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  1. I think some of us are neglecting the dangerous and detrimental characteristics of the Shirazi movement/British Shia (whatever its name is). I am going to list some of these dangerous behaviors and characteristics: 1. They are using Ahlulbayt against Ahlulbayt: While it’s clear that Imam Ali corporated with Caliphs, while we know in many cases he helped and even defended them, while we know our Imams asked us to respect Sunnis, pray along with their tribe, visit their sick people, attend their funerals, so on and so forth (Read the contents in this link to see how wide the extent of Islamic Unity is), we are seeing people in this movement saying: ” there is no unity between us and the followers of X and Y who oppressed Ahlulbayt”, “Unity with Sunnis is a political scam”, “Unity doesn’t make sense, unless they follow the path of Ahlulbayt” etc. Clearly these are against what Ahlulbayt did and what Ahlulbayt want us to do. The same can be said about their behaviors regarding disrespecting Sunnis’ respected symbols. Yes, we too know what they did to Ahlulbayt. We too know who deserves to be cursed. But... 2. They have a habit of creating controversy over differences: Differences between scholars are natural. Scholars have various differences over several issues and or individuals – Irfan, tatbir, Rumi, Wahdat Wojoud, Ibn Arabi, fiqhi issues etc. But you rarely see them making a big deal out of it or make takfir on others. However, you see people in this movement making differences political and even make takfir on other scholars – which comes from their takfiri ideology. They even don’t call Iran, Islamic Republic, but Republic of Iran. This is ridiculous. 3. They are castrating Shia and making it safe to the oppressors: While we are asked to be “اشدا علی الکفار” and “للظالم خصم”, oppressors don’t regard this movement as a danger to them. Shia is identified with its special characteristics in fighting tawaghit and oppressors. Emerging a group among us that is acting against these characteristics is there to distort this identity. This is one example, out of many (it's about Shirazis' hussayniah in London): It’s not just that. Not only are they benign toward our enemies, but also: 4. They are regarded as hope for enemies to pursue their goals: Fit for enemy's agenda... Maybe now we can know where these so many media tool they have come from, can't we? We are also seeing them doing what enemies seek in regard to Ummah unity -- a good tool for enemies to add fuel the fire of differences among us and Sunnis. 5. They, willingly or unwillingly, are endangering the lives of Shias: For some Sunnis, being a Shia is a crime -- an unforgivable crime which allows them to kill you. That’s why we are being killed since the very beginning just for being Shia. But there is an important “but” here. For many other Sunnis, being a Shia alone is not considered a crime, but if you disrespect their holy figures then yes, you must be killed. I translate remarks by head of a terrorist group in Eastern Iran, named Abdul-Malik Rigi (more than 150 Iranian citizen were killed and more than 300 were injured by this group – let’s not talk about how he was being supported by the US and how he was arrested): Also we should not forget when Daeshis were killing Shias in Speicher mass killing, they were shouting “ثار لام المومنین عایشه (blood/revenge for mother of believers Aisha)” “ثار لام المومنین عایشه” is a natural respond to “عایشه فی النار’’. Do those who are promoting the ceremonies where these things are being said know the consequences of their activity? Does Sadiq Shirazi know this? Do his sons know this? Do his followers know this? If only you knew Persian: http://www.ansarclip.ir/video/6582/مستندی-گویا-از-نقش-شیعه-انگلیسی-در-کشتار-شیعیان/ Add to the list how they are playing with the marjaiaiah position (remember they even advertised for their marja on this very site, does a marja need to be advertised in this way), the picture of Shia they are presenting and … Although many other things left to be said about this movement (maybe in another time), its goal, its agenda and its activity, aren’t these things enough for all of us to see this movement as a danger to Islam and Shia?
  2. kamyar

