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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In the previous post I talked about the first step of Satan, and now we are going to see what is the second one which is taken before committing sins as well. I'm almost sure that you have experienced this mutual feeling that sins seem very small and unimportant before committing them. This is another trick that helps Satan to encourage people to sin. This method is completed when he adopts the policy of making sins big after they are done. They look so big that you feel they are unforgivable. This is absolutely against what he does before guilt. By this way he is able to make believers dis
  2. Satan the great master of beautification! Have you ever bought things that you don’t need just because of tempting advertisements? If so, be aware that Satan is selling guilt's to people daily just by making them beautiful in human beings eye. The poor sinner finds it out when the bad job is done and it's so clear that it doesn’t worth the bad feeling coming after! So most of the times, the first step that Satan takes is beautification, and the best way to confront it is to keep in mind that guilt's are not as good as what they seem to be…
  3. Have you ever heard Satan saying "Do it only once, or once again and then make a repentance!" It's an old trick of his, but let's not let it work anymore! This trick teaches us how to confront Satan with the same method! Whenever you are tempted to do a bad deed just imagine that you want to leave it once in your life, not anymore. Surprisingly you will find that not committing sins gets easier and easier. It's like that you set short term goals that are really more achievable.
  4. Salam to all those brothers and sisters who felt that my post was satanic! I was really surprised seeing that how good my sentences could be misunderstood!!!It is extremely clear that Satan is not going to be taken as a symbol by us! The point is that we can learn some positive points when we observe his life and the way he deceives believers. As you see the last sentence is: "If only we could be determined like him but in good deeds… " It clearly shows that we are not going to obey Satan in his guilt and mistakes…
  5. Learn from Satan! How does it feel to take some ethical lessons from Satan?!Now we are going to take him as a shining example instead of learning some lessons from his mistakes! there are some interesting points about Satan that make him successful in many cases that he wants to deceive human beings… 1. Satan is very ambitious in his bad aims! He never gets tired of misleading people while we feel depressed when our attempts result in failure. If only we could be determined like him but in good deeds… Being thankful to Satan, God willing I ll continue this post to introduce this great
  6. It all started when a friend of mine kept saying "You don’t know how much bad I am!" .I just didn’t know how stop him thinking this way, while I knew he was wrong… One night, something interesting came into my head. I asked him: "do you know who is a professional bad?!" "No! "He replied with open and surprised eyes! "He is a sinner who thinks he is good!!" I explained: when somebody ignores the feeling of being bad for a whole life, evil gets good for him. It is then that one can't distinguish between evil and good, that’s why he doesn't want to make Tawbah anymore! Maybe that was the first t
  7. “A professional is a man who can do his job when he doesn't feel like it. An amateur is a man who can't do his job when he does feel like it” James agate, a British novelist Do you wait to feel like it?!Looking forward for an event to happen and push you, is something that will never take place! This is what I call it supermanism! This moment can be a turning point in your life. If you do it now, next time you are more likely to overcome it and after a while when you became a professional, you don’t need to be in the mood for it anymore. Then you will just do it! Has the superman come? Never
  8. Have you ever heard that if you put a frog in the cold water in a pot, and heat it gradually, when the water boils, the frog dies but doesn’t jump out to rescue itself! The reason is that the temperature changes little by little so the poor frog gets used to it and doesn’t understand its killing it! The problem begins when we think that we think enough, but we don't! The way I see it, everyone s brain has an autopilot system, but the only thing about it is that it's too difficult to turn it off. It's called habit. When we like something we just do it and after a while it becomes a habit and
  9. Ayatollah Sistani: 351. A person enters the state of Janabat in two ways: 1. Sexual intercourse 2. Discharge of semen, while sleeping or when awake, little or more, with lust or otherwise, voluntarily or involuntarily.
  10. These are from Ayatollah Sistanis Risaalah: 351. A person enters the state of Janabat in two ways: 1. Sexual intercourse 2. Discharge of semen, while sleeping or when awake, little or more, with lust or otherwise, voluntarily or involuntarily. 366. There are two methods of performing Ghusls, bothWajib and Mustahab. Tartibi (Sequential) Irtimasi (By submerging the whole body). Tarteebi (sequential Bath) 367. In this method, a person should first make a niyyat for Ghusl. Thereafter one should first wash one's head and neck, and thereafter the remaining parts of one's bo
  11. Salaam How many people are able to find that kind of teachers you mean?! Otherwise its OK to pray without concentration?
  12. You're right, I have noticed too that some people are really different and their faces are beautiful in a spiritual way, and I'm almost sure that I'm not making mistake. But I think although this is something clear, you cannot prove it to anyone who doubts .and also no one can measure it, and there is no criterion to show the quantity of it. Based on this fact that "Noor" and quantity of it cannot be proven, it's not a reliable way to judge people on the basis of it. Although it's not what you asked, I think it’s a good opportunity to talk about this kind of questions and what makes us ask th
  13. So nice of you all to help me with your advice...
  14. Salaam brothers and sisters I think you have faced the same problem.How can I control my mind when I'm praying?!Sometimes it really gets difficult. I need some practical advice... Thank you
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