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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 0kay thanks So is he watching shia chat t0o? :) ryt?
  2. L 0 o 0 o L Cl0wns G0 t0 #ELL U ALL !!
  3. Z z z Z .. Whateva ! Im n0t in a m0od of discussing anym0re ..
  4. /0/ ¡ 3xac8ly €n0w wh^t /m $ay|ng : In that wh0le big st0ry , I only find one thing for me to answer.. That were the references of hadiths ..
  5. L 0 0 0 L ! Whaata big p0st man, Am n0t lying, i just talked general . Traditi0nalists lyk ibn abi hatim , tirmidhi. Ahmad said that about aisha (as) 's narrati0n .. There's an0ther sahi narrati0n about um salma (as) : ibn askir _ arbain fi ummahatil muminin page 137, hadith 28 .. And in marriage of zainab (as), there's a pr0of of wives as ahl bait . Sahi muslim, b0ok of marriage ..
  6. 0k !! Am n0t g0ing to repeat myself again on everythng .. The army died in mawia's army were kafir, and the one only in ali's army were believerz. the ayah wasnt abt aisha .. Mawia , aisha, sidiq, umar, usman, talha, zuber , ibn masud , abu huraira, maimuna, maria, hafsa, um salma, bukhari, and the all c0mpani0ns were n0n believerz . U and ur ay0tullah's and ur kh0meni are believerz only u r the true muslims nd all other pe0ple in the w0rld r kafirs . Cuz of u the w0rld still exists .. Ok g0odbye .. N0w D0nt make me m0re sick with ur such weird aqida ..
  7. I d0nt lyk to make difference b/w c0mpani0ns . But do u kn0w h0w many muslims were killed by the army of ali (as) ? M0re than that of mawia (as) 's .. So d0es this mean that i should n0w defame ali (as) .. ? U said surah tehrem revealed for aisha (as) , so what abt surah n0or .. Airha (as) is also discussed there . If u were really g0d fearing pe0ple, then u w0uld've feel that h0w much u'll earn by defaming the m0ther of believerz nd wife of pr0phet . And as i said, im n0t interested in talking to s0meone abt it n0r to make u believe . I d0n0t care whatever u believe .. They r 0nly ur shias arguing with me with senseless trash so tell them to shut the m0uth ..
  8. Abdur rahman b. Sabit, he didnt heard that fr0m sa'ad ..
  9. U mis- qu0ted the hadith .. Pr0phet said to um salma ' u r the part of my ahl bait ' .. Even in the event of cl0ack, when aisha (as) asked him am i included in ahl bait he said ' yes u r ALREADY included ' .. So this clearly sh0ws that the ayah was about the wives .. Pr0phet included his daughter nd her family, it clearly sh0ws that he did that cuz he l0ved them . It sh0ws l0ve of pr0phet to his daughter .. I d0nt kn0w why s0me pe0ple are so c0nservative regarding these issues . G0od day .
  10. yes i kn0w that he He was a wizir of musa (as) but he didnt have succesor ship and leader ship .. Jusha (as) had such ranks ..
  11. well, i d0nt want to be in any other endless argument . but if u like give me the informati0n about that hadith. there r many narrati0ns in bukhari abt mawia but i d0nt kn0w whch u r talking abt, i havent heard .And br0ther, i've observed the narrati0ns of mawia cursing ali but they arent reliable and trustw0rthy ..
