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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) (salam) http://stopwar.org.uk/events/national-gaza-demonstration-saturday-19-july-stop-the-killing-stop-the-bombing#.U8RbaPldX4s
  2. (bismillah) (salam) What do you think of below? .....and also:
  3. (bismillah) (salam) Here's a very useful and educational video of the Grand Marja Ayatollah Khoei performing wudhu. Unfortunately, this video is not clear in some parts. Would any of you happen to have any other link of a good shia widhu demonstration?
  4. (bismillah) (salam) I posted this before but i think this is the more suitable forum for the content...so for the benefit of anyone who has missed this beautiful advice....
  5. (bismillah) (salam) Guidance from Ayatollah Bahjat:
  6. On the contrary brother, it can very easily be proved that Allah SWT exists and can never be proved that he does not exist.
  7. According to Islamic teachings, everyone will be judged according to intelligence and the resources that were given to him/her. There's no injustice.
  8. You find most of them here: http://www.duas.org/regularsd.htm
  9. Every atom in the universe, the Holy Quran, the sacrifices of Ahlebait AS in general, the sacrifices of Imam Hussain AS in Karbala and even the Karbala today....are all living signs of Allah. A non-believer has a lot of explaining to do.
  10. (bismillah) (salam) A quote from Imam Ali AS: Like your body your mind also gets tired so refresh it by wise sayings. Source: nahjulbalagha
  11. Imam Ali AS: The wiser a man is, the less talkative will he be. source: http://nahjulbalagha.org/sayings.php
  12. (bismillah) (salam) Just sharing a very beautiful link http://www.ghadeer.org/english/ethic/150dars/fehrest.htm Please include me in your prayers
  13. (bismillah) (salam) I found the following useful: Strategy 17: Grief-Stricken, Submission And SadnessNo doubt, sadness brings to your soul many benefits, one of which is a revolution of the soul. It is the time when you are sad and grief-stricken, that you are able to fully organize and empower yourself to be most attentive in Prayer. It is widely accepted that a sad mind is more attuned towards an objective (Allah (SWT), in this case) and more capable of maintaining a high level of attention and concentration. There shouldn’t be any problem practicing this kind of emotion before Prayer, since you have to warn yourself of the following, ‘You have no way of knowing that your past sins have been forgiven; no way of knowing that you will refrain from committing sins in the future; no way of knowing that your actions win the pleasure of Allah (SWT)…’ (al-Sadiq (AS) The Prophet (S) puts this all clearly by saying to Abu Dharr (RA): O’ Abu Dharr! Allah (SWT) has not been worshipped with anything like that of length of grief. Source: http://www.al-islam.org/concentration-in-prayer-jameel-kermalli/strategies-concentrating-prayer#strategy-17-grief-stricken-submission-and-sadness
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