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  1. Sumerian

    Hijab question

    Not wajib to obey her husband if her marja doesn't believe it is wajib or it is written in the marital contract that she has to wear it.
  2. Sumerian

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    How strange they claim that you can't be independent when the revolution they support waved flags like "neither Western nor Eastern". They fall into pits of contradictions to make a single point.
  3. So if this was a guy instead of a girl it still wouldn't be a red flag?
  4. @2Timeless a real man with gheera doesn't want his wife's beauty to be out to the world, that's for him and him alone. If a guy was out here accepting girls friend requests people would call that a red flag, but this is a red flag too.
  5. Sumerian

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    Lol, it's rare to find one protest which is clean. Focus on the bigger picture which the people were protesting about, which is water.
  6. Sumerian

    female clothing

    The guidelines are it cannot be considered zeena (beautification) by urf, and it must cover the obligatory parts (everything other than face and hands) and it must also show NO shape. I assume these tights will show the shape of a woman's legs, rendering them haram.
  7. Sumerian

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    Ha. The floodgates have opened. Look at how you twisted my words, masha Allah, I never said the only way to prove your from a country is to live there, it is among the ways to prove that. Ethnicity is another way. So lol Also it is funny you mention trannies, may I remind you what country is the capital of trannies in the Middle East. We can both play this side attack games. I prefer not to, instead you can initiate a good discussion without this. Also, I don't care about the British or anyone else, I care about the economy and the wellbeing of the Iraqi people. 100% of the water in Basra is contaminated and you want Iraqis to spend their oil money and treasure on foreign conflicts, alliances and entanglements? Mosul is just broken rocks and you want Iraqis to spend their oil money on geopolitical issues? There is a known rule: fix your house before you touch other's houses. Lol, who is against unity? You can unite without going in someone's house and telling them how to run their family's policies. Sistani has also never commented on American intervention, so...? And what does the borders of Israel have to do with Iraq? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And don't try to change this to "Shi'a unity". How strange is it billions are directed to nasibis like Hamas and support of Sunni "Arab Spring" Ikhwani Nasibi revolutions? How strange is it that Basra, Iran's neighbour, gets less support than... Gaza? You can't have your cake and eat it too. Either you are with Shi'i unity or alliance with nawasib for political reasons.
  8. Sumerian

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    It's not just Iran, I am against ANY influence. I wish Iraq would leave the Arab League, Organisation of Islamic Co-operation, United Nations, (or reduce to observer status), OPEC and any Globalist Internationalist Cross Border organisation, non-aligned movement + any alliance or coalition Iraq is currently in. That is how much I value sovereignty. Foreign relations with other states extends to just trade deals, that's it. Simple and easy approach to life.
  9. Sumerian

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    Naa, I could care less about the "Arabs". I care about Iraq.
  10. Sumerian

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    Lol because the protest was against Iranian intervention. Other protests have been recorded against Turkey. But tell me, who runs Iraq really? Who controlled the parliament for 15 years? Parties that are aligned to who? And then you want to blame Basra protesters who don't have a single water to drink?
  11. Sumerian

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    Actually many Iraqis have spoken against Turkish occupation forces.
  12. Sumerian

    Profanity/Vulgar language.

    Brother, I already linked you a thread which discusses this hadith comprehensively and mentions the views of the jurists past and present. That explains it all, if you read through the thread.
  13. Sumerian

    Profanity/Vulgar language.

    The Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) said: “When you will find people of bid`ah (innovation) and doubt/suspicion after me, do baraa’ (disassociation) from them and increase in your insults (sabihim) to them, and oppose (them) and bring evidences against them so they may not become greedy in bringing fasaad (corruption) to Islam. You must warn people against them and do not learn their bid`ah (innovation). Allah will write for you hasanaat (good deeds) for this, and will raise you darajaat (levels) in the next life.’” http://www.revivingalislam.com/2010/12/exposing-bidah-reward-for-doing-so.html?m=1 Authenticated by over 20 scholars.
  14. Sumerian

    WP: Iran's influence in Iraq is waning

    Lol, so if they get an order from their masters what will they do?
  15. Sumerian

    Eid-e Zahra(as)

    The main point is he, like the mainstream view, believed in the kufr of the mukhalifeen and their beloved figures. فلو خرج سلطان على أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام لا بعنوان التدين بل للمعارضة في الملك أو غرض آخر كعائشة وزبير وطلحة ومعاوية وأشباههم أو نصب أحد عداوة له أو لاحد من الائمة عليهم السلام لا بعنوان التدين بل لعدواة قريش أو بني هاشم أو العرب أو لاجل كونه قاتل ولده أو أبيه أو غير ذلك لا يوجب ظاهرا شئ منها نجاسة ظاهرية. وإن كانوا أخبث من الكلاب والخنازير لعدم دليل من إجماع أو أخبار عليه. بل الدليل على خلافه مكاسب المحرمة by Sayyed Khomeini