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  1. When wisdom doesn't exist, everything will be possible; even using Imam Hussein's mourning majalis for creating division among Shias, intentionally or unintentionally. By the way:
  2. Ayatullah Bahjat: The sentence “وَ الشَفآءَ فی تُرْبَتِهِ”; "and [You put] the healing in his turbat (clay)” that is in Imam Husein’s ziarat includes the last and severest level of pain and disease that no therapist can heal. --------- There are also reliable stories regarding the effect of Karbala's soil for healing incurable diseases. http://bahjat.ir/fa/content/911
  3. @Spiritual Brother, if you think more about the steps you have taken during the past weeks, you may be shocked. Firstly you were busy attributing other posts by the word absurd, then for defending tatbir you reached a point where you claimed believing in unseen is irrational, then you reached a point that now you are openly insulting Welayat Faqih, which is an insult to many Shias and almost all the scholars including Ayatullah Sistani whom you must respect as well, and now you are accusing Iran of funding terrorists, for what? To kill Shias in Pakistan? These are khutowate Shaytan (footsteps of Satan). This is your post two months ago: Do you see how defensive behavior can change a person's approach on different issues? And the video doesn’t prove anything you are trying to prove, even if the one in video is what you are describing. I request you that before quoting my post, at least think for 5 minutes about the steps you are taking, brother. It's a very important matter for your akhirah. يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا ادْخُلُوا فِي السِّلْمِ كَافَّةً وَلَا تَتَّبِعُوا خُطُوَاتِ الشَّيْطَانِ ۚ إِنَّهُ لَكُمْ عَدُوٌّ مُّبِينٌ
  4. The media and the same old tricks. Generalization, using some cases and portraying them as stream and trend, saying some true things to pave the ground for the falsehood you are trying to say, saying what you want to say through someone else’s mouth. That’s not bi-khod, Engelis is called Engelise khabith.
  5. It’s remarkable that despite the fact that this fatwa is for about 12 years ago, and despite the fact that permissibility, necessity and usefulness of Welayate Faqih are clear and needless of any fatwa, we are seeing some people, of course many of them unintentionally, attribute false ideas to Ayatullah Sistani regarding his opinion on Welayat Faqh such as “Ayatullah Sistani is against Welayate Faqih” or “Ayatullah Sistani is against the version of Welayate Faqih implemented in Iran" etc. Another noteworthy point is that Ayatullah Sistani views the issue of Welayate Faqih as Taqlidi, meaning everyone who does taqlid from him should accept his opinion on this matter. پرسش: آیا ولایت فقیه تحقیقی است یا تقلیدی ؟ پاسخ: تقلیدی است. http://www.sistani.org/persian/qa/01083/#14697 Thanks. I have heard we can do mustahabbat and share its thawab with as many people as we want without the thawab getting divided and decreasing.
  6. Wali Faqih’s verdict in general affairs applies to mojtahids (maraja) of the society as well. 11/27/2004 Source: Fars News Agency Fars News Agency: Ayatullah Sistani deems the Wali Faqih’s verdict in general affairs on which social order and people’s lives is based, dominant over all, even mojtahids (maraja) of the society. According to Fars News Agency's report, Ayatullah Sistani in response to some of his followers who had asked the question: If a Marja Taqlid’s verdict differs from Wali faqih’s, both in governmental and non-governmental cases, which one should a Muqalid (follower) obey?, stated: “Verdict of a person who has religiously legal Welayat (guardianship) includes (applies to) all people, even other Mojtahids (Maraja).” Ayatullah Sistani in a response to another question regarding his opinion on Welayat Faqih wrote: “Verdict of popular and just Faqih includes all mumenin (believers), in cases on which stabilization of the society is based.” This Marja Taqlid who is based in Iraq, emphasizing the necessity of acting in accordance with Wali Faqih’s opinion in cases that are related to “order of society”, added:” Verdict of Wali Faqih who is accepted by Mumenin, in cases to which order of society is linked, is nafez (includes/ applies to all people). Ayatullah Sistani also in response to another question regarding the extent of Wali Faqih’s power emphasized:” In affairs related to protection of establishment, accepted Faqih has welayat on Mumenin.”
  7. If you wish, I will translate it. But do you give me the gift instead?! In the Gregorian calendar it will be: 27-Nov-2004 (nearly 12 years ago).
