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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear Members, Assalaam o Alaikum ! I am writing here to discus a situation i am currently facing. I feel that i am not functioning at my optimal level these days. I "may" have the potential but i am not sure at all. So, there is something which makes me think that "greatness" is being thrust upon me. I DONOT want to be great. I mean, i was fine living the mundane life n all. But all of a sudden, something is about to happen and i think i would not be able to handle the pressure. I mean, there are those "superhuman" who can do 10 things at a time, be part of 10 activities in one day. I simply am not one of them. So, the million dollar question is, WHAT TO DO WHEN GREATNESS IS THRUST UPON YOU? to top off the burden, i have no personal support who could solace me in such troubling situation. And as far as the responsibility is concerned, i am not in the position to say NO anymore. That's because the realization that i wouldn't be able to handle it came tad bit too late. Please help guys. Jazakallah
  2. All this study from the comfort of your home country? sounds like a great opportunity
  3. Thanks for your reply. So, if we have a bachelors in conventional studies; we would have to start at the beginners level for islamic education? in this case associate or diploma level?
  4. Brother, there is a problem with registration. There is a column for latest education degree. I am assuming it is latest Islamic education degree. I come from a conventional education system and have a bachelors degree. What do i select here? Please guide with this process. i do not have any formal Islamic education background - please help. Thanks
  5. ShiaChat is a beautiful forum. I found the below reply in some other post from 14 years back. @certainclarity @LabaikYaHusseinCan any of you validate the above?
  6. Salaam dear brothers and sisters, One of my Sunni friends told me something obscure (at least for me). He described to me a happening during the time of rassulallah (s.a.w.w). He said that once imam ali(a.s) missed his asr prayer and he came crying to the prophet about this. the prophet then order the sun to go back, and it did go back. This way he was able to correct this and pray asr on time. This is what he says is the reason why we shias combine our prayers. it may not be exactly what he said but as the friend told me this quite a while back, this is what i remembered. I just want to know if there is anything similar to this event that exists in hadith books. and how am i suppose to reply him in this regard. Jazakallah kair in advance for your patience and reply. wasalaam.
  7. I am not married, i am busy but I am so damn broken. Whomsoever i ask for a hand in marriage they keep rejecting me. It looks quite gloomy atm. May Allah give me patience.
  8. Jazakallah khayr! Quite difficult criteria though. We need to first come to this level ourselves before we can find someone this perfect. May Allah ease our struggles, ameen.
  9. Awesome. People need to worry about their intelligence more than anything
  10. Wasalam! This is so true. Jazakallah for the reply, it would in fact ease out things for me. So, just to be sure that i understood you correctly, if someone is dumb that makes them non-religious?
  11. Great reply, thanks! So, regarding finding a religious lady, how can we determine a woman is religious? @Mr. Kitty is right to some extent regarding faking it. But, i would say maybe a good way to determine someone's religiousity is to see her status in the community? But that becomes all the more difficult in a muslim country like mine. Or should i look into marrying a madressah student in my city? Help me out here.
  12. Wasalam, As brother starlight indicated, all you need to do is visit your friend and plead for his forgiveness. I heard of something called 'radd e mazalim' it's a kind of sadqa that you take out. It is to undo the effects of our known and unknown/forgotten wrongdoings. Insha'Allah a more knowledgeable brother /sister can elaborate on this point . Allah knows best.
  13. Salam dear brothers and sisters, So, following my post from yesterday, i figured that there is a high probability of problem being with my way of finding a life partner. So, can you guys comment on the proper islamic way of finding a suitable partner for oneself in the light of quran & Hadith?
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