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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. my coz had to play yazeeds role, and was told to act and look normal, bcoz yazeed(la) the animal-like creature did not in fact look like one. he was apparently handsome!!!
  2. I echo these Learned's comments with reference to the failed attack on Bhutto
  3. A poor attempt to boost British and Iraqi governments acceptance/ratings
  4. This is your opinion and most scientists opinions. You cannot however force someone to adapt your views I agree with what you've written, however I met many people who believe this is just propaganda.. Give me the direct proof that humans started global warming? Give me the proof that humans whom we all know are accelerating global warming, are doing so by a great rate? There is no solid answer to these questions ( which anti Green ppl ask)
  5. Ok you made me search up the fatwa and the actual wordings are even more ridiculous : They failed to show the original, and most fatwas come from Qom, so they must verify this So the fatwa claims i cannot 'refer' to another marja on the issue of moon sighting, does it mean the other marja is not knowledgeable . Also if the other marja or his reps saw the moon by naked eye, I still cant follow..
  6. Get me a fatwa that obligates me to 'type' salam to everyone on a public forum. this is ridiculous
  7. Ask if you can get a copy of the original A fatwa as big as this ( which I doubt is true) cannot be accepted blindly without a valid written fatwa with an official stamp , and also contacting Sistani's office in Najaf ( or Qom) and verifying it
  8. Najaf.org claims if you follow Sistani you must follow their rulings on moonsighting and not someone who follows another marja. So if my dad who follows Khamenei or Shirazi for instance, saw the moon with his naked eye along with 2 other witnesses, I must still refer to najaf.org ... LOL
  9. At least you got an answer, I was told that it is a theory which contradicts quran (one line) And why have they stopped stamping , a cleric told me never to accept unstamped fatwas
  10. Here is a page which suggests Lincoln has an Islamic society in the Students union, w/o any contact address http://www.lincolnsu.com/islamic you can ask the uni dean of students office or the union of students for the contact email for any inquiries you may have
  11. u can edit it.. and i didnt even notice, was replying to Muhammed Ali
  12. In that case Dont go to Europe? Why did the first Muslims who went to Europe immigrate there? Why did Khomeini go to Paris and not Egypt? And I understand you are also associating Christian and Jews with evil doers
  13. A person who takes religion seriously can live in any environment A person who is TRYING to take religion seriously will find it very hard if there are no Muslims around Why dont u ask the uni? they're the only ones who know if they have other Muslim students
  14. May I add Iqlim Al Bahrain ( The Province of Bahrain) stretched from Qatar all the way to Basra in present day Iraq.
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