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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ok but who picked him? lol and there seems to be a pattern. First Muhammad Ali then haydar hussain who similar to be very, similar shall we say. Why not pick someone a bit more normal and perhaps a little younger. Youth can be knowledgeable too how about pureethics? Ruq? Ali Hussain?
  2. Charming. She gave him all those children, yet you say she didn't do any work? And he gets to walk away and start again and lets be realistic how easy is it going to be for her to marry again. Hope she takes him to the cleaners.
  3. Nothing wrong with adding the bits about the enemies of Ah'lulbait. We are all thinking it anyway he is simply vocalising it for a Muslim convert.
  4. when is the date for this year's Laylat al-Qadr?
  5. They were probably working for isil. Not saying they deserved to die though but who knows what other kinds of criminal behaviour these loose women were up to.
  6. The other mods have a much more sensible and, sane approach to their voluntary job.
  7. You cannot take a picture of his face. For one thing, those monsters decapitated him and the head is in Egypt. I know the usual rules of bodily remains do not apply to the Imams but I don't think this would be possible. Not to mention hugely disrespectful to open up his grave.
  8. You are fasting? You are pregnant, you are under no obligation to fast, actually it's recommended by medical professionals that you shouldn't.
  9. Women/mothers are the best cooks. Men just like to show off, once in a while...
  10. A man that can cook? Impressive
  11. oh yes he is just all heart. I did not say Sunni's were better so calm down you over excitable girl.
  12. Men like you are the reason Sh'ia women are turning to Sunni men.
  13. So what if he is Sunni? As long as he has no clue whatsoever about the whole sahaba thing then you are good to go. I have been thinking maybe Sunni men are a better bet than Sh'ia men as they want more than just temp marriage. Of course I am generalising here but they do seem more open to permanent nikah.
  14. logical islam is on a mission to turn every Sh'ia into a Sunni. Very obvious and transparent judging by the amount of pro sahaba daily threads.
  15. I've recently moved to Manchester. Wilmslow Road has pretty much everything a Muslim housewife could want. As for Mosque, you could try Al Hussain Masjid in Cheetaham Hill.
  16. No,because it will never work out. He will always put wife number one on a pedestal she will have probably given him children so his loyalties will be with her. Honestly wait for the one who can make you his priority, sharing a man's affections will only end in heartache for you. I did used to think that being a co wife would not matter but have realised that it just wouldn't work out. Marriage is tough enough without that added complication. Pick a spouse like you would, using logic and intellect. 1. Is he normal? For example, are his expectations and demands realistic? Could you ever liv
  17. What is so complicated about women? I am not saying all women are the same but most fundamentally have basic similarities. Such as kindness and warmth empathy and compassion. Women need a knight in shining armour who will protect them and care for them. Though unfortunately knights are quite thin on the ground.
  18. The guy is obviously sunni so he probably would name his kids those names.
  19. You blew it. Her husband took the guts to tell her how he felt - so that's the way the cookie crumbles. Women are simple creatures at heart we just want a man to love us and care about us. You had your chance and for whatever reason you didn't make a move. Be happy for her that she found a man that loves her and wish her well.
  20. Well said enlightened. Grengo this has nothing to do with feminism it's about showing basic respect to your Shia sisters. Maybe that's something for you to think about.
  21. This explains why so many elderly men go for younger women, it must be the stimulating conversation...
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