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  1. lol leave Iraq alone we have nothing to do with this.
  2. Politics is a sizable legal component of Islam but the issue is when people use Islam for worldly political motives. This can be demonstrated around the globe, the most notorious case is the Muslim Brotherhood and their corruption.
  3. Sumerian

    Masturbation issue

    The topic of genitalia and intercourse in detail should not be talked about between two people of the opposite gender, especially if they know each other. The most this website can and should do is mention the Fiqh opinion regarding a halal and haram matter, in an anonymous set-up. Any detailed talk which makes this place seem like a platform for biology lessons is completely unnecessary. And this goes for both genders - on a consistent levelled standard.
  4. Sayyed Al-Sistani recently met with a UN representative, and he made two important points about Iraq's future 1) Iraq intends to have a good and balanced relationship with all its neighbours and also peace loving nations, on the account of shared interests and non-interference in Iraq's own affairs. 2) He also refused the notion of Iraq being used as a base in which to attack another nation.
  5. Post your fave Arabic sayings and stories and poems, and it doesn't matter in which format or dialect you post them. But there's a catch: You have to translate it and explain it (if you can). lol
  6. Sumerian

    It appears PressTv blocked in Pakistan.

    Why is this news? Hundreds of channels are blocked in Iran. lol. Many countries simply block other countries channels. Nothing new.
  7. Sumerian

    Crowned Sultan

    This is only if there is a suspicion, not if an action or a deed is proven. It is perfectly fine to speak about people's public sins, and is not considered gheeba. NOTE: I'm speaking in a general manner not simply in relation to the topic at hand.
  8. Sumerian

    Crowned Sultan

    wearing gold
  9. Sumerian

    Crowned Sultan

    This action is condemnable.
  10. Sumerian

    What shoes you got?

    I haven't seen someone speak about the shoes they have. What shoes you guys got? Also, I'm looking to buy some Jordans. What are the best J's?
  11. Personally, based on what I've observed on the internet and in real life, there seems to be a generational gap between older sisters (aunties) and younger sisters. My aunties irl, many times they speak against the current young generation of women. The reasons can range from modesty to authority - implying women these days are trying to be the boss. I even see it on this forum, in some threads. Do you people, especially sisters, agree or see this?
  12. Sumerian

    Older and younger sisters

    Naa but like I see alot personally in my life of older women speaking ill of the current. And also on here in terms of some of the arguments on this website brother
  13. Sumerian

    Trolls' Hajiacking of Shia-Leaning posts on ShiaChat

    @Irfani313 so I have a question brother. If someone was to proceed in constructive criticism of personalities and causes, would you consider them worthy of ban and silencing on this website?
  14. Sumerian

    Trolls' Hajiacking of Shia-Leaning posts on ShiaChat

    The O.P is simply against people challenging the personalities and causes whom he supports, from his opening post. It doesn't matter if this is challenged in a rude way or constructive way.
  15. Sumerian

    Trolls' Hajiacking of Shia-Leaning posts on ShiaChat

    Then the O.P's problem should be against personal hatred - only, as you said, but the O.P says; So?
  16. Sumerian

    Trolls' Hajiacking of Shia-Leaning posts on ShiaChat

    Sorry I don't understand that part sister.
  17. Sumerian

    Trolls' Hajiacking of Shia-Leaning posts on ShiaChat

    Since trolling is bad, is the cult-like behaviour of not challenging preconcieved perceptions regarding "causes" and "personalities" also bad or ...? Both of them seem inherently anti-Islamic to any sane person.
  18. That is not true at all dear sister. Perhaps you misread. There is no exception. If you would like I can post the Arabic to which where I got my information from - it is from Sistani's website.
  19. No dear sister, Sistani says what I said in my previous post. I took that from his minhaj al-saliheen.
  20. These Verses are about men marrying non-Muslim women, not about Muslim women marrying non-Muslim men. The O.P is a sister.
  21. No, her marriage is treated as void unless he converts.
  22. Scenario 1: Apostasy If your husband was once a Muslim thrn are you sure your husband has committed any clear kufr? Simply committing major sins, however great and much they are, short of kufr, does not make him a kafir, as long as he still believes in the shahadatayn. However, if he did become a kafir, this is the ruling to a woman whose husband apostated. 2458. If a man becomes a Fitri apostate after Nikah, his wife becomes haraam for him and she should observe Iddah of death in the manner which will be explained in the rules relating to 'divorce'. Scenario 2: Wife becomes Muslim, husband was/is a kafir: There are two different situations here: 1) there was no intercourse. If that was the case, the marriage is annulled and void immediately. 2) there was intercourse. If that was the case, you treat him as divorced, and he has until the iddah to renew the contract. So he is a stranger man to you.
  23. I'm pretty sure millions of our men volunteered to fight ISIS when Sayyed Sistani's fatwa which called to action was announced. Lol, by your logic, if you want to see what Lebanon has given, just go to Beirut and see what Khaleejis do in the clubs and hotel rooms and their TV shows and the exportation of drugs. There was even a national debate on whether police women can wear shorts. Every country has their good and bad. As for crying and walking thousands of miles, we are proud of that just as we are proud we stood up to Daesh. Now since you want to speak on the actual topic, how about you understand my comment was directed to those who were already convicted of Judgement by Allah and are sentenced to Jahannam already? Or is that hard to fathom?
  24. Exactly, I'm speaking about a lost case. Meaning after Judgement has been given on Judgement Day. Lol. Not really, it's an Islamic thing backed by texts. People are superior to others based on faith and deeds. Not hard to fathom. Lol. Are you superior to a convicted [insert huge crime]? I hope so lol. Lol and at least I have a culture. I don’t belong to just a tiny piece of land that's actually part of another country
  25. Lol it is obvious those with shaky faith have an inferiority complex towards others