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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Having turned 24 years old, I realised only recently how terrible my psychological base line truly is. All my life I've tended to self-sabotage by engaging in acts of self-deprivation as a child, and this has manifested itself, especially in adulthood, through my inability to approach anyone and socialise. To the rest of the world, I am pretty much non-existent as I have no social life whatsoever. I struggle to break out of this mental chamber of horror and to have myself deprogrammed from this stagnant, negative mindset that I've carried with me all my life. At times I honestly feel like it's simply too late and I become woefully despondent. In relation to the question in the title, I wonder how a person who is internally depressed and unfulfilled is actually able to experience a state of joy and ecstasy in the afterlife? If I were to die at this very moment, how would my religious belief help me to avoid hell when I am already experiencing it internally? Does it not make sense that we eternally reap in the afterlife what we mentally sow in our transient life? Why would my dense, trapped energy manifest itself as anything other than hell? What are your thoughts on this matter?
  2. Think about in this way: it's something better than nothing.
  3. As an alpha male in the relationship, I would not allow my significant other to diminish me in any way. In this case, I would appreciate her success not scorn it. Why would I? In turn, I would expect her to encourage me to pursue my own goals. I would also expect her to recognise that there is no 1:1 link between wealth and the true worth of an individual.
  4. That was one hell of an entertaining article. Very insightful.
  5. How do I purify my perception, Ruq? For example, being a stimulation junkie, I like to push myself out my comfort zone to attain material and physical success. But after I've overcome the hurdles there is nothing beyond it. I will just be bored again.
  6. What is perfect to one is imperfect to another. This "basic criteria" does not exist by virtue of the fact that it's not basic at all. Are personal views not developed on the basis of belief? It is not possible to believe in that which one cannot believe. It sounds tautological, but it's clear that those of religious persuasion haven't grasped this basic logic.
  7. But no messenger physically came to me, either. If an absent Prophet of the past was not sufficient for the man as a reason to accept belief, why should it be for us?
  8. Here's an interesting question. Who rejects a belief consciously and deliberately while knowing it is true? Seriously. Do you personally know a non-Muslim or ex-Muslim who has done so? I don't. If we are judged purely by intention, does this not mean most of humanity will be entering heaven?
  9. I know that life is supposed to be a challenge. But is life supposed to be boring? If not, why am I not enjoying the journey? Why do I find the challenges either monotonous or nigh impossible to overcome? Have I become hardened? Sometimes I imagine myself in the perfect set of conditions but it still fails to actually satisfy. Even my passions fail to occasion internal delight. Then I resort to allay my problem with spiritual ritual activities, but I don't see how it can ever actually address the boredom I have to deal with in reality, on a day to day basis. I need advice and suggestions, please.
  10. Well, I have one girl in mind. She's charismatic, authentic, naturally loving and makes me feel happy. This is my basic criteria. I wish to eventually win her over. I rather my true love be a juicy challenge to overcome than something easy. I want a story to tell, regardless of the outcome.
  11. Okay. So the condition for freedom is either to submit to faith or to cease aggression? That's acceptable.
  12. Cyrax, I would appreciate it if you could provide the minute mark where the specific question is clarified; I assume you've actually watched the lecture rather than randomly inserted a video with your fingers crossed.
  13. What is exactly wrong with either of these things?
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