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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thats the new trick of these girls today, read quran pray ,but self they dont,its just to make a momhen fall more in love
  2. salam No abortion father can leave(still a sin) but can stay also and marry her, If the father leaves ofcourse mothers faith its for the best you marry here if shes a people of the book ( ahle kitab) so christian or jew otherwise she must convert first asalam
  3. Just replay the salam with salam :S we really need a true imam of our time who clears stuff, mahdi where are you?
  4. no isnt strange everybody have some problems, what is your fear, and what makes you scare concerning religion, but dont think you have a psychological disease if it's not harmful to people or to yourself,this what you called ain't a severe disease you think you have it, but get rid of it,by not paying attention to it,and let it pass,dont be afraid from nothing,be kind and good, Allah is with you, dont be scared come to chat if you want we can discuss it,i have studied psychology and also irfan maybe i can help you
  5. you maye have some worries now,but it will disapear if the time comes for us all, by the mercy of the almighty ours and your consciousness will think differently when the times comes as we are brought back to live and we are allowed to go to a better place
  6. just give some money,10 20 /or maybe 100 better a hungry stomach of a child does not count the khums,give some orphans a warm meal,
  7. good deed but the poeple should help the najafi orphans instead,this is why islam should grow in first place, those orphans only eat full in ramathan and muharam, not likewise thoronto muslims
  8. nodbody would wanne do that, otherwise people make suicide now, and there is always the consciousness that will apear in every soul,thats wy nobidy cant deney their deeds from this world, so with that consciousness nobody would wanne do that, so even if you ask is it possible,nobody would do so the quistion is then invalid if it does not have any reality,this philosophy belongs to people who doesnt count reality of ours why this quistion anyways,if you have a problem discus it here,nobody would know your identity
  9. salam alaikom, it could be brother good theory, i think every theory is possible what happend in the past,, anyone who claims to know the facts is a lier,
  10. in this site is everything BIDA BIDA BIDA untill we proof our self to be humans hahah, have faced more problems here
  11. reconsider everything,which we all cant do except the almighty

  12. reconsider everything,which we all can do except the almighty

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