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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wa aleykum al salam sister. I understand what you say and i agree with it of course. I am not perfect sister, but i have promised myself to do my best to change my anger problems no matter what, inshallah with the help of Allah swt. and i dont only blame her, and i dont want any people in here to think bad! no thats not my mission, because she has many good sides! like respect, and she was never greedy. But i just do feel like she gave up on me, and if i have anger problems, a wife that loves me, could instead try to help me get rid of the problems, instead of just leaving me. Like im telling you honestly i would never leave her, even though she had something that made me very sad too. So my point is here, that i do not talk bad about her, but i only just feel she gave up on me, while i tried my best to hold onto her even though i was mad at some things too, but i am willing to wait, because i know if Allah swt, could make me do my duties again after 1 day, how can he not change my bad habits or hers. And thanks again for all the responses may Allah swt bless you all inshallah
  2. wa aleykum al salam wa rahmatallahi wa barakatuh sister! That is some amazing words, really. I my self am a really emotional one, thats why sometimes its hard for me to smile, when its really hard, but i can already see a big difference of my physically strenght, compared to when i didnt do my obligations in islam (Salah, etc.), so that line : the Imam (as) has something for you. He says, "When the world knocks you down to your knees, you're in the perfect position to pray." That is so amazing sister! , maybe that is the plan of Allah swt, to test me if im gonna give up my salah or continue, whether im in darkness or in light. Because lets realise it if you love someone you cannot just have the love the first day and then when you get knocked down, you give it up. Sister you really made me feel good about this, and i am gonna go to the Salah al-jumah now inshallah, i will never ever give up my salah, because i feel that is like my friendship with Allah swt, and thats how i come closer to Allah swt
  3. Asalam aleykum my brothers and sister in islam again! I would like to first say this, may Allah swt reward you all, for your help and advices!, really all those comments really make me feel happy, and i know theres 10000s of girls out there, but the feelings is kinda hard to just lose in 1 day for me :(. Like its not my first time that i intend to get engaged or married, but this time was the hardest because it is really hard to stop thinking about her at all, like sometimes i experience some pictures coming up in my head about me and her so i get bad because i memorise her again :(. But inshallah Allah swt, will make it better. Im sorry that i didnt respond yesterday fast enough , it was because i was so tired after all this and i slept at really late night. In a moment i am going to Salah al jumah inshallah, but i will inshallah be back here later !. May Allah swt grant you all the best life now and hereafter.
  4. Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim Asalam aleykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakato all my brothers and sisters in islam. The sister i loved left me, and she didnt want me more, and she even told me she lost feelings for me. Im praying that this pain goes away, because i really loved her. I hope all brothers and sisters in islam, can make dua for me, inshallah, i really need it now, im at that moment in my life where my fear is if my iman is too weak, since i cried when she broke my heart. Im not a rich guy in wealth, nor am i patient enough, and i always got anger problems, like i really try to avoid to raise my anger, but it still happens. I do pray 5 times a day, and i know if i dont make my salah on time, with no legal excuse i might dissapoint my lord s.w.t, but i still feel so sad, after this girl broke my heart. What hurt me most is when i saw her cry a little, and she told me it will not work, because she lost a little feelings for me. I admit i have been having anger problems, but i was only mad because i felt like i wanted to start getting married, but every time i asked for her fathers number or to ask him if i could come on visit, to learn her family better, she always made excuses, so it made me mad that she kinda tried to avoid it. May Allah swt bless you all, and i hope you can make dua for me so Allah swt, inshallah can make me in a good mood again, and not in a sad mood, since i try my best to keep the tears inside of me.
  5. Asalam aleykum brother! thanks alot for the response brother, i really appreciate your help. I will try my best to say alhamdulilah all the time inshallah, and may Allah swt bless you and your family inshallah, really appreciate your dua for me brother. I know that the best thing is to have patience, i really think that is my weak point, and that is the weakness that shaytan is abusing, to interfere with my mind all the time. Because lately ive been having my anger increasing fast, in many situations, (May Allah swt forgive me inshallah), even too i really try everything to not increase my anger.
  6. Bismillah al-rahman al-rahim Asalam aleykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakatuh all my brothers and sisters in islam! I wish the best to you and all your families inshallah :) Lately i have been going through hard times, as i have been doing alot since i started practicing islam again subhanallah. But these past few days i have been going through so much hardship and pain, that this morning i couldnt even go up on time for my fajr salah :,(. After i woke alhamdulilah, i still made it before the sun rises, it was like my hardship became a little easier, and i thanked Allah swt, after because i know he has always been there for me. It is now 2 year ago that i came back to my deen and salah in islam with the permission of Allah swt alhamdulilah. I have ever since felt much stronger physically, and much more emotional, like i almost feel like crying every time i hear Something about islam. My question is: Why do you think i am constantly being tested, and i rarely get a chance to breath . I mean as i mentioned earlier above, my pain was removed temporarily, but already now, i feel the hardship again :(. May Allah swt, inshallah reward you all for helping me!
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