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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Tell the Sunni alqaeda type terrorists who fired the rockets at israel to do something. Honestly I don't get Sunnis. They complain that in 2006 hezbollah provoked an Israeli invasion and blame them. Now they complain that hezbollah is not attacking them and provoking an invasion. If hezbollah attacked which is exactly what these alqaeada type Sunni terrorists who fired the rockets want and Israel invaded they would blame hezbollah.
  2. ^^^ Innocent lebanese? Did you even read the article?! These people were gunmen. Also, Lebanese civilians? They infiltrated into Lebanon illegaly. They were most likely not even Lebanese. Btw, this media is actually anti-hezbollah. Believe me, if these people were innocent it would have said so. Are you serious? Al-nusra front (Al-qaeda) are not people. They are animals. They blow themselves up to kill innocent civilians regularly and set up car bombs in highly populated areas.
  3. Go Hezbollah! Hezbollah ambush kills 32 Islamist fighters in e. Lebanon. Al-nusra terrorists tried infiltrating into Lebanon to blow themselves up and set up car bombs to kill innocent civilians. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-News/2013/Dec-23/242100-hezbollah-ambush-islamist-fighters-in-e-lebanon-kill-32.ashx#axzz2oGTom48I And people ask, why is Hezbollah involved in Syria? If Hezbollah was not involved particularly in the border area, these terrorists would have snuck in to blow themselves up and kill innocent civilians on a daily basis long ago.
  4. ^^^ That's just propaganda. Maybe you didn't read what I wrote. Syrian police/security personnel were being killed in the first weeks of the conflict. Obviously Assad started shooting at the extremists when these "Protesters" turned violent and torched down a security building. The beginning was around half-way in March 2011. Before then, there was barely even any real protests and very little or NO deaths being reported. Also, how does what Nasrallah said contradict what I wrote?
  5. It's funny how most topics here don't get many replies, yet you make a topic about how much shiachat sucks and you get so many responses. :donno:
  6. At least it's still better than ummahchat.
  7. Are you serious? That money could have been much better spent given to the poor muslims in Burma or the Syrian refugees.
  8. A terrorist organistation is just anyone the US doesn't like. The US is a joke. They have the nerve to support al-qaeda mentality extremists who behead people for being christian/non salafi and even supported Osama bin laden during the soviet invasion of afghanistan calling him and his group freedom fighters, while branding Hezbollah a terrorist organisation when it was only created after Israel invaded Lebanon to drive them out and is a poltical party/social welfare provider.
  9. Christians and jews seem to think god is a real estate agent and a racist. Even according to their own bible, the jews took that land from the canaanites whom they massacered/genocided anyway. Also, it was the Romans (Not arabs) that kicked the jews out so why should the Palestinians suffer for what the Romans did? Fun fact but the leader of the zionist movement (Theodore Herzel) was an atheist. So yeah he uses the bible to say that god promised them the land even though he is not religious and is an atheist. Makes sense. Peace will not come until the Palestinians/arabs that were living in that region get their land back that the zionists took from them. The zionists aren't even happy with the land they've already stolen. They still continue to build illegal jewish colonies in the West Bank while pretending they like talking "Peace".
  10. Actually the protesters were not as "Peaceful" as you think. From the very first weeks of this conflict, Syrian police officers and security personnel were being killed. In fact Assad did try and implement concessions for the protesters, which was followed by "Peaceful protesters" burning down a police building and security headquarters killing several police officers. There was even a case where 20 "Peaceful demonstrators" and 19 Police/security personnel were killed in early April 2011. There was also police casualties reported in May 2011. How did these "Peaceful demonstrators" kill so many police/security personnel? When you have violent protests like these, it's inevitable that some people are going to be killed. Assad is/was already in power. He did not need to kill anyone. The opposition is the one fighting for Assads throne. These protesters turned violent and used propaganda to brainwash more morons. Look at Bahrain. The government has killed many people already but the protesters still don't take up arms and fight against the state. There is no "Free Bahrain Army". The Egyptian army has killed people but there is no "Free Egyption army". The people fighting in Syria chose violence which was made possible with a massive propaganda campaign.
  11. Video on these leaks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr4pHnIgSW8 Brown Moses knew the Syrian rebels had chemical weapons and were prepared to use them as he was told by Vandyke. He also admits the Syrian army (The real one) was winning and had nothing to gain. He said they would even use chemical weapons against themselves to provoke an invasion. Also, apparantly Vandyke likes humping sheep... some of the things these people talk about are disturbing and disgusting.
  12. Lol, that says a lot about you... are you serious?
  13. Actually, Israel definitely prefer the rebels who will implement some backwards fake "Islamic law" system if they take power and behead each other and minorities in Syria. A destroyed Afghanistan-like state in Syria means a powerless Syria. If Israel prefers Assad, then why have they bombed Assad and Hezbollah multiple times already, helping their al-qaeda and FSA buddies in the process? Why have the rebels been caught with Israeli arms such as Uzis? Why did they set up a field hospital in the Golan heights to treat "rebels" when the "rebels" were operating in the area? Why has the president of Israel (Shimon Peres) called for Assad's ouster publicly? Why did Israel (along with their Saudi, Qatari, American and NATO allies) blame Assad for the chemical attacks if they want him in power? Why has AIPAC been lobbying for an American invasion against the Syrian army? I can go on and on... Syria has done as much as it can against Israel. During the 1973 war it took back a part of the Golan Heights. It also supports Hezbollah and Hamas (which has betrayed them). Syria can't attack Israel directly because then Israel will call their puppy dog (America) who is looking for a pretext, to attack Syria. To the OP, just because a FORMER military of staff says that he prefers Assad, it doesn't mean anything considering the PRESIDENT of Israel has been calling for Assads ouster. You can say that Israel prefers Assad but the facts clearly demonstrate otherwise. Saying that Israel prefers Assad, or that Israel is allies with Iran or Hezbollah is just pure fantasy.
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