    Thoughts 2018

    The true home for heart is in the presence of Allah, not this inferior soil! For this, those who are abandoned from the true home are restless and anxious, even if their anxiety and restlessness isn’t visible and apparent, but when they pay attention to the depths of their soul, they would see that they are in anxiety. Keeping busy with material matters and illusions have kept the human away from heeding God and their truth, so they don’t heed their restlessness and spiritual pains. The problem of mankind today is that they assume their tranquility and stability would be achieved by satisfying their desires and lusts. So, they try their best to utilize the world more and more, but they will never reach their want. Because the world of nature isn’t the world of tranquility and stability. The material world means the world of waves! In a world based on restlessness where nothing has stability, how can tranquility be achieved? Ayatullah Ali Foroughi https://t.me/forooghetohid/1891 --- Needless to say, this doesn’t mean tranquility in this world can’t be achieved. It won’t be achieved by these material means -- what we are wrongly trying to use for this matter.
  3. I also recommend everyone to watch this video to see how American regime tried to save the dictator Shah: http://english.khamenei.ir/news/5436/Video-America-s-last-ditch-effort-to-save-Iran-s-Dictator Do you see how criminal these animals in power in the US are? Do you see how they don't consider any constrains in achieving their unjustified goals? Do you see how sad it is to see these people are freely governing a country for decades and except a few individuals no body cares what the regime they are living under is doing all around the world for decades? Do you see?
  4. و علیک السلام و رحمت الله brother/sister, I don't think our brother/sister has created this topic for a bad intention. And by "it could be true", he/she means it may be a strategic plan by Imam Khomeini to cheat them. Anyways, No. This is not true. For example if you read "Declassified diplomacy: Washington’s hesitant plans for a military coup in pre-revolution Iran" which talks about General Huyser’s secret mission to Iran, it would be enough to understand that US was having hesitant reactions to the Revolution and was trying to prevent it from happening. They also tried to communicate with Imam Khomeini in this process. The messages exchanged between American officials and Imam Khomeini aren't secret and are available in the Sahifeh Noor (A book consisted of Imam Khomeini's letters, messages, remarks, speech etc.). Here is part of Imam Khomeini's message to Carter, while he's threatening him:"I recommend you to prevent a coup, for if it happens, the people will hold you responsible for it, and it will be detrimental to you. This is my entire message to Carter" We have talked about it earlier. For details please refer to these posts:
  5. kamyar

    Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    This is a zerar Husainiah. A Hussainiah backed by even Zionists. In Persian we have a somewhat famous sentence which says: In a hussainaiah wherein they don't care fighting against oppressors, even Ibn Ziad would do chest-beating. This is an example for such Hussainiah. It's one of the reasons, out of many, why we say this is a deviant movement in the Shia community and we all have duty to confront them. I don't know why some don't see these clear proofs which show the nature of this movement. What saddens me is to see some people are being affected by these people and this movement. Not that they are many or they can harm the Shia from achieving its final goal (we are triumphantly going forward, no matter what) or anything like this, but for them themselves. As a brotherly suggestion, since I remember some of the first posts by @Mansur Bakhtiari on this website and I am seeing recently he is somehow showing support for this movement and their ideas, I just want you brother to be more cautious. I don't want you to become against all things related to this movement or become a Revolutionary overnight. I just ask you to be more cautious, as you too can ask me the same. That's all. I would like to say the same to our sister @zainabamy.
  6. kamyar

    Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    When we say something is controversial among a particular group, it means there is controversy about it among them. There are about 70 known marja who have experienced the time of Revolution. Almost nobody among them, except some malum-ul-hal, have dealt with the issue of Welayat Faqih (Imam Khomeini's or any other versions) as Shirazis and other political opponents of the Islamic Revolution are doing so. How many of these 70 known Marja have called the Imam Khomeini's view of the Welayat Faqih a Pharaoh-ic ideology? It's not controversial among them, but some mentioned individuals and groups are making it so, even if there may be differences about the limitation as there are differences on many other various topics among them. Even, there may be differences in Imam Khomeini and Ayatullah Khamenei's view of Welayat Faqih. This type of dealing with matters and differences the Shirazi movement possesses comes out of their habit. They do the same in regards to Irfan, Whadat Wojoud, tatbir etc. And our enemies have discovered this habit well and are using it to their benefit. These are some of the remarks by him I am going to translate from the Persian subtitle: "Then he came and gave an advanced and magic (version) to it (Welayat Faqih). He said that Welayat Faqih is the same as Welayat of Allah...He doesn't say this is my method, but he says this is the best method. Be careful lest anyone talk against the Welayat Faqih, this is your method. Pharaoh said: انا ربکم الاعلی -I am your great god- , then he induced in the mind that Musa and Haroun are wakening this better method. See, this is egoism and narcissism. This is your method... What kind of method is this my dear?! Is "I am your great god" servitude? Is it the best method?! I swear by God that Welayat Faqih is the same as "I am your great god" and not anything else. I swear you by God that this is the same as that. This is exactly that. This is competently the same as that and has no differences. This country is now based on that concept...Welayat Faqih means you are servant. He has written this that the Welayat Faqih's limitation is Welayat of Allah's. Didn't he said that? All the newspapers quoted it. And what does "it's within the Welayat of Rasoulullah" mean? It means they are slaves." Anyone with just a little knowledge about Iran knows that he is talking about Imam Khomeini. No. This is disrespect to our martyrs. We do not allow someone question the blood of our martyrs like that. Our martyrs are the red line of this country. At the beginning of the video I posted, the news teller is making such accusation (he says that Iranian authority has killed Muhammad and Muhammad Reza Shirazi). But he (Hussein Shirazi), while speaking about a scholar named Muhammad Reza, is accusing the establishment of "calling him foreigner and then killing him". When I was posting my last post on this thread I wrongly mixed these two accusations. So the exact accusation he is making against the government is about a scholar whose first name is Muhammad Reza, where he says "First they represent him as a foreigner and then kill him. Even if he is not talking about any particular person and is talking generally, then it will make it worse. Because he is accusing the establishment of having such a method to call other foreigner and then kill him. Anyways, him accusing the establishment of killing innocent scholar(s) is still its own place. By Iran obviously I mean something done or backed by the government or at least its supporters, as when we say, for example, the US invaded X country we don't mean the whole country of the US did that. And he says "کل بیوت المراجع" and not some of them. This is the subpoena that I think it was published by him himself/his supporters: ----------- I didn't talk about all things related to his speech. There is also spreading of misinformation as well as miscalculation in it.
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    Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    Some points regarding some posts here: 1. The Welayat Faqih principle isn't a controversial theory among almost all the Shia scholars. Some anti-Iran individuals to attack the establishment in Iran are making it controversial, since the establishment of the Islamic Revolution is based on this principle. 2. Criticizing Welayat Faqih or even the Leader himself isn't a crime. People are not being arrested for just criticizing Welayat Faqih or the Leader. I can provide you many links and sources wherein people have criticized Welayat Faqih and the Leader himself. There are even cases when people are criticizing Ayatullah Khamenei in his presence and front of him in his Beit (Imam Khomeini Hosseiniyeh, where he delivers speech) and elsewhere. He, Ayatullah Khamenei, is advocate of being criticized (although I don’t know why some think they know and handle things better than him) and the evidence as well showing this has happened. 3. Hussein Shirazi is not just talking about the theory. He is claiming that Imam Khomeini used this theory to fool people. He quotes Imam Khomeini's remarks as well as Pharoah's, and then he talks about their procedures and claims that he (Imam Khomeini) used the same method Pharaoh did to fool people. He also uses other examples. Actually he is talking about the topic of "using procedures to change concepts" and presents some examples to prove that Iranian establishment is doing so. He also questions the phrase "Sacred Defense" we use for our Sacred Defense against the Saddam during the war. He also uses the issue of tatbir claiming Iranian establishment is using the same method he was talking about. These are some, and not all, of the accusations he makes against Iran. He also accuses Iran of killing his family members. He also accuses Iran of attacking the house of all maraja, while almost all the maraja have been supporter of the establishment. These things are not coming out of the mouth of Maryam Rajavi or Saudi officials. These accusations are being made by a scholar, a taqwa-less one. 4. I too don't insist that him being arrested was necessary. But it doesn't mean it was unjustified. He made false accusations so he was summoned to appear in court. He refused (in the second time) and he was arrested. This is natural and justifiable. Please don't change the fact by saying he was just expressing his opinions. I can accuse anyone I want of anything I want and say if someone says these things they will confront him and then when they arrest me, I say: "did you see I was right? Them arresting me proved my points!" This is illogical.
  8. kamyar

