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  1. Deceitful? No I think that’s you, she wasn’t angry and passed away happy with the khaliph ra......get over it. its not a discredit to bukhari as can be seen by the shia brothers sticking to that one point and not moving on.lol. It’s all been explained at the starting of the thread and you can only stick to the word anger and yet forget other hadiths stating that Fatima ra was satisfied with the khaliph. Anger is the word and it’s that word you will hold onto even if put in there by a known narrator who adds words in other works. i can see it’s hard for you to comprehend that.
  2. 1) There was no burning or threatening of Fatima ra, yes threats to Ali ra and Zubair ra.(Never carried out). 2) Yes She ra asked for fadak and was satisfied with the answer from the khaliph. 3) No threats on Fatima ra at all even from the what you provided. No threats to Fatima ra because they loved Her ra more than their own families. keep trying.
  3. Lol great akhlaaq is this what you learnt in Shiism? This is an example of when you cannot fathom the answer you resort to attacks and abuse, not all but some, like you. This messy formula has only got your great thinkers to try and make bukhari unauthentic because of it, great academic thinking that is. Lol.
  4. Dispute? That same land was offered back by Umar ra but ahlubaith ra never took it back. Didn’t they think of it as a dispute? Even when Imam Ali ra came to power He could have very easily took it back but He ra didn’t, not much of a dispute was it.
  5. Lol I have explained as to the reason why it’s of no benefit for ahlu tashayyu to use the Hadith with the word anger. If it still is hard for you to fathom that and instead go into sarcasm.....then......good luck it just shows how academic you are in your answers. Yes she ra passed away happy hence Her husband ra gave allegiance Happily. Nothing hard to understand about that. Brother Fatima ra has passed away....yes like I said before we do love ahlubaith ra, something that was done centuries ago (supposed anger) has been rectified and they were happy with it should be left at that no khaliph out of the 3 were ever angry with Fatima ra, there is much more evidence and solid evidences to that fact. Your pulling on straws here. we do love ahlubaith ra we just don’t add anything divine to them, if thats what makes you think that we don’t love them because we don’t believ they are divinely chosen then that’s your folly but it doesn’t mean Sunni hate them. The reality is you are using weak evidences to support a theory. It doesn’t and won’t work they’re not good arguments they won’t stand the light of day I mean look at this thread. We have other evidences She ra did rectify with Abu Bakr ra before She ra passed away. She was buried by Her husband alone so what? Then the husband came to the khaliph and apologised and gave Bayat and was happy with the leader......it’s in the same Hadith. We do love ahlubaith ra but to use flimsy evidences of how Sunnis hate Them ra is very ingenious and shallow, even ahlubaith ra wouldn’t use such standards to argue their points.
  6. Excuse? I ain’t looking for no proof of enmity between people, that’s your excuse no matter how illogical it sounds to you, you will believe it as can be seen by your posts even after being told that you can’t base conclusions on weak evidences. That someone was spot on you shouldn’t have bothered, you arguments ain’t exactly intelligent either.
  7. Anger added by some other persons that’s the only thing and nothing else. The rest like I said the Imam ra Her husband, was happy and gave Bayat to the khaliph as the Hadith goes on. So......the wife was angry and died in that state, yet husband forgot the anger and acknowledged him as leader? Sorry but I don’t know who prophet saw’s family is right now to be honest majority of the Muslim population 99% don’t either so that question I really don’t think will be asked at all, it doesn’t even make sense to be even asked that. If I knew a member of Nabi saw’s family obviously I would love and respect them as per quranic instruction. wiggle what? I ain’t the one using weak arguments that’s you, I gave the reason of why the Hadith can’t be used as evidence coz we have others without the word anger but looks like it’s the only evidence you can rely on. As for burying at night prophet saw was buried at night many sahabas ra as well as Ayesha ra infact women were buried at night, read the full Hadith of Sahih Muslim 1759 you posted it will tell the full story till Ali ra gives Bayat willingly, it’s nothing hidden or secret, that maybe your own paranoia but it ain’t no evidence or cover up. Again that’s your opinion and an opinion that has no value or any factual evidence to back it up, I side with Quran and sunna where as you are propping up a side that has no solid proof of enmity between the khaliph ra and Fatima ra.
