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  1. I hope you somehow see this, I'd like to get back in touch brother 

  2. What the world needs is less forced diversity and quotas, and simply anyone who has more merit and competence should lead. If a woman can start a successful business then that is due to her own merit and skill, not because of her gender. Perhaps the most offensive thing the Government can do is to ensure quotas, as it seems to tap into a belief that certain groups can't make it without extra support.
  3. I believe what he means is men solve problems like a maths equation, while women might show some empathy. Take it like a female Judge and a male Judge, perhaps a female Judge may be more compassionate, while a male Judge may be more about sticking to the actual text of the law.
  4. There is only a 3 week atleast mandatory gap between first and second doses of Pfizer. People in South Africa haven't even bothered getting their first dose, despite supply issues ending over 3 months ago, and they aren't even rushing to get vaccinated in droves even as there is a current Covid case surge due to the new variant (albeit deaths are currently low).
  5. This is old news. Supply has been fixed months ago, in fact South Africa has been throwing away vaccines because not enough people are vaccinating before they expire. They currently have excess stock. Read this article: https://www.reuters.com/world/africa/exclusive-south-africa-delays-covid-vaccine-deliveries-inoculations-slow-2021-11-24/ Even the Health Minister said that the reason for slow uptake is what he called "misinformation online". Supply is becoming an old excuse with every passing day.
  6. It is plausible that it was only detected in South Africa, not that it originated there. This is because of South Africa's long history and experience in detecting diseases. Secondly there is no supply problem for South Africa and indeed in alot of underdeveloped countries. Most South Africans have refused to be vaccinated despite vaccine availability, indicating a vaccine hesitancy issue. Furthermore, just with regards to this new variant, so far most cases - according to global and South African health officials - are actually mild. In fact it is plausible that this variant may actually be more mild than previous strains, but that is yet to be seen. And finally, while vaccines clearly do work, so does immunity gained through infection, and many of these countries that have not vaccinated a large amount of their populas have not seen a great amount of deaths in the current Covid wave (such as South Africa) mainly because of previous deadly Covid surges that ripped through the populas. I think the media tends to be negative and makes money on people's panic, and we will really see if this variant is really worth the hype.
  7. You will sometimes find that the Muslim diaspora in the West is more "extremist" than the ones back home. Either way I believe the general trend is religiosity among Muslim youth globally is declining, and that means that political religious movements like the Brotherhood will also decline, the fear is this may allow for the more extreme groups such as Al-Qaeda or ISIS to recruit.
  8. The Sadrists have a declared claim that they wish to keep Iraq away from regional conflicts, and to keep Iraq away from being part of any alliance or axis. They say they want a strong Iraqi state with centralised authority, and all heavy weaponry under the direct control of the Ministry of Defense. This is what they claim, and the easiest thing to do is to claim and talk and chant. In actual action, the Sadrist ministries and local offices have always been dens of corruption, just like other parties. Not to mention that the Sadrists themselves are in possession of weapons and control a private army, and have used violence and assassinations in the past. Anyway, inshallah khair.
  9. I haven't seen a thread on this so I thought I'd make one. What is everyone's thoughts about the recent Iraqi elections?
  10. Saudi Arabia is not the same country as it used to be, in fact the youth of the KSA are just as liberal as the youth in the other parts of the Arab world. Saudi Arabia will eventually implement laws similar to other Gulf countries, where there are baseline Islamic restrictions but still attractive enough for Western tourism and investment. You will really only see strict Islamic guidelines in Mecca and Medina, at the same time you will see another Dubai in the City of Neom that is currently being built. The region is changing, and Islamism seems to be on a dying trend in the Arab world. Nationalism and liberalism is on the rise.
  11. Ruling 2640. It is unlawful to eat a locust that has not developed wings and is unable to fly. https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2358/
  12. Let me just say, that this particular doctor has also said many incorrect and alarmist things that didn't turn out to be true at all. He always pushes the worst-case and doomsday scenarios in his tweets, sometimes used by antivaxxers in fact, such as when he pushes the narrative that the vaccines cannot stop Delta.
  13. Locust is generally what is considered halal by the scholars. I haven't seen a fatwa allowing the consumption of grasshoppers.
  14. Basically what he is saying is that you mustn't do anything which can be used as a reason to cause a split in the Muslim community, and the way in which you determine that what would cause such a split rests upon you.
  15. That's something that may be claimed by Ahlul Kitab, but for us there is no condition for a Prophet to be apparent. That may also be true, but that does not mean there was no hujjah among those after Isa (عليه السلام) and his people. It is obvious he had a wasi, for example. But it may also be true that there was a hujjah in another side of the world. Both are possibilities, and in any case, the belief that is that the Earth has to have a hujjah somewhere at any one time has been proven.
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