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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. *that is your google plus/ google hangouts account

    1. Khalilallah


      Sorry didn't see this, what was it for.

  2. check googel plus/hangouts bro

  3. salaam in islam promoting good and forbidding evil is waajib but not when there is no chance of success. We also know that promoting evil is haraam, so even if we can't forbid evil, then we have to avoid promoting evil. Sometimes it might be wajib to leave a wedding ceremony (for example) where non mahrams are having haram interactions even if amr bil maroof won't work because staying there could be considered as promoting evil (the fact you are there may show you have no problem in your view with this haraam action). However we need help on its applications to the situation. I would pr
  4. (salam) How can I get my brother to pray? He doesn't seem to want to pray ever, and goes to entertain himself out of the house as soon as the azan goes off. He lies to parent by saying he prays. He is older btw We want to enjoin the good... but how? ws
  5. salaam its definetely not the white substance which requires ghusl, it is rather that substance which is released on excitement (this was released when the brother used to perform "that bad deed", but he would only be able to do it until the emergence of "the slippery/lubricating fluid", then his er...ion would disappear. So it definately is not the fluid which would require ghusl janabah, because this liquid emerges after just a minute of two when he used to do this deed (but now stopped this alhamdullilah for around 1.5 years)). He also released the slippery fluid when asleep, but again, i
  6. Salaam a person is 17 years of age but they have never had to do ghusl janabat- they have a beard etc, and are tall, of normal growth, but they never have had a nocturnal emission of the type requiring ghusl janabat. They have only released that slippery fluid. They have normal levels of testosterone etc (they are like any other guy basically): 2 questions: is this normal? is there any duas specific to this sort of thing (ie to be able to reproduce) ws
  7. Salaam Hopefully a very knowledgeable person can answer. sometimes we get some thoughts in our head which say i am better than x person. Is this sort of thought problematic if we dont actually believe it?
  8. salaam A person has an uncle in Pakistan who they haven't spoken to for years. Their mother passed away (uncle is mother's brother) but the person's father no longer wants to keep in contact with this uncle, and if he found out that his son did get into contact with him, he would be angry.The reason is because the uncle usurped the inheritance rights of the father and his children, and he never shows any form of affection or care to his children- he has never phoned them for the sake of silatur rahim for example.So, this person needs to know what to do in a practical sense- of course, amr bm a
  9. that is not sufficient, it is haraam to have anything to do with sale of haraam things.
  10. Salam Alaykum http://siratahlulbayt.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/documentary-life-of-allamah-tabatabai.html A most beautiful documentary series, with thanks to the brothers who shared and made it :)
  11. Salam Does anybody know where I can get a dictionary about the English/ Arabic translations of vocabulary which Allah uses? This is for somebody who does not speak Arabic.
  12. (salam) Who, when disaster strikes them, say, "Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return."2:156 Sadly, a mother of two beautiful children passed away recently, at a youthful age, leaving these two angels orphaned. Today (1st February in England) was her burial, thus her night of burial is this one. May I humbly request that your recite Surat al Fatiha on her behalf, pray for these two beautiful children and her husband, and also recite salat wahshat. http://www.duas.org/wahshat.htm Please dedicate the thawab of this to the marhuma. Certainly, whenever a youthful person ret
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