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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^glad to know because till now I had thought they work for free, but now I know they are paid for their job. (sarcasm) I mean, in a world where a taxi driver gets money (sometimes double) for what he does, you expected media experts to work for the sake of God? they get paid, I mean anyone gets paid for a professional job. Who pays them? Iran's friends? no, obviously Iran's enemies pay these rats. So far so logical, but what remains ridiculous is those who listen to these rats and buy their trash as unbiased and free media coverage. Did some people really need gaurdian to tell them this? bloody unfortunate.
  2. What differentiates a "tradition" from a "part of Islam" to you?
  3. "Do not look for new advice; practice the ones you have already heard for a thousand time."
  4. Before Korea or after it; One form of injustice or aggression doesn't justify another. From the very start, that country had been established on certain bases, land confiscation, genocide of indigenous people, militarism, etc. Most of dollar value is taken from the wealth of other countries; Americans print papers and get nations' wealth in exchange. It was like it almost from the start, so the "good old days" thinking is wrong.
  5. I don't get it. Do you really expect me to believe Americans were and are killing people around the world for the sake of 'human rights' or to promote 'freedom?' That much naive? No sir, I don't buy American propaganda. It's a Taghut system, full of taghut people at the top, who only care about money and power.
  6. The fact that they suffered doesn't mean they made the right decision by going to kill people in other countries. ...He loses this world and the next. That is the obvious loss. 22:11
  7. I don't exactly know what you are talking about brother. You said sewn kafan is haram and I said it is not haram. That's it.
  8. You're welcome. This might also help: http://www.islamquest.net/en/archive/question/en21677
  9. First, burden of proof is upon who claims it's haram; 2nd, couldn't find English reference: دوخته بودن کفن مکروه است [۱] و در صورت نیاز به دوختن، بنابر مشهور مستحب است بانخ گرفته شده از کفن دوخته شود. [۲] Sewing kafan is makrooh; and if it needs sewing it's better to use threads from the kafan itself (also and not moisturize it with saliva) according to the most known fatwa. http://wikifeqh.ir/دوخته Arabic (urwatu alwuthqa) http://lib.eshia.ir/10027/2/79/الثاني فصل فی مکروهات الکفن
  10. http://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2184/
  11. Couldn't find a direct reference. Don't know about your example. Generally they refer to sexual fantasy in these fatwas. I remember, certain very bad thoughts are haram in themselves, thoughts that have insults to holy things (if done intentionally of course, not a sheitani waswas, which is a relatively common OCD in some religious people)
  12. Sudden flash thoughts aside, other thoughts can be controlled, at least intentional continuation is not permissible.
  13. Sewn kafan is allowed (according to all Ulama) It's only makrooh (according to some Ulama)
  14. The first and most important thing is that cafan must be of 100% halal money. Most of our money is halal/haram mixed nowadays ...
  15. Sayyid Khamenei: If these thoughts lead to excitement and sin, they are not permissible. Ayt. Wahid Khorasani: Thoughts that produce sexual excitement are not permissible. Ayt. Makarem: If they don't lead to sin, they are not haram, but certainly have bad effects on one's soul. http://hadana.ir/فکر-گناه-چه-حکمی-دارد/
  16. Isa Masih (Jesus Christ) (p.b.u.h.) said: "Musa (Prophet Moses p.b.u.h.) told you not to commit sin; but I tell you not to even think about it. For it is like setting fire in a well-painted room, if the fire doesn't catch the whole room, surely the smoke will make it black."
  17. First, the rule doesn't have anything to do with "knowing" or "not knowing" the father; even if the father is known, there's no inheritance. Second, many Ulama have the fatwa of restricting the child from both mother and father's inheritance. (including Sayid Khomeini, Sayyid Khamenei, Sayyid Hakim, Sayyid al-Khoie - he says it's problematic- Sayyid Sistani, Ayt. Bahjat, Ayt. Fazel. In fact, I couldn't find anyone who allows the inheritance of an illegitimate child from his mother.) as an example: Sayyid Sistani: لا توارث بين ولد الزنى و بين أبيه الزاني‌، و من يتقرب به، فلا يرثهم كما لا يرثونه، و في ثبوت التوارث بينه و بين امه الزانية و من يتقرب بها و عدمه قولان، أقواهما العدم Minhaj al-Salihin 3:327 There's no inheritance between an illegitimate child and his father; and regarding the inheritance with mother, there are two fatwas, the strongest one is no (the child does not inherit from the mother.)
  18. Can't be judge; Can't inherit from his/her parents and vice versa (parents don't inherit from him.
  19. I don't want to be the negative guy here, just out of curiosity; In Christianity, babies that are conceived out of wedlock are considered legitimate? That means you can turn an illegitimate sexual act to a legitimate one, only by marrying the opposite partner in proper time, i.e. before the birth of that baby.
  20. Taghut system has two levels, leadership and followers, both groups are blame worthy in Quran: Those who believe fight in the cause of God, while those who disbelieve fight in the cause of Evil (taghut). So fight the allies of the Devil. Surely the strategy of the Devil is weak. 4:76 They will emerge before God, altogether. The followers will say to those who were leaders, "We were your followers, can you protect us at all against God's punishment?" They will say, "Had God guided us, we would have guided you. It is the same for us; whether we mourn, or are patient; there is no asylum for us." 14:21 He will say, "Join the crowds of jinn and humans who have gone into the Fire before you." Every time a crowd enters, it will curse its sister-crowd. Until, when they are all in it, the last of them will say to the first of them, "Our Lord, these are the ones who misled us, so inflict on them a double punishment in the Fire." He will say, "Each will have a double, but you do not know." 7:38
  21. No body knows the legitimate reason behind all Islamic rules. Many or most of Islamic laws are based on philosophies beyond our understanding, we can only have our guesses, but at the end of the day, it is all about trusting God in His plan for us.
  22. Leading a prayer is not a part of religion, therefore lacking it is not a restriction in religion. One's religion is full without it. It's more of social, community related position. Exactly like being a sayyid. The fact that you personally like it so much, doesn't make it a part of religion.
  23. The same reasoning behind me not being a sayyid because my dad was not one! Come on, there are many things like that. یا عباد الله انتم کالمرضی و الله رب العالمین کالطبیب فصلاح المرضی فیما یعلمه الطبیب و یدبره به لا فیما یشتهیه المریض و یقترحه الا فسلموا the Prophet (s) O servants of God! You are like patients and Allah is the doctor, the well being of a patient is reached through the knowledge and prescription of the doctor, not through the patient's desire or suggestions; so have submission to the command of God ... no one knows what fits one's plan for eternal perfection better than God, so it's better to leave the fairness or unfairness of His plans to Him.
  24. You shouldn't intend or put yourself in the position of leading prayer intentionally; But if a person doesn't know you can't lead a prayer, and suddenly comes and starts praying behind you (without you intending it) do you have to stop him? I don't think so. You don't even have to tell him about your condition. I can't really be in your shoes but this doesn't seem a big deal in a family, many families don't have jama prayers to begin with.
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