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  1. Don't get pregnant whilst you decide to leave or stay.
  2. enigma313

    Your personality type

    ISFJ-A - this is me
  3. enigma313

    Emotional Quotient Test

    My score was 73/80...hmmm, is being too empathetic a bad thing?
  4. Salam dear brother, please refer to this website www.onlineshiastudies.com This will help you InshAllah
  5. I wish wealthier men would practice polygamy. It would help so many women ...divorced, never married, widowed , with or without children.
  6. enigma313

    Finding peace in a Shia/Sunni Marriage

    Salam @StillStriving as far as I know , the children take the fathers religion. Please speak to a scholar regarding your situation.
  7. enigma313

    How did that happen?

    I feel very bad for this sister who is now pregnant. How will she explain this to her family and friends? Who will financially support her? How will she manage on her own? I pray that she'll be ok.
  8. enigma313

    Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    Salam @repenter, you mentioned this Shirazis used to have great legitimacy, back in the early 1900z, not anymore. What happened that they lost their legitimacy? I work with a lot of Shirazis. Thank you.
  9. @Fatimaflow, I'm so sorry for what has happened to you. Please feel free to PM me and we can speak further. It will work out, everything will be ok in time.
  10. enigma313

    Marijuana(Weed) Muslim FAQ

    @Abu Hadi, damn that, lol.
  11. enigma313

    Marijuana(Weed) Muslim FAQ

    Yeah but what about women who need it for menstrual cramps?
  12. Salam friends, hope you are all well. This is an interesting topic that @Hussaini624 has raised and always relevant. I find that what helps me most in overcoming my nafs, is living in the moment, being present and focused. Sometimes I read words of wisdom from Imam Ali (as) or I listen to meaningful lectures like the one above.
  13. enigma313

    Sufism in Shias

    Salam @Shah Khan, if you would like to know more about this topic, I highly recommend Dr. Rebecca Masterton's course: http://onlineshiastudies.com/esoteric-knowledge-in-tashayyu/ You will benefit hugely in your understanding of the topic you have raised here. We can always discuss what you think of the course outline through PM, if you so wish. Good luck with searching for your answers, may Allah guide you and all of us.