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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Oh I love Iranuan films. They used to have a channel on YouTube which disappeared overnight. It was called جام جم ٣ (Jam e Jam 3). It had complete religious as well as secular films and tv series (I'm partial to the secular). Jam e Jam 3 is actually a tv channel for Iranians living abroad so movies/TV are subtitled. Now you can find Jam e Jam 3 channel on the Iranian YouTube substitute, www.aparat.com.
  2. Thank you for the replies! Not really a fan of golgape but good to know! Thank you, hameedeh (it's sister btw!) And thank you starlight, let's get in touch via PM.
  3. Salam Alaykum Can anyone guide about living in Islamabad? I need an overview as well as some specific questions...we own a digital marketing startup plus we are looking for jobs. Would appreciate any advice about the job situation, scope for our startup, where and how big the shia communities are etc. Anyone based in Islamabad or who has lived there long to chat about it? PM me please, or point me to someone who you think can help! Thanks!
  4. While most of us are planning our Iftar menus, there are people who have trouble getting together basic nutritious food items for their families. $25 ensures Iftar for a family of four for 15 days. Donate generously to feed momin brothers and sisters. *I work for the NGO in charge of this, PM me any questions you might have. To donate, contact our rep in your area. Find a complete list at http://www.anwar-n.com/arb/RamadhanFoodBasket_2017.html Follow us on Facebook, we have different campaigns all year round: https://www.facebook.com/NajafyiaFoundation/ Support the cause: Spread the message!
  5. Salamun Alaykum all! I work for a charity organization under a prominent Marje' in Najaf, Iraq and we're looking for really good translators. This is the kind of content you can expect to translate (mostly English-Arabic but some English-Arabic too): - The stuff that goes on fundraising posters - The stuff that goes on social media ads, and its captions We want people who, in addition to having good command in Arabic and English, are confident about their copywriting and editing abilities in Arabic. * The work will be freelance for now. You can do it from anywhere in the world. ** The work is regular - say you would be translating 8 posters/ads per month, plus short social media captions for the posters/ads. You might also be approached to translate subtitles or texts in promo videos. *** The translator needs to be prompt and translate within 5 hours or in exceptions, 10. This can be negotiated slightly if you're a really good translator. We'll trial you for a short period initially, and then decide if we want to hire you. Think you're up to the challenge? PM me soon! The work is rewarding and your price is negotiable. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  6. SA Does anyone know of an Arabic/Persian Imambargah/community center in Karachi, Pakistan? Or any place where Arabic/Persian aza might be conducted? Thank you!
  7. Not really - at least, not unless it's Subway cookies I'm hungry for. Do you think judging others for being judgmental is hypocritical?
  8. Thank you! If I could have a few more people... PS: please PM me your phone numbers if interested. Jakumullahu khayr!
  9. Salamun Alaykum! If I were to potentially create a Whatsapp group for people like me, who: -love Arabic Latimiya -do not always manage to understand them fully, how many of you would be willing to join? It would involve two kinds of people: 1. people like me, and 2. people who are fluent in Arabic and can help us! The first type of people would ask questions regarding meanings of words/phrases in Latimiyaat (not necessarily, but let's start there) and the second category would help with that. The group would aim not to waste anyone's time and so we would try and only ask questions we can't easily get translations of on the Internet. Who's in? (and do mention which category of people you'd fall under!) Thanks!
  10. I will sit here and study and be miserable everytime Karbala TV is on because I'm not in front of the shrine of Aba Abdillah :( Do you think the world is divided into individualistic people and socially oriented people, and which one would you count yourself as?
  11. By the charity under Grand Ayatollah Shaikh Basheer al Najafy.. An initiative to distribute rice bags this Arbaeen to mawakib owners on the way from Najaf to Karbala.. Take part in this journey of love. Contact representatives in most major countries (flyers at https://m.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.994893863860374.1073741828.536599279689837&type=3) OR pay online at walktokarbala.com. Receipts available upon request.
  12. Oh but a Danish translation would be great too, Ali. Could I count on you for it? Turkish and Azeri done. :) Thank you!! May Imam Hussain (as) reward you all. Also, if anyone can think of other languages they would be so kind as to render their services in, we could definitely use them.
  13. Salam Alykum! The folks at WalktoKarbala.com are looking for volunteers who would be so kind as to translate their walking guide (http://walktokarbala.com/walking-guide/). It's barely two pages and a sawab jaria opportunity! :) The languages they need to be translated into are German, Azerbaijani, Farsi, Spanish, Indonesian, Bengali, Turkish, Gujrati. Interested? Please pm me. Thank you, and have a nice day!
  14. I don't know if I'd call the guy 'not religious', or if I'd even consider this as something that has any relevance to his being religious. Sometimes, the other person's immaturity is just a part of the big picture. Sometimes, the person who calls off the wedding cannot explain his reasons satisfactorily. Sometimes, it's a combination of factors (of which immaturity may be one) that your logic may not have sorted out yet, but your gut tells you this person really isn't the one. It hurts, especially for the person who gets dumped (excuse the bluntness).. but it is not much fun for the one who calls it off either; take my word for it. Also, maybe this is just me but I would rather get dumped than be with someone who's with me out obligation or to spare my feelings. Very sorry. May Allah grant you better.
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