  8. My trusted book is only Quran bro, as for the Hadith in question it’s been answered I didn’t say the Hadith was wrong it has issues with the exact word you use “anger”, while others don’t say the same word so you can’t really use it to come to a conclusion on what you think. Erm......when did I ever want to convince anyone? I only had a problem with the conclusion of the poster hence I answered.
  9. As explained previously. Again as explained before with the word anger, it’s easy and simple to understand. And yet it’s the only one often repeated so called evidence with same argument as if it’s the holy grail of finds in Sunni hadith for shiah. I/we Sunni never even think of such things on ahlubaith ra, astaghfirullah, we would never think of you as thinking of such either and when did Umar ra call Fatima ra such??? Please do provide the evidence, i have never heard or come across such saying from Umar ra ......hence alhamdulillah it’s your own opinions like I said from the start based on history books.........no anger from Fatima ra or Her husband ra written in that same Hadith book, it’s not the Quran but it’s way more authentic then history books.As for purification verse again it’s how you want to understand it and not what it is but that’s a whole different subject I ain’t interested in getting involved in (plenty of info on web on Sunni Tafseer of verse 33/33). I am being honest and only answering the poster on his post which I believe he was using weak evidences as facts and using that to a conclusion. If that’s not sensible then I am sorry I am not sensible enough to accept unauthentic history as evidence.
  10. There is no unauthentic Hadith about the issue in HADITH books.......can’t say same for history books. The point is history books are being used as authentic evidences where as the hadith being used for this issue doesnt really help especially the way you want it portrayed. That is all.
  11. Lol I don’t know, but you do use some unauthentic evidences as proofs maybe that’s a reason.
  12. Truth is out there and EASILY available if you have a clear heart, “ALL CLEAR IN THE BOOK”, alhamdulillah. may Allah swt guide us all on the straight path ahlu sunnah and ahlu tashayyu.
  13. Sorry so many questions just saw yours now. hadith is authentic compared to history books being posted on same subject, even then it’s not 100%. hope that answers your question.
  14. 1/ Not that I am aware of or any SUNNI is aware of. 2/ A big NO! 3/ fake story? Yes! again your own conclusions based on not so solid evidence.
  15. The word ANGER is only mentioned in the Hadith transmitted from Hazrat Aisha ra. It is not mentioned in the Hadith narrated from other companions like Hazrat Abu Huraira, Hazrat Um Hani, etc. Further the hadith narrated from Hazrat Aisha ra is of two types, one type mentions the word “anger” while the other type does not mention “anger”. The hadith which mention the word “anger” are all narrated by Ibn Shahab Zehri [well known for his idraaj of statements]. so I guess your maths must be wrong especially if you are using not so solid formulas.
  16. Bro shiaman The word ANGER is only mentioned in the Hadith transmitted from Hazrat Aisha ra. It is not mentioned in the Hadith narrated from other companions like Hazrat Abu Huraira, Hazrat Um Hani, etc. Further the hadith narrated from Hazrat Aisha ra is of two types, one type mentions the word “anger” while the other type does not mention “anger”. The hadith which mention the word “anger” are all narrated by Ibn Shahab Zehri [well known for his idraaj of statements].
  17. Could you repeat it please I didn’t get your question
  18. I believe it’s your own theory it’s your own thought of conclusion.
  19. Don’t be upset brother all I said was your using history books as evidence.
  20. Walaikum asalam brother all the books you used as your evidences before your conclusion are just history books. you did use a genuine Hadith at your conclusion in the end of Sahih Bukhari, but that doesn’t defend you accusations either.
  21. Sorry but Above is funn post.......it made me laugh. Your logical conclusion is not so much logic if you use unauthentic history books and then conclude it with authentic Hadith bukhari. its really funny to see how hard you are trying.
  22. Sorry I didn’t know your post was exaggeration of hyperbole to give further emphasis or effect. You posted as if you was talking the truth, when confronted you REALISED it isn’t...... but is hyperbole......Alhamdulillah. YouTube vids and forum threads are not statistical facts, I’m sure you are aware of that.no? You can compile as much a list as you want.......the thread you posted on shia converts is only 6 pages!......good luck with finding 50 and forget the dream of millions even if you exaggerate.hyperbole.
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