. Wouldn't this be better for shiachat? Just be more becoming a member. True. But I can also buy a fake ID easily. Doesn't mean we should take the regulations off of for example driver licence. My point is. During account creation you chose whether male or female. Then you need for example 50 post to be able to enter the gender restricted area. There are several other ways to encounter this problem. But I don't think you mods/ admins want this.
  4. Salam all. I just want to say that we should not allow brothers and sisters forum be so open to everybody. Brothers should only be allowed in brothers section. Sisters should only be allowed in sisters section. I mean, if you had a daughter or sister. And out of curiosity she visits the brothers section, and reads about porn and masturbation habits. Would you like that? That might been a bad example, but there's alot more. Therefore I would highly suggest that brother and sisters section are gender restricted.
  5. I haven't yet meet anyone who doesn't want more money. Most people say " I do this because I love this work". But they forget that the priority of why they do the work is because of food on table and shelter for protection. So basically everything we do, we do for monetary reasons. If I am not mistaken. I don't get it. Why wouldn't you want your live to be easier in the long run by Gods help and be able to help others.
  6. That's very good brother. But why did you bring this news to shiachat? Most people here are interested in religion or mutah. Not business. Idk how serious this is.
  7. A brother told me, salawat is accepted as qunoot too in salat witr
  8. May God forgive her, and protect her from the punishment and bless her soul.
  9. Is marriage some kind of Islamic prison sentence?
  10. Well if you do mutah, do it smart. Use protection.
  11. No way! [Edited: Best to avoid such comments. Let's present arguments rather than dwelling in personal matters]
  12. On the dough it stood " 1 sentence "
  13. Congratulations for being the first Shia somali
  14. Funny thing is, she looked better with hijab on
  15. Ye and don't forget to be prepared if someone tries to attack you or something. Muslims ladies shouldnt go alone to be honest, it just got more serious. The hate towards muslims
  16. After that he Googled what 1 sentence means
  17. Just think about the live God gave you. And then you start smoking, which in my opinion is a way of being ungrateful of what one have been given. Then there are those that smoke because of issues they struggle with. But why lay problem over problem?
  18. So he went shiachat instead
  19. Explain it in this way. God is most merciful, and He didn't create us and then told us to stone each other. Who ever says different is an idiot
  20. I am done with these kind of discussions. Every week we have these homo threads going on. To be honest I find these these homo threads the most popular in Shiachat. I think the best thing is to go live in a cave alone and wait for our Imam. Because everywhere I turn, even Muslim sites. People discuss things that has a clear position whether haram or halal. And try to make what's haram halal. And what's halal haram.
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