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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Political Islamism, even from the side of Sunnism, tends to partner up with international leftist "liberation" movements. This is why you see the sound relationship between Muslim Brotherhood or even Hamas with leftist politicians even in the West.
  2. Not surprised for Iraq and other Arab countries, the food we eat consists of tons of sugar and carbs.
  3. Okay bro. Tell me which hadiths you read which led you to your views, and I'll wait.
  4. Which ever way you spin it, the mainstream orthodox sects of Islam do not accept the progressive values of the Left. Maybe you believe in a more "modernist" interpretation of Islam, and that's okay, that's your personal opinion.
  5. It is a good deed, but some scholars of Shi'i Fiqh ruled that not every slave can be freed, as some said Islam is a condition for freedom. Not sure about Sunni Fiqh, but the status of the son of fornicator being disallowed from certain things is clear in Shi'i hadiths.
  6. Lol, thank you for your wise words These teachings are based on the Qur'an and the hadiths, and so if you want to follow a modernist approach to Islam, you will need to advocate for a lot of "change" in how rulings are derived.
  7. There is no proof that Islam ever viewed slavery as a negative thing, nor that it sought to abolish it. At best it sort to reform it. Piety does matter more than class, but class maintains a position among the Shari'ah, and that's why it will remain in Muslim society. When we are judged by our Creator, money and class will not matter, but as we are in the dunya, we have to accept they are what they are. On a legal level - atleast according to Shi'a - Hashimis are not the same as those who aren't. The poor among the Hashimis is entitled to khums money, and they are not allowed to acc
  8. Never heard of a meninist before. But this is the form of Islam that is advocated by several Islamic schools since the beginning of Islamic scholarship. This is not "culture", this is how Islam has been for centuries based on the Muslims understanding of Qur'an and hadith. Now if you argue for a new version of Islam, that's up to you. Most people on this forum are followers of orthodox teachings.
  9. My understanding is it is someone who wants to reform the traditionalist Judeo-Christian capitalist system that existed in Western society.
  10. I'm not calling it "progress", I'm not taking the literal definition of the word. The progressives describe their values as progressive, and I'm using their own terms.
  11. Neoliberal or communist, both versions go against Islamic teachings.
  12. People tend to forget that their version of Islam isn't some sort of revolutionary social justice movement of the same type that arose in the 20th Century, with all those liberation movements and what not. Islamic society at its core is a classist society. Freemen and slaves aren't the same. Muslims and non-Muslims aren't the same. Those born from pure birth aren't the same as those born out of wedlock. There is differences between Hashimis (sayeds) and non-Hashimis. There is even a difference between those from noble lineage and those who aren't on a social level. Rich and those who aren
  13. Feminism is a movement that advocates the political and social equality of women. You can call yourself a feminist, but that definition goes right against everything Islam teaches.
  14. Advocating justice is very different from advocating progressive values and viewpoints. Pretty much every organised feminist march in this day and age holds views contrary to Islam.
  15. In my generation of Muslims, especially those who are active on social media, attend universities and college and pay attention politically, there is a "woke" wave, wherein Muslims will champion cultural and economic leftist ideals. That's okay, anyone can believe what they want. My main issue is when Islam is used as a "progressive" tool, and Muslims are lumped in with the other "oppressed classes and minorities". You would see some hijabis march in feminist marches that advocate "women's liberation", attending the march on the basis of their Muslim identity. This is just
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