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  1. I found this on a webpage:( http://www.al-islam.org/al-siraj-the-lantern-on-the-path-to-Allah-almighty-husain-ibn-ali-ibn-sadiq-al-bahrani/chapter-6) A testimonial to such a meaning is a narrative variably reported from the Commander of the Faithful (‘a) and from our master, al-Hasan son of Ali (‘a). The Commander of the Faithful (‘a) is quoted as having said, ‘When two options, both pleasing Allah, are offered to a person, he [the good believer] should opt to undertake the one which is harder for him.’ Imam al-Hasan (‘a), however, says that such a believer will opt for the one easier to undertake. Did you found Hadith where you read this??? Would be nice if you could post it!
  2. Is here someone who has experience with a shiitic/muslim-christian matrimony and can give me advices on this matter?????
  3. Thanks for all the responses so far!!! So if Sistani would have a Fatwa on this matter, it wouldn’t be possible to follow another marja for that particular issue??? I think that I read somewhere that Sistani have a Fatwa on this????? Why there should be problems with the Raising of children, if the christian girl respects my religion and the values of it. And if she takes interest in islamic raising and also agrees that our children will be raised Shiitic. Do someone know if where are other differences between a muslim and non-muslim wife aside from the inheritance??? Thanks!!!!!
  4. Salamualaykum, my marja is Ayatollah Sistani. About the permanent marriage with a Christian girl, he says that as an obligatory precaution a Muslim should not take them in permanent marriage: 2406. A Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim, and a male Muslim also cannot marry a non-Muslim woman who are not Ahlul Kitab. However, there is no harm in contracting temporary marriage with Jewish and Christians women, but the obligatory precaution is that a Muslim should not take them in permanent marriage. There are certain sects like Khawarij, Ghulat and Nawasib who claim to be Muslims, but are classified as non-Muslims. Muslim men and women cannot contract permanent or temporary marriage with them. My question is, if it is possible to follow in that particular issue another marja, because there are some who allow it, or do I have to change my marja????? It is very important for me to know that, so can someone help me please. Thank you so much in advance!!!!
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