    Iranians Openly Declare Atheism

    Twitter! When we talk about Iran, Iranians and Twitter we should know the following facts. Twitter was banned for Iranians by the Twitter itself until recently. It means creating a Twitter account while living in Iran was almost impossible, since Twitter hadn’t included Iran Dialing Code in the registering process, while to register you need to enter your cellphone number. This has been one of the two major reasons why most/many of the Iranian on Twitter are not living in Iran, and we should know that some of the Iranians abroad are not a good sample to evaluate Iran and Iranians. Another reason for the matter is the fact that Twitter is still banned in Iran by the government, which creates an obstacle for Iranians to create a Twitter account and use it, although people can use VPN to pass the obstacle. These are the main reasons that have made twitter hangout for some of the worse kinds of Iranians who are living abroad. Here is an example to prove the point above. In Instagram, which is not banned for Iranians, Ayatullah Khamenei’s account is followed by about 1.8 M members, while the followers of Ayatullah Khamenei’s Farsi account of Twitter equates to just about 120 K. Also, while many of his account’s posts on Instagram get more than 100 K likes or sometimes more than 200 K and even about 300-350 K, the Twitter account’s posts gets around 1 or at most about 2 or 3 k likes. www.twitter.com/khamenei_fa https://www.instagram.com/khamenei_ir/ However, after the ban was lifted by Twitter for Iranians, there are more Revolutionaries and Hizbullahis active there, in a way that it was admitted by a BBC Farsi Analyst: Translation: Revolutionaries have conquered some embankments in the Twitter front, 2 K likes for spreading hatred (No need here to know what he means by spreading hatred) As far as I know the likes reached about 4 K, if the number matter. This is why Revolutionaries are questioning the Twitter being banned by the government, since this has made the twitter a stronghold for Monarchists, disbelievers, MKO terrorists and other "worst kinds of Iranians" that you hardly see them in Iran in the real life. I don’t say these people don’t exist in Iran. What I am saying is that you see them hardly, since they are so few. Polls, both conducted by Iranians and by non-Iranian institutes, also prove these points. Another important matter is that there are also many cases and proofs which show that these people on social media, maybe mainly on Twitter, are organised and use fake accounts, robot etc. I also have heard that Saudis are behind some of these kinds of activities. I haven’t seen any proof for that. Most probably they are fake users. Don't take them seriously. They are funny and are being made fun of (Farsi Video): http://ansarclip.ir/video/10096/توییت-نما---16-اسفند-96---خدا-رو-شکر-تئیستم/ A serious "Thank God I am an atheist!"
  9. kamyar

    Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    Likening Imam Khomeini to Pharaoh was just one of the accusations, slanders, as well as the misinformation he was propagating in his speech. I guess you know Persian. Here is part of his speech with Persian subtitle: https://www.aparat.com/v/NmTOM/هتاکی_سید_حسین_شیرازی_فرزند_سید_صادق_علیه_ولایت_فقیه
  10. I don't think these changes are going to change anything particular, as nothing particular has changed during the past year about US policy in the West Asia region by Trump's administration. For achieving goals, things are related to the power and the ability, more than they are related to the individuals. US has done and is doing whatever it can within its power. Trump or Obama, Tillerson or Pompeo. America can't do a damn thing ✌️.
  11. عَلَامَةُ رِضَا اللَّهِ سُبْحَانَهُ عَنِ الْعَبْدِ رِضَاهُ بِمَا قَضَى بِهِ سُبْحَانَهُ لَهُ وَ عَلَيْه One of the most important signs to know whether or not Allah is pleased with us is to see whether or not we are pleased with what Allah has ordained for us. This can be distinguished in our heart during hard times. http://mesbahyazdi.ir/node/4715
  12. kamyar

    #29 Which country would you live in?

    It’s good that the majority of the members here would like to live under an Islamic establishment, while many of them have experienced living in a secular country. I think, apart from the role of ISIS and the media which have affected and tarnished the concept of Sharia law and an Islamic State, those who have voted otherwise haven’t understood the exact meaning of this poll, otherwise a Muslim wanting to live under an un-Islamic government with un-Islamic rules?! It would be bad and dangerous. أَفَحُكْمَ الْجَاهِلِيَّةِ يَبْغُونَ ۚ وَمَنْ أَحْسَنُ مِنَ اللَّـهِ حُكْمًا لِّقَوْمٍ يُوقِنُونَ : Do they seek a judgement of the days of pagan ignorance? But who could be a better judge than God for those who are firm in their faith? وَمَن لَّمْ يَحْكُم بِمَا أَنزَلَ اللَّـهُ فَأُولَـٰئِكَ هُمُ الْكَافِرُونَ, وَمَن لَّمْ يَحْكُم بِمَا أَنزَلَ اللَّـهُ فَأُولَـٰئِكَ هُمُ الظَّالِمُونَ, وَمَن لَّمْ يَحْكُم بِمَا أَنزَلَ اللَّـهُ فَأُولَـٰئِكَ هُمُ الْفَاسِقُونَ http://tanzil.net/#search/quran/حکم/p3 Although we have more works to do to achieve a full and perfect Islamic establishment, I thank Allah that I was born after the Islamic Revolution ✌️ and during an Islamic establishment and not during the Jaheliah of the secular Shah era. There may be many reasons different than what we assume why they are living in an un-Islamic country. Not everyone living in a country does it out of love and as their choice. By they way, religion is not and can't be forced on anyone. This is the law that is and can be forced. Law in every society is forced, otherwise you will face punishment. This laws in a Islamic country are Islamic and in a un-Islamic one they are un-Islamic. ---- We need someone to explain this fact that "practicing Islam in a secular country" is naturally a contradictory statement.
  13. kamyar