  8. می شکند خشم ما، کاخ یزید زمان لرزه به پا می کند، در دل اهریمنان می رسد از هر طرف، پاسخ هل من معین گشته سپاه حسین، جلوه گر از اربعین http://meysammotiee.ir/post/701
  9. May Allah curse you and your offer for Safety! | A clip by Shaykh Isa Qasem Remember Bahrain
  10. It’s a vague but at the same time clear situation. It’s vague, because we don’t know we should be really worried about the future or hopeful about the probable positive changes or both. It’s vague, because it’s not clear whether Trump, a multibillionaire businessman, is a representative of callous rich people who has sucked people's blood, or he is a leader of movement and a hope for poor people. Or, whether he is a warmonger, or a detractor of warmongering policy of the US government in the past It’s vague, because you don’t know if you can blame those 60 millions people who voted for Trump, since you don't know if they voted for him for him or they voted for him for blocking the way for this Sheitani beldam, Hillary Clinton, becoming president. And, you don’t if you can blame those 60 millions of people who voted for Hillary Clinton, since you don't know if they have voted for her for her, or they voted for her for blocking the way for an openly morally corrupt and potentially dangerous person, Trump, becoming president. It’s vague, because it’s not clear why these people are protesting. Are they protesting against lack of proper freedom to have proper choices for presidency? Are they protesting against the Electoral College system? Are they taking advantage of the situation to protest against capitalism and tyranny of the US regime? Are they fans of Hillary Clinton who are weak to acknowledge the defeat? Or they are a collection of them? It’s vague because none of us knows what is really happening behind the scenes. Are even these elections for real? But at the same time it’s a very simple and clear situation. Long story short, it’s the same old three groups of people; a minority of Arrogant individuals who are still in power, a majority of goalless and leaderless Ignorant individuals who are formed like Play-Doh by different individuals and different events, and a small minority of powerless, inactive and separated Vigilant individuals who are ignored. Anyways, we pray that this situation may bring about positive changes, insha’Allah.
  11. I just searched and found out the book is translated to Arabic and is available online. The Arabic translation in PDF can be downloaded here: http://alfeker.net/library.php?id=823 Here is also a collection of Shahid Motahari's works translated into Arabic: http://www.room-alghadeer.net/vb/showthread.php?t=24811 @E.L King, you may want to read it. The book is translated into English as well, but I couldn't find a soft copy of it: https://www.amazon.com/Divine-Justice-Murtada-Mutahhari/dp/0934905533 Maybe Hajj @Muhammed Ali has a soft copy?
  12. That's sad the book isn't available online. The last chapter of the book covers this issue very precisely and meticulously. At least, I recommend those who know Farsi download and read it: http://motahari.ir/fa/content/185
  13. Wa alaikum salam, هل الدین الا الحب و البغض؟ “Is religion anything other than love and hate?” Haven’t we seen all the verses in Quran where Allah says “Indeed Allah dislikes oppressors”, “Indeed Allah dislikes arrogant people”, “Indeed Allah dislikes traitors” etc.? Islam, particularly Shia Islam, is based on mohabat (love). But loving has its own requirements. We can’t love both the oppressed and the oppressor, both those who sacrificed their lives for Islam and those who betrayed it. Hating traitors and oppressors is a basic requirement for claiming that we value mercy and love, otherwise we are either lying or making mistake. True, sometimes showing mercy towards personal enemies, forgiving those who have wronged us when we have power to revenge, respecting people who have disrespected us when our respect doesn’t make them more arrogant etc. are recommended. But none of them means we shouldn’t hate those who blocked the natural path of Islam. It’s neither logical nor humane. Insha'Allah they will be revenged for their crimes in the due time. With all that said, expressing hatred has its rule. For example, what is the point of expressing hatred when people just see our hatred and not the reason behind it and or when expressing hatred will not have good consequences?
  14. The way their women are dressed is so discussing. That these ugly things are common and natural in a society is a sign that the society has become a Jaheli one. The ughala of the qawm (vigilant individuals) should make them know and see this ugliness.