  12. 0h dear murtada, i kn0w ur situati0n that h0w r u flng . Actualy u cnt REFUTE authentic stuff, u cnt ANSWER to authentic stuff, u cnt Even QUESTI0N authentic data thats y there was no any ro0m left for u except bringing weak narrati0ns .of weak chains ! Just a weak chains data u br0ught with no pr0of . It sh0ws ur nature to n0t answering to Sahi stuff Plus, sunan ibn majah is ur b0ok or my b0ok? So who'l kn0w m0re abt it? And i kn0w exctly that we d0n0t take any narrati0n as sahe when its only 4rm ibn majah . one sch0lar fr0m ahl sunah authenticitd that nartn d0esnt mean that the nartn bec0mes authentic .. I've answerd u already that the chain c0ntains unkn0wn narat0r nd its also c0ntradicts the true one in muslim. Y dnt u answer me on that, So take that stuff back in ur sh0p . And whatever u p0sted ab0ve isnt authentic and it c0ntains weak chains .. .. Bring s0mething of a standard to b discussed abt .. And even u havent given the accurate references of s0me data. The p0st of masnad ahmad is weak and i d0nt find shia sites arguing on it, they rather argue on an0ther öne .. Al bidaya _ wanahaya v:8 , page 1302 when mawia was inf0rmed abt murder of ali. He cried until his wife asked you are crying while u've f0ught with him in lyf. He said u d0nt kn0w h0w many pe0ple have lost kn0wledge and virtue . so? its the same b0ok . And about g0vernerz cursing ali, do u even kn0w that h0w many g0vernerz were there in the time of mawia? Lets check ur kn0wledge .. Just runing ar0und and wasting mine ne ur tym in weak chain's nartn .. bring me a AUTHENTIC narrati0n fr0m my kn0wn AUTHENTIC b0oks with no any refutal that mawia cursed ali .. Go away , u d0nt mean to me anything .Keep ur w0rds in ur p0cket ! i d0nt need them , they're w0rthy to be thr0wn in dustbin .. Go away , u d0nt mean to me anything .Keep ur w0rds in ur p0cket ! i d0nt need them , they're w0rthy to be thr0wn in dustbin .. Go away , u d0nt mean to me anything .Keep ur w0rds in ur p0cket ! i d0nt need them , they're w0rthy to be thr0wn in dustbin .. Go away , u d0nt mean to me anything .Keep ur w0rds in ur p0cket ! i d0nt need them , they're w0rthy to be thr0wn in dustbin .. I d0nt feel lyk replying to u anym0re ..G0od day ..
  13. Do u kn0w when pr0phet was in an occassi0n of tab0ok, he prevented sahabas to drink water fr0m a well (or i think that was s0me river) but there were 2 or 3 sahabis near the well nd they drink that water. When pr0phet heard of this he bec0me little angry and he used the w0rd تسب for them .. so this means that pr0phet was abusing or cursing them? And man, i've seen muslim . The true w0rds of mawia r ' what prevented u fr0m abusing ali' .. I d0nt kn0w h0w u had invented that mawia was ordering sa'ad to curse . Sunan ibn majah . Well, we d0nt take any hadith or narrati0n as authentic when its only in sunan ibn majah .. If there's one hadith in sunan ibn majah then to make it authentic we've to find such fr0m an0ther b0ok cuz there arises many c0ntradicti0ns b/w sunan ibn majah nd other b0oks . And i t0ld u that the narrat0r didnt heard that all fr0m sa'ad . Nd whats the pr0of of al bani weakening narrati0n?
  14. strange.... No! No ones f0rcing me n0r do i care for any one. I d0nt keep a blind eye on s0mething. I lyk him cuz he was a sahabi and was l0ved by pr0phet .. He l0ved pr0phet t0o. He also l0ved ahl bait even ali (as) respectd him .. Ofcurse, he did mistakes bt he isnt infallible , that d0esnt mean that i should degrade him nd abuse him, we r n0t our self perfect nd infallible . Allah is merciful he can forgive everyone if he wants. So were the other men g0vernerz of amer mawia (as) , y didnt they curse?And u r wr0ng, there r many narrati0ns that sh0ws the l0ve nd respect of mawia (as) to ali (as) , husnain (as) nd fatima (as) .. I d0nt kn0w al bani .The writer of the b0ok al tabari didn say that his b0ok nd st0ries w0uld b authentic. And there r many sch0larz who didnt underlined it as authentic narrati0n. The 0nly one in muslim is authentic. Bring that!
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