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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A Palestinian teen was abducted and killed in the west bank as a revenge attack. http://www.news24.com/World/News/Palestine-teen-killed-in-suspected-revenge-attack-20140702 These Colonizers or "Settlers" shouldn't even be occupying the West Bank in the first place...
  2. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jun/30/bodies-missing-israeli-teenagers-found-west-bank Israel has begun airstrikes on Palestinians.
  3. Israel only used the boys death as an excuse to bomb Syrian army positions. They clearly don't care about arabs. They just killed about 10 arabs in response. They have a policy that if the Golan Heights is attacked, 10 times the damage has to be done to the Syrian army (Even if al-qaeda and the rebels did it).
  4. @Abu_Muslim Like you can talk... America and NATO came to the help of sunni/salafi terrorists in Libya and tried to do the same thing in Syria but was stopped by a veto of Russia and China. The US has been funding and providing weapons to allies of these very same people, yet when they crossed the border between Syria and Iraq they magically became terrorists instead of freedom fighters. There will be no need for the US. Iraqi troops may have abandonded Mosul because the sunnis there were happy to be occupied by ISIS (there's even vides of them cheering for them) but the counter-attacks have already begun.
  5. ^^^ Agreed. On top of that, even if Assad wins, everyone will say the outcome was predermined. The irony of this is that these terrorists are supposed to be fighting for "freedom" and "democracy", yet they are killing people just because they want to vote for Assad.
  6. Terrorists kill 39 Assad supporters ahead of an election. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/assad-campaign-rally-hit-by-syrian-rebel-mortar-39-killed-1.
  7. ^^^ When did the Assad regime "announce their chemical weapons attack"? The alqaeda/al-nusra/Sunni terrorists are most likely the ones that used it to provoke another invasion. The Syrian government should never have agreed to give up their chemical weapons because these sunni/salafi terrorists are still going to throw baseless and amateur accusations which lack a strong motive.
  8. Lol, don't get your hopes up. I'm glad Hezb is helping the Syrian Army kill these sunni/salafi terrorists. Since hezb secured more border areas near Lebanon in Syria, the risk of sunnis/salafis car-bombing south Lebanon is reduced. The only language these terrorists understand is violence.
  9. This is what I hate about sunnis. They say they distance themselves from al-qaeda and only support the "moderates" (Yeah like they even exist), however this post was captured with the help of Al-nusra. They clearly have no problem fighting on the same side as them and celebrating their "victories". Their is no difference between Nusra, ISIS, FSA etc. They are all terrorists. This won't last long. The Syrian Army is beginning a counterattack on these terrorists in Lattakia and they are also advancing near the Lebanese border with the help of Hezb.
  10. Lol, I like how this topic is in the "Brothers" subforum. Yeah, because girls never play games. That's kinda sexist but whatever. You should try code geass. Death note isn't even that violent. There are much more violent/disturbing anime out there. I recently just got all the trophys in Disgaea 3: Abscence of Detention on PS Vita. It took me around 150 hours of play-time but I finally did it. Right now, I'm waiting on YS: Memories of Celceta to arrive.
  11. It's funny how these sunni/salafi terrorists achieve one thing and they go crazy like they've already won. Meanwhile, abu muslims family has been killed. Hezbollah ambush kills three bomb experts in Qalamoun http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Middle-East/2014/Mar-24/251162-hezbollah-ambush-kills-three-bomb-experts-in-qalamoun.ashx#ixzz2ws3XmOC7
  12. Lol, how about this one. 'Sunnis detonate car bombs in shia areas killing innocent civilians, and shooting rockets, threatening further attacks while shia pray for unity with sunnis' He's just being realistic.
  13. Hezb and the Syrian army's victory in Yabroud has led to their discovery of a car bomb manufacturing site where terrorists rigged car bombs to be sent into Lebanon. The Syrian army also dismantled a car bomb that was intended to be sent to kill Shia civilians. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-News/2014/Mar-18/250621-syria-shows-off-car-bomb-assembly-site.ashx#axzz2wLsyov4q http://www.almanar.com.lb/english/adetails.php?eid=141315&cid=23&fromval=1&frid=23&seccatid=20&s1=1
  14. Can someone tell me why shias should care about Palestine anymore? Sunnis have made it clear that their enemies are Shias/Alawis and they are commited to killing us at any cost even with the help of Israel, after Shia (Hezb and Iran) have been the only people to help the Sunni Palestinians out.
  15. ^^^ Yes, Nusra and ISIS do kill other sunnis, but only after these sunnis were stupid enough to help them gain ground by working with al-qaeda against the Syrian army. Much of the FSA have even defected to al-qaeda. Most sunnis support the rebels fighting in Syria. The sunni rebels and al-qaeda were best friends in their fight against the Syrian army and now they have started killing each other. Al-qaeda would not have gotten as strong as it is now in Syria and Lebanon without the help and support of these "Moderate" sunni rebels. Not to mention it's all the sunni countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey that have been supporting these terrorist groups like (FSA, Nusra, ISIS, etc.).
  16. This is the difference between Hezbollah and sunni terrorists. While Hezbollah fights and kills their enemies, sunni terrorists go around blowing themselves up in highly populated areas and gas stations to maximise civilian casualties.
  17. ^^^ Oh my god. It doesn't matter if the FSA said "I officialy join sides with alqaeda because morons like space monkey are too dumb to figure it out" or not. Nor does the enemy of my enemy is my friend excuse mean anything. The point is they have made an alliance with al-qaeda to fight against assad. Forget it, I'm done. You really are a troll.
  18. ^^^ What planet do you live on space monkey? Are you a troll? If you haven't noticed, alqaeda and the rebels have made an alliance and have been fighting against the regime for about 3 years now. Although recently they have started killing each other for various reasons.
  19. And who are you? How would you know what Hezbollah did and did not do. You're just a random guy on a computer.
  20. ^^^ The Argentina bombings have never been proven to be Hezbollah. They are just accusations. In fact almost all of what you post are just accuastions. There is no concrete proof that any of those were Hezbollah. The Us embassy bombing in Beirut came at a time when US forces were occupying lebanon and supporting israels invasion of Lebanon. Don't forget that the CIA (Americas terrorist organisation) did the 1985 Beirut car bombing which killed more than 80 people, almost all civilians. I can also go and list all the kidnappings, assassinations and other terrorist attacks by the CIA (America) and Mossad (Israel) but honestly it'll take way too long and these are just the small things. I'm not even mentioning the wars the US and Israel have initiated most of which have been based on lies leading to the deaths of millions of people. These wars are a thousand times worse than any single terrorist attack. Western media does justify car bombings against shia areas in Lebanon implicitly.
  21. Hezbollah doesn't do these things against innocent civilians. In case you haven't noticed Hezbollah is always the target of these car bombings which always kill only innocent civilians and the western press justify them. Amercias CIA and Israels Mossad do all these things. So, I guess that makes America and Israel terrorist organisations.
  22. ^^^ Just ignore space monkey. He's just butthurt that his alqaeda friends are getting a beating from hezbollah.
  23. Al-qaeada or ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack. But some delusional politicians in Lebanon think Hezbollah carried out the bombing.
  24. Notice how western and Sunni media legitimise these terrorist attacks which ONLY kill innocent civilians by saying 'Hezbollah stronghold'. I hope Hezbollah and the Syrian army clean up both Syria and Lebanon from these terrorists.
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