  15. Generally, no matter what you say, how you think and what your goal is, if you are presenting a distorted version of Islam wherein fighting against Estekbar has no place or worse than that you can potentially be regarded as a tool for them, you will be supported by Imperialism, to be exact by Arrogance (Arrogant Powers). Namely out of the Sufis and false mysticisms in Iran supported by the Persian speaking media owned by the Western regimes and based in the West, Gonabadi daravish and Ring Mysticism can be mentioned. However, the difference between these false mysticisms and Hussein Nasr’s is that Hussein Nasr’s Sufism is adorned by philosophy and academic books and figures, although Sufism and these things don’t actually match each other. Nasr’s ideology also theorizes and justifies the Kingdom establishment in an Islamic society; such a thing coming out of a person who has been head of Farah Pahlavi's foundation during the Pahlavi era is nothing strange. Anyways, at most it’s another inconsiderable threat to Islamic Republic among those tens of inconsiderable threats. Another relevant issue concerning these sorts of tasavof and mysticisms and how Arrogance deals with them is that we are living in a stressful world which lacks spirituality. So naturally people feel this need and try to meet it. Those in power - who know that it’s not possible to halt this spirituality-seeking and spirituality-seekers - divert people to safe – safe for their policies – makateb (ideologies). A clear example here is Buddhism. Do Buddhism and Buddhists have any potential danger to oppression and oppressors? No. On the contrary, their leader enjoys a very good tie with them. That's interesting. I don’t know...: http://www.mashreghnews.ir/fa/news/529208/مهمان-ویژه-روس-در-ایران-کیست-فیلم-و-عکس http://www.mashreghnews.ir/fa/news/536403/دوگین-30-سال-قبل-اتحاد-روسیه-با-ایران-علیه-غرب-را-پیش‌بینی-کرده-بودم-عکس
  16. I have found four groups who claim to be at the top of the list of defending something, but actually the first ones at the list of violators of what they claim they are defending. Regimes, individuals, groups mainly or all in the west who time and time again speak of peace, freedom, human rights, women rights, but actually they are the worst violators of human rights war-mongers. The mortaje (reactionary) Takfiris who infidelize other Muslims and claim to be the one and only Muslims, but actually are the most dangerous entity to Islam and Ummah. Those motahajers and extremists who claim to be the true Shias and followers of Ahlulbayt and excommunicate others, while their akhlaq and wisdom show otherwise, and the damage they have done to Shias no one has. And, these Gharbzadeh or even az-gharb-jolo-zadeh individuals that “Koroshe Bozorgh, Koreshe Bozorgh” doesn’t fall off their mouth, but Allah Knows how many times they have betrayed Iran, both ideologically and practically, and both before the Revolution and after the Revolution. The best word to describe these four groups in my mind is “Dangerous”. They are really dangerous to global peace and security, to Islam, to Shi'a and to Iran. If this is what they said, don't they know their father too was bearded?!
  17. To explain it in an easier way: You have found Allah, Quran and Ahlulbayt honest. You know whatever they say is right and they have said “there is something unseen called ghayb”. You, based on the faith in Allah, Quran and Ahlulbayt, will find out ghayb exists, even if this is unseen for you. Since you have believed in ghayb via the process above that is rational and reasonable, your belief in ghayb will be a rational belief. BTW, if our belief in ghayb is not rational, then it would be irrational. So, are you trying to prove that our belief in ghayb is irrational?! Do our brothers understand what they are saying? I don’t know where you have found this self-confidence from. It’s special. We don’t need to comment on everything we don’t have required knowledge about. Even if we have knowledge, we don’t need to comment on everything, when we possess an awkward basirah. This makes us statue of jahalat. People will see it, even if they don’t or can’t say it.
  18. No one is saying: “you should follow fatawa of my marja, otherwise you are wrong”. I am saying when something is clearly ghabih and wrong no one’s verdict and fatwa can make it reasonable. We even have had an individual who had even risaleh and a known marja for some, but at the same time this very individual attempted a coup against Imam Khomeini and, if I am not mistaken, allowed his companies to kill Imam Khomeini. Although at the end he was arrested, confessed and repented. So we should draw the line somewhere to distinguish between qualified and unqualified marja, between bad and good scholar, between dangerous and advantageous alim. In the meanwhile, we should be careful about bad and damaging sunnah we support, then we will be responsible for the people who may refuse to become Shia and know and learn the Islam of Ahlulbayt for that. Instead let's learn from these Nigerian Shias (watch it till the end):
  19. As you probably know, we Shia’s believe in aqli hosn and ghobh (logical goodness/beauty and evilness/ugliness), unlike Ash’aree school of thought who just believe in Shar’ee/religious/judiciary hosn and ghobh. As an example to explain this difference, we Shia’s believe that brain/logic, if used properly, is able to see ugliness of the things such as oppression, while ash’arees/asha’ere just believe that oppression is bad only because religion (Allah) has made it bad/haram. According to them, If Allah had made justice haram, we would have considered justice as a bad and ugly thing and generally our brain is not able to see the beauty and ugliness of the things, unless merely via shar’e/religion’s verdicts. But we Shia’s believe that such a thing is not possible. Oppression is zatan (intrinsically) bad and ugly, and justice is intrinsically good and beautiful. It seems some of our brothers somehow are dealing with the issue of tatbir Asha’ere-like