    Farsi (Only) Noha / Latmiyya

    A very Hemasi (epic) Noha: راه کربلا https://www.aparat.com/v/FTSjQ/نواهنگ_%26laquo%3Bراه_کربلا%26raquo
  14. According to Ayatullah Khamenei and I believe other maraja, Mustahab fasting without the parents' permission (in case they don't know you are fasting) is makrouh and according to all or at least many maraja if they know and forbid, it will become haram. Generally don't do any mustahab activity when you know your parents forbid you to do that. It would please Allah more and will bring forth more fruit. When Ayatullah Bahjat was living in Najaf during his study and since he was attending Seyed Ali Qazi's Akhlaq classes and since some ignorant and or jealous people disagreed with Seyed Ali Qazi's Erfan and he and his path was considered deviant to them, they wrote a warning letter to Ayatullah Bahjat's father that your son has gone astray!!! Therefore, Ayatullah Bahjat's father wrote a letter to his son asking him not to do any mustahab activity. Ayatullah Bahjat followed his father's command and refused to do anything he regarded as mustahab, even maybe more than what his father was asking and seeking. This, following the command of father in such a critical issue, was one of the important factors to make Ayatullah Bahjat, Ayatullah Bahjat. http://www.hamandishi.ir/news/91915/ Here you doing these mustahb practices is according to your will and not doing them is according to the will of Allah.
  15. چند روز پیش توی سایت بیان معنوی (سایت مربوط به آثار استاد پناهیان اعم از سخنرانیاشون) نظرات برخی افراد رو مبنی بر تاثیر گذار بودن مجموعه " تنها مسیر" ایشون دیدم؛ از جمله موارد زیر: شاید اگه این مجموعه رو گوش کنید، برای شما هم یک چنین وضعیتی داشته باشه. به علاوه اینکه، خود من هم که تا جلسه 34 این جلسات رو گوش دادم، موثر بودن این بحث رو می تونم تصدیق کنم. به همین خاطر به دوستانی که فارسی رو متوجه می شن پیشنهاد می کنم که به این سخنرانی ها گوش بدن. تمامی مجموعه از این قسمت قابل دسترسیه: http://bayanmanavi.ir/post/1460 التماس دعا
  16. kamyar

    Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    I don't know what happened and where it happened and if anything is happened at all. But, don't pay attention to these "he was arrested for criticizing the Leader" or "he was arrested for being a Christian" or "he was arrested for criticizing the Welayat Faqih" etc. etc. These are common things we hear in the media by anti-Iran individuals and sources. No one would be arrested for these things. Although majority of Ulama in Iran believe in the concept of Welayat Faqih, there are a few people who question it. Their debates also exist in the internet. No one is arrested for just being a critic of Welayat Faqih. Don't trust in these things about Iran in the media. Don't trust anything you hear and see in the media against Iran at all. When his funny and Hollywood and Bollywodish story began with the "by the order of Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei" nothing more is needed at least for me to understand how Muawiah-like these liars are. May Allah give them what they deserve. Their next news for the story?!:
  17. @Gomnam در واقع این آسیب های اجتماعی و فرهنگی ای رو که شاهدشون هستیم، با وجود این سخنرانی ها نیستن. به عبارتی اون افرادی که به وجود آورنده ی این آسیب های اجتماعی هستن، غالبا اصلا به این مباحث توجه ای ندارن و این سخنرانی ها رو گوش نمی دن. اگر محیط خانواده و یا آموزش و پرورش اصول تربیتی صحیحی رو استفاده می کردن، اون موقع می تونستیم بگیم که چرا با وجود این ما شاهد این آسیب ها و مشکلات هستیم. ولی واقعیت اینه که این آسیب ها عموما به خاطر مشکلات نهفته در خانواده ها، آموزش و پرورش و رسانه ها هستن. اگر هم قرار بر بهبود شرایط باشه، لزوما اصلاح باید در خانواده، آموزش و پرورش و رسانه ها باشه. ماها به طور قهری با این سه محیط حتما برخورد داریم و نتیجتا امکان تاثیرپذیری ازشون وجود داره. منتها لزوما و قهرا افراد مختلف جامعه به این مجموعه ها دسترسی ندارن. یک فاصله ای بین این افراد و این مجموعه های تربیتی وجودد داره که عاملش موارد مختلفی می تونه باشه. اگر این فاصله بین افراد مختلف جامعه از جمله جوون ها و این روش های تربیت دینی از بین بره، اون موقع این آسیب ها هم به مراتب کاهش پیدا می کنن. همین الان هم این سخنرانی ها هم بسیار موثر و مبارک بودن و تا حد زیادی رسالت خودشون رو انجام دادن. خیلی از موارد مثبتی وجود داره که منشاشون در همین مجموعه ها هست. ولی ما اینا رو به قول برادران انگلیسی زبان for granted می گیریم.
  18. این مبحث رو هم پیشنهاد می کنم یک نگاهی بندازید: http://bayanmanavi.ir/post/4183
  19. Brothers and sisters who know the Arabic language, don't miss this: http://arabic.bayanmanavi.ir/tag/الطریق الوحید والاستراتیجیة الرئیسة فی النظام التربوی الدینی
  20. Sheikh Zakzaky public appearance after two years / Video: http://en.abna24.com/news/africa/what-sheikh-zakzaky-said-in-his-public-appearance-after-two-years_877258.html
  21. Some words about the US and democracy: If we are going to say that US is a democratic country, it means that general policies (I am not talking about mismanagement and random cases) implemented by the US government are according to people’s will. In other words, it means militarizing the world, illegal invasion of countries, killing innocent people in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and elsewhere, plotting, such as organizing coup, against independent nations, sanctioning nations, including drug and food sanction, which in one case resulted in death of thousands Iraqi kids, creating terrorist organizations and groups all around the world and helping, funding and organizing them. Hosting and supporting terrorists such as MKO members*, helping criminal regimes in the world from the Shah’s regime to the regime of Bahrain to oppress their people, having strategic ties with criminal regimes like Saudi regime, etc. etc. all are according to American people. Many things can also be said about the merely domestic cases and add to the cases above, but what listed above are enough. Summarily, If we are going to prove US is a democratic country and its basic policies is based on its people’s will, it means that there is not just one Bush or one Obama or one trump in the US, but US is full of Bush’s, Obama’s and Trump’s. In fact America either isn’t a democracy or it has a bad democracy (nationwide collaboration for the activities some of which I mentioned above). It’s not fair to even compare democracy in the US with the one in Iran. I think at least to defend American people it would be better not try to prove America is a democracy. Don't you think? ---- *This one is interesting. When a terrorist becomes a columnist in Media... Maryam Rajavi's (the head of MKO) article in WSJ: https://www.wsj.com/articles/these-iranian-protests-are-different-from-2009-1515458106 This is both sad and ridiculous.
  22. kamyar

    Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    @baradar_jackson and others, this one is really real!: http://shop.upera.co/f/8Hq78kyu For those who may have issue with the Persian vocabularies there: BTW, I don't know what the language of the movie is and if it has any subtitles.
  23. kamyar

    Sayyid Ali Khamenei [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    The sweet evening of Ayatollah Khamenei's visit to Christian martyr's family
  24. kamyar

    Farsi (Only) Noha / Latmiyya

    یا علی ابن موسی الرضا- یا امام رئوف
  25. Some facts about the recent events in no specific order: - House Minister of the Shah in a anti-Revolution program confesses that these events were pre-organized from some months ago. As he says it was determined that we don't start the protests for political goals, but for economic problems and using the opportunity for attacking the establishment. Video in Farsi: https://www.mashreghnews.ir/news/817755/فیلم-اعتراف-تأمل-برانگیز-وزیر-مسکن-پهلوی -The video below shows that in different city leader of riots dressed similarly: https://www.mashreghnews.ir/news/816208/ماجرای-لو-رفتن-لباس-یک-دست-اغتشاشگران-فیلم Also in the picture below from an anti-Revolution website they warns their members that the uniform is exposed: -About 74 percents of the tweets encouraging people to protest were posted outside of Iran. Saudi Arabia, at the top of the list: Also 10 percent of the tweets posted from Saudi Arabia were in Farsi. Some of the tweets: Some of the lies by the Media: The fake picture is implying that a woman in Iran and in a Basij's base is using these amount of cell phones for the specific reason while the true picture is the one in the right side: The true picture in Egypt and the fake one linked to Iran. Posting picture of Bahrain protest in the name of Iranian protest: This is Italian police, not Iranian. Pay attention to the word POLICIA: Posting the picture of Iranian rally in support of Revolution in the name of anti-Revolution protest: There are much more to say and post. To be continued Insha'Allah. Also I saw some information and miscalculation about Iran, it's electoral system etc. I will talk about them later, God willing.