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  1. Sumerian

    Necessity of hijab

    No, a woman cannot pray in front of a man without a barrier. 896. If a woman stands in line with man, or in front of him in namaz, and both of them begin together, they should repeat their prayers. And the same applies if one of them starts earlier than the other. https://www.Sistani.org/english/book/48/2212/
  2. Sumerian

    Sexist adverts

    This article cites alot of studies and statistics; https://www.brookings.edu/research/an-analysis-of-out-of-wedlock-births-in-the-united-states/ https://www.forbes.com/sites/brycecovert/2012/07/16/the-rise-and-downfall-of-single-mothers/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/opinions/don’t-deny-the-link-between-poverty-and-single-parenthood/2018/03/18/e6b0121a-2942-11e8-b79d-f3d931db7f68_story.html Not to mention that a white child of an unmarried couple is likely to be poorer than a black child who is the child of a married couple.
  3. American journalist who works for Iranian TV held as material witness https://edition-m.cnn.com/2019/01/18/us/marzieh-hashemi-press-tv-anchor/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F
  4. Sumerian

    Sexist adverts

    Lol I don't believe it is offensive at all. I believe the ad should have been done differently, that's all. Especially the part where all the adult males, unrealistically, letting two kids fight. What the world needs is more masculinity, and by that I mean a father figure for young boys, not less masculinity.
  5. Sumerian

    Sexist adverts

    The ad implies that males are okay with bad behaviour. Did you notice the "boys will be boys" comment as the two kids were fighting? As if males, especially old fathers, will allow their sons to engage in, rather encourage, violent and/or risky behaviour under the umbrella of "boys will be boys". Tell me is that realistic? When is it that two little kids have a fight and an adult, especially a father, doesn't step in? What Gillette should have done is create an ad which promotes masculinity and the role of the father. A BIG chunk (perhaps majority) of criminals, abusers, and people that have made the wrong financial choices, among men, are people who have lived in a single parent household. When there is no father figure for your boys, very often they turn out to be a negative presence on society.
  6. Sumerian

    Necessity of hijab

    Who are you talking about?
  7. Sumerian

    Bassem Karbalai Perfume

    I think he wants profit, and I don't see an issue in that.
  8. Sumerian

    Bassem Karbalai Perfume

    Not sure where you think the bias comes from. I am not a fan of Basim. I don’t care if this was any radood, I would say the same thing. I don't think there is any issue with profitting of your fame as a religious poet.
  9. Sumerian

    Bassem Karbalai Perfume

    Why is it immoral to market your name? Is there any proof that it is immoral?
  10. Sumerian

    Bassem Karbalai Perfume

    Do you know perfume is one of the most mustahab items to buy? Some hadiths go as far as to say there is no israaf on perfume. The Prophet (saww) loved perfume. I'm not here to defend Basim, I just don't see a problem with people making profit this way.
  11. Sumerian

    Bassem Karbalai Perfume

    Guy isn't a scholar though. What is the difference between those things and perfume?
  12. Sumerian

    Bassem Karbalai Perfume

    Jewels, clothes, etc..
  13. Sumerian

    Bassem Karbalai Perfume

    True. But many Islamic companies around the globe selling certain items and souvenirs with Islamic stuff written all over.
  14. Sumerian

    Bassem Karbalai Perfume

    What is the difference between that or when Islamic companies and organisations sell items?
  15. Sumerian

    What age would hand over a smartphone to your

    10 years old I think. With controls and stuff.