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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, According to Ahlulbayt( علیهم السلام) observing the Islamic Shari laws, itگs not valid wiping ur head and feet as well, in a case they are wet, so the wise decision is to wash ur feet after wuḍū’ to get rid of sweat or what else there, unless they are Najis then after being washed and dried u can make wuḍū’, here nothing wrong is with it's validity. Washing the mouth before wuḍū is Mustahab(preferable) and Sunnah for it increases ثواب(reward) of one's Sala't and would satisfy Allah the almighty as it makes Mala'ikah being pleased with him/her, and it does not invalidate wuḍū, th
  2. Salam, applying philosophy as a useful mean to understand the world better through logical argument given an explicit answer to the related dilemmas, is something inevitable if not for all at least for some of us capable enough to comprehend the nature of philosophy and and its method of discovering the logical truth behind some of the things at the reach of our reason as human being, philosophy in this sense refers to a quality known as " حِکمه as the Qur'an says: و من یوت الحکمه فقد اوتی خیرا کثیراthose who have been granted "wisdom" indeed they have been granted abundant good. this is wh
  3. Salam, For sure There would be worse for those are not invited by God, the Qur'an says;32/5 من قتل نفسا .... فکانما قتل الناس جمیعا also there are other relevant Ayahat re asure that one is not authorized not to harm himself let alone to kill himself through suicide or whatever, you lost your hope for you close you eyes on the others in a lower and worse condition but still they are living in a way thankful to God,do not deepen in the decorated by luxuries lives of the upper class of people around not to be deceived by just the appearance of what it seems, for it is empty of comfort and many
  4. Salam, First of all, music sometimes would apply just on songs not music made by its own instruments and other times it's involving both(song and music), mostly the songs are singing by women regarded tempting and lustful, this is the nature of creation. So here it's not permitted to listen to it, except for their Husbands and to some extent for their Mahram(family close members). For sure it depends both on the content and the way of singing whether it's accompanied by Ghina to be considered Haram or not? so men especially non - Mahram are not allowed to listen to women song even when it's
  5. Salam, Dear; The title" True Islam is what derived from the Qur'an not other things ..." is beautiful not true! true Islam is what prophet Muhammad(pbuh) says in Hadith "إنی تارک فیکم الثقلین کتاب الله و عترتی آهل بیتی. which both Shia and Sunni have accepted for it is mentioned in their authenticated books e.g Hakim Neishaburi in his book "Mustadrak"(مستدرک علی الصحیحین(بخاری و مسلم) has refereed to, also in Shia books there is an extra. the prophet(pbuh) is quoted as saying ما ان تمسکتم بهما لن تضلو ابدا( in a condition that you promise to follow both together you never go astray otherw
  6. Salam, Firs of all wearing cloth is not necessary (Wajib )for couples though its recommended in some Hadith, not to be all naked, so Fughaha (Juristprudents) say " the consonant between two kinds of Hadith( the one which says; no matter to be naked while the other types say not to be naked ) is as following "being naked is Makruh not haram. Secondly, wearing socks has nothing to do with Hadith, this is something cultural, the reference here to come to know what would be regarded as wearing, is the common-law which may vary from point to point but for sure water in non of the culture considered
  7. Salam, Dear; There is no doubt that every thing is present before Allah the Qur'an says;( فمن یعمل مثقال ذر‍ه خیرا یره و من یعمل مثقال ذره شره یره (زلزال, and there are other Ayat in the Qur'an confirm the very fact, like ayah No 65 of the chapter Yasin الیوم نختم علی افواههم و تکلمنا ایدیهم و تشهد ارجلهم بما کانوا یکسبون also Ayah 24 of the chapter al-Noor یوم تشهد علیهم السنتهم و ایدیهم و ارجلهم بما کانو یعملون , it's all enough already to alert one, thinks about a day described in the Qur'an as the day" یوم تبلی السرائر" ( when hidden things will be made manifest and tested as well, obvi
