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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is an important text on this issue; This might be disputed, but the ruling is clearly there - and accepted among some scholars, that non-Muslims are not allowed in certain areas according to Islamic Law.
  2. Always be aware of fake friends.. coz snakes can be anywhere

    1. Noor Taleb

      Noor Taleb

      Their everywhere :dry:

  3. This is a special makhraj for interest, the exception to the rule.
  4. lol, it amazes me how far people will go to rationalise hypocrisy in foreign policy. Nearly every single Muslim country has not just ignored the situation regarding the Uyghurs, but in fact have praised the Chinese human rights record at the UN. Why? Because China pays well and invests well, has established strong trade relations, among other things. Palestine is an easier issue to circle around, it has been an issue since 1948. In the Middle East it has always been the top topic, and in the Arab world if you want to claim popularity all you have to do is chant about Palestine. The fact of the matter is, you know when a nation is true to its values that it claims it upholds when it takes an unordinary and difficult decsion to protect those values. Going against China is a very difficult decision, and no one will take it. This just shows you all nations are the same and are bound by economic self-interest. Ideology only gets you so far. Never judge a nation by its slogans and rhetoric, but judge it by its actions.
  5. At least one of these is no doubt authentic by chain, the one that mentions the camel hump.
  6. Because females in Iraq usually stay at home, and if they are out a guy goes out with them, or if they are alone they go into populated areas so to avoid such things. But alot of sick and nasty guys go and assault other guys, and its known. It is a big problem in Iraq. So yea brother, that survey is not farfetched, although I don't know how accurate the exact numbers are
  7. Many people get triggered at people "appropriating" their culture, meaning by talking like them (slang), dressing like them, just moving like them in general. This is usually brought up in the issue of race, and how certain races appropriate other races' cultures. What is the opinion of u people on this issue?
  8. Professionalism. Certain institutions/businesses require smiling even if you are on your worst day lol
  9. Do you force a smile or a laugh in real life, whether it be for work or other things?
  10. That is partly but not completely true. Iran suffers from inside just as it does from outside. The corruption, the black markets, the price manipulation, make the sanctions so much easier for the US. Half of the US job is done due to internal incompetence. Good economies arise when you spend smart and make yourself attractive to investors. Currently Iran hasn't even signed onto the FATF, something every developed nation has done. They are not even ready to comply with international regulations, and you want to have a good economy? No one is saying Iran can become Hong Kong overnight, at the very least have a line of defense. Be relevant enough to not get squeezed so easily. Unfortunately Muslims don't help themselves. The rizq is there, the waste is there too.
  11. I believe I addressed it. You claimed one can do both chanting and improving the economy, while I said that is indeed true, the fact is all Muslims do is chant, while their economies are laughable jokes. Then you said unless they fight you economically, which I responded by saying had you had a good economy, then you can fight back, and not be humiliated. Contrary to your opinion that Muslims were poor, the saying goes that Islam wouldn't claimed victory over the pagans without the sword of Ali (عليه السلام) and the wealth of Khadija (عليه السلام). So indeed, the Muslims had an economical weapon. Whilst currently, the Iranians have no way to fight back economically against the Americans, at best they are relying on a miracle that other countries (mostly US allies in the E3) can support them in the face of America. Not good enough. Hope you understood my point.
  12. Why did they became strong? Because they made themselves relevant on the global economy. They are now a major manufacturing hub. They didn't get there by shouting. Speeches are useless when you compare it with economic relevancy. China still has their speeches, they still chant in favour of Chinese nationalism, communism and interests. But that is not how they compete with the US, look at the trade war, when Trump applies tarriffs on them they don't yell at him, they apply tarriffs back. They have shown they have the ability to compete with the most powerful nation in the world with action, not just by wasting breath. The reason why people can humiliate and destroy you via economic warfare is because your economy is not relevant enough. It is a joke and weak economy. The Chinese economy of 1960 would have been crushed in 1 week had the US applied economic pressure back then, but now look at them, going head to head. They can defend their interests. Why? Because they made themselves relevant and important to the global economy. The world can't cope if China collapses, while some of these states their presence means nothing to the global market. If hypothetically they were deleted from the map the global economy would move on, no effect. The point of the matter: chanting won't make you compete, economical strength will make you compete. When Trump announced the sanctions on Iran, people were saying Iran will swallow them. Their effect will be minimal. Well, people were wrong. Why? They didn't expect the Iranian economy to be so weak and so corrupted - to the point where some black marketeers welcomed the sanctions (they also underestimated Trump). And now here we are. So the problem isn't the chants, you can shout until you lose your voice. The problem is all you do is chant, and when challenged you are wounded badly, because your economy is weak.
  13. I'll also add that someone that has the ability to seek knowledge, with no obstacles, but decides not to do so, is also not a mustadh'af.
  14. You are talking about mustadhafeen, whom are the exception, and Allah ((سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى)( may pardon them due to their jahl, - my response was more general to the point. This is a great hadith describing who a mustadh'af is: A powerless (mustadh'af) person is one to whom evidence is (or cannot be) presented and he does not know the differences between the people. If he knows the differences among people he is not a powerless person. This hadith is taken from the below article which explains this issue well. https://purifiedhousehold.com/salvation-of-non-Shias/
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