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  1. Salam Fatima, I read you know french, can you say me lyrics of this lyrics, please?


  2. Fatimaaaaa

    Role Of Wife

    His slave? I don't think this is our role in Islam.
  3. Fatimaaaaa

    Is This Modest?

    Salam, I think all are modest except the last one. The one with trousers. with duaas.
  4. Fatimaaaaa

    Role Of Wife

    Bismillah arrahaman arrahim, I'm a young sister (18 y.o) and I was wondering how should a woman be with her husband. I'm not married but I want to ask married woman how do they behave with their husband, what's our role? We should follow Sayyeda Fatima al Zahraa (as) so what are your advices for young sisters that still don't know marriage? So that we are prepared. Thank you, with duaas.
  5. Fatimaaaaa

    Punishment Of Zina

    JazakumAllah, the fact that having this glance of fear is normal makes me feel better. :)
  6. Thank you, I will indeed take my time and will send you the files. I have a question, should I send you the translations via a word document? If not, how do you want me to send it?
  7. Fatimaaaaa

    Punishment Of Zina

    First I want thank you very much for the Hadith. I also want to know, when someone does Tawbah, it's a return to the original purity of our heart, how do we know we reached it? How do we know we actually really cut away from the creation?
  8. Fatimaaaaa

    Punishment Of Zina

    Thank you very much :)
  9. Fatimaaaaa

    Punishment Of Zina

    I want to sincerely thank you so much for this Hadith, it helped me. Do you have the source?
  10. Wa alaykom lsalam, I can translate in French and Italian inshAllah, what do you think?
  11. Assalam Aleykom, I was wondering how do we convince ourself that Allah (swt) forgave us? For a sin we never committed again. If we do tauba, salat ul leil, duaas to ask for forgiveness but we can't forgive ourselves. Is there any hadith on forgiveness? Because I've been told if we repent sincerely and don't commit the sin again Allah swt forgives us. But what about the punishments then? The sheikh at my mosque said the ones that listened to music will be punished, i used to listen for exemple, i don't anymore but still.. Anyone has hadiths on forgiveness? JazakumAllah, Salawat.
  12. Fatimaaaaa

    Interpretation of Dreams

    Yes please can I have some, with the source eventually :) JazakumAllah
  13. Fatimaaaaa

    Interpretation of Dreams

    Thank you, I don't think she has any ability. I also asked a sheikh and he told me that we should only care about dreams when we see one of the 14 Masomeen in it, either way they are irrelevant. I was worried though this is why I asked thanks again, salawat :)
  14. Fatimaaaaa

    Interpretation of Dreams

    Bismillah arrahman arrahim, Assalam w aleykom, I want to know if it is good to do interpretation of dreams. Is it recommended in Shia Islam or is it only a tradition? I will get engaged inshAllah and the man I'm getting engaged to saw me in his dream without Hijab, (ofc he never saw me without it before) so he told his mother and she said it's not good, and a bad thing will happen to me.. Should I believe in this or not? Thank you. Salawat