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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Lol you are funny. Re-read my post, I said clerics in Iraq and Iran have been doing this Islamic medicine thing. In Iran some of those clerics have been arrested. This point was more against the ignorance and jahl of the societies and the worshipping of turbanheads rather than an attack on the Governments. But your instinct to defend your leaders made you think too quick.
  2. Yes, it is not foolish to believe in a biological worldwide conspiracy attack
  3. The fact that they even exist shows a cultural issue. Just one infection as a result of someone doing "Islamic medicine" instead of seeking professional treatment and self-isolating can destroy an entire city. "hatred" facts hurt bruv
  4. Certain people turned to so-called "Islamic medicine" in Iraq and Iran for treatment. Most of it is nonsense. Clerics treating people and not doctors. What a joke
  5. Don't tell them, they probably think Iran is the number one leader in medicine because they manufacture their own panadol Did you see the videos of the clerics giving "medicine" to the patients? Beautiful way of fighting back against the "biological attack".
  6. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, we have seen the attempts to politicise the virus, use it as propaganda, claim it is a magical conspiracy, and the like. Despite all this, I believe the medical community around the world, disregarding the fringe whom no one cares about, have relatively stayed away from the nonsense geopolitics going around the world. My question is: is it not time to stop polticising every bad or wrong that happens? Is it not fair to say that heroes such as doctors, healthcare workers, and the like, that their work, should not be looked at from a political lense, rather from an objective scientific lense? Why is it that politicians and clerics and priests and rabbis are the ones who some people believe concerning the virus, but the same people disregard the views of professional medical researchers who have spent decades learning in the world's top universities? Is it the case that they want to hear something that fits their view of the world and reality, rather than the objective scientific proof? Thanks
  7. Iran produces most of its own basic pharmaceuticals - but when it comes to the most advanced medicines, it relies heavily on imports. It's estimated that although only about 4% of its medicines come from abroad in terms of volume, the more expensive imported drugs make up about a third of the total value. "self-efficiency"
  8. This includes medicine for mild health issues like the common cold and seasonal influenza. For advanced drugs and vaccines, for certain cancers and rare disease, Iran has confirmed they import some -alot- of them. That's why the foreign minister accused the US of "murder" due to the sanctions, because it was denying key medicines for certain diseases which only one or two foreign companies make like butteryfly wound dressing which only a Swedish company makes - not my words, Zarif's. Here: “Wound-dressing for the children suffering from butterfly disease can’t be produced in all countries. Of course, Iran experienced good progress but it is being produced in low quantity. A few number of pharmaceutical companies can produce it,” the minister stated. “A Swedish company that has been exporting it (wound-dressing for butterfly patients) to Iran, is now unable to continue its trade with us due to the U.S. sanctions and oppressive behavior. I have to remind the Europeans that it is very good that you have decided to join INTEX, but as the Americans are claiming that medicines and humanitarian services are not included in sanctions list, you Europeans do not embark on imposing medicine embargo on Iran,” Zarif said. _____ This is one example of a rare medicine which only the Dajjal/Zionist system mass produces worldwide. And there are many more, that Iran imports. So don't celebrate your self-sufficiency while you complain about lack of medicinal supplies for rare or new diseases, or for cancer drugs. My point stands: if America or the "dajjal"/CIA/Zionist system makes the vaccine, and the whole world buys it, Iran should declare they are the only country who will not buy it. Khamenei should stick to his word.
  9. lol that's because no one would seriously ban the import medication, and basically more than half of the world's drugs are made in the US and the "Dajjal System". This isn't serious talk, it is rhetoric as usual. If serious, make your own drugs
  10. Beautiful. Hold him to his word then, if a vaccine is created in a US lab, then he should ban its import. Let us see.
  11. lol, everyone knows biological weapons are old school. Just because they exist does not mean they have been just used in an attack. Where is the evidence that this is a biological weapon? And why does no real expert in virology in the world agree? And why is this "weapon" affecting the whole world including the "West" and "Zionists"? Stop thinking with imagination and start thinking with evidence. The CIA is not responsible for every bad that happens in the world. You are the type to think "the enemy" is behind everything, but you will never believe that self-inflicted faults or extreme incompetence can lead to things like this happening. Mind you I don't just believe Iran, China and "anti-West" or "resistance" or whatever you want to call it are the countries that have responded to this crisis incompetently, the incompetence is clear even in the so-called developed nations including the US. Only a handful of countries have shown they are prepared. Most of the globe has failed terribly. As for your point about Satan, that is irrelevant. In Islam supernatural events happen only when Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) gives the ability for that being to commit them.
  12. It includes all of them, and none of them say its a conspiracy. And the real doctors don't disagree with other doctors because they are from another nationality or on the basis of geopolitics. Doctors are above that nonsense. I don't care about Westerners and I believe in miracles and supernatural abilities by the Will of Allah. It is you people who attribute to the enemies of Allah more power than they have, you make the CIA sound like some supernatural organisation. I don't believe in such nonsense.
  13. Because I use common sense and believe the work of reputable and world renound doctors/scientists and virologists + epidemiologists all around the world, I don't believe in internet junk science from random social media users or those who appear on fringe Alex Jones media to tell us about aliens and zombies. Nothing rude bruv. I tell it how it is
  14. If the numbers from Russia are to be believed, then Russia has done a really good job at combatting the virus despite their long border with China.
  15. In this case, state apologists (apologists of Iranian Gov and the corrupt Chinese CCP incompetence) are the ones on this forum pushing conspiracy fairy tails about biological weapons and other garbage. Always playing victim, never admitting internal faults. But then again I admire their imagination.
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