  8. Salam Dear; the q u asked in fact is not a simple one given a short answer to that, in my opinion the answer is conditional, in other words, maybe all of them are welcomed maybe not of them or just on or two in one way or another, it really depends on a current situation that one is dealing with, if it's to be no way out that one should choose one out of three, picking a Fasigh is better than apostate or polytheist, for Fasigh is the one who has accepted Islam as his/her religion but still is not a practical Muslim committing homosexuality, this needs to be guided to the right path soon and
  9. Salamun alaykum, Kafir is najis for many reasons out of them, some might be disclosed in Hadith to strengthen our belief and love to Allah, and you know this is not just a physical najasat, rather a wrong belief made the soul of Kafir najis as well, any way whatever Kafir is in touch with as long as there is a transferring moisture, would become najis unless water but not all body of water just the one, considered Ghalil قلیل in Hadith; a water less than Kur with a particular above - mentioned measure, by notice to that fact, there is no need to be worried of many pools containing Kur water
  10. Salam, The Qur'an obliviously recommended many times to respect your parents, no matter who they are?! believers or unbelievers, respecting them, includes; also praying for them to be healed of illness, you know they are part of our identity, in Islam we have Du'as like the Du'a we recite it after every prayer in the month of Ramadhan, I like it very much, this is part of it: ، أللهم اکس کل عریان ، ... أللهم اشفع کل مریض you can refer to Mafatih al-Jinan to recite the full text, I think Du'as especially the one is thought by Masumin the prophet(pbuh) and his Ahlulbayt is full of Knowledge
  11. ISIS, You remember the story of the Battle Seffin, almost when the victory was at the reach of Imams army, devil itself manifested himself before Muawiya and Amr ibn As, offering them to put the Qur'an on the spear as soon as possible, to deceive shaking Muslim were in the other side fighting beside Imam Ali, and then they imposed a ceasefire and then a decision to be made to establish a kind of Khilafat without Imam and Muawiyaas well, and you know what went on there! History is repeating again and again. Khilafat is not a ball to play with as some wishes to be so, this is successor - ship
  12. Salam According to some of Mujtahid,like Ayatullah Sistani, there is no difference between these 2(charging inflation,charging interest) both are considered riba, but Ayatullah Khaminaee in the late inquiry issued that; in such cases due to hard inflation 'the loan given before, actually in comparison with what was received, has lost much of its value! so its better both side( lender and borrower) come to the conciliation . The diversity among Mujtahid in fact, rooted in the different views they have to the value of money, some believe money by itself is not of a value unless it gives you an
  13. Dear, It was expected from you as soon as you realized the condition you should have stop eating the rest but yet you continued! I see being hungry is not an easy situation to be passed safe, and you made a mistake intentionally. this is ذنب needs Istighfar to be pure again of what impact you received through that sin, but be sure that Allah accepts your repentance and removes the consequences of the wrong act you did before Him, perform your Salat and know that Allah is Karim He always forgives soon.
  14. Salam Turning around Kaba which is a symbolic ritual full of Hikmah and benefits that yet we are far to comprehend it, but for this is the order of God we obey that, it does not mean we are worshiping Kaba or asking it for help, we are asking Allah through what He considered and orders in a way to get closer to Him, all those are mirrors reflecting and reminding us the power and act of God"Allah". Ya Ali means Oh you Ali who are now very close to Allah do intercede for me to be forgiven by Him and granted all good nd be protected from all evil, ask God to do that for me like the time a boy as
  15. Dear, Allah acts in this world through mediums not otherwiseو among medium there the things with priority like being the upper existence e.g a tree in comparison to a stone tree is upper in rank(living like Nabat when the last is Jamad) when it comes to human being as the best created being according to the Quran; Prophets are in the Highest of the High then their successors who are following them in every manner, they are true Khalif of God given the power to act similarly as God acts, they are just human but بشر مثلکم یوحی الی they are doing all these miraculous things under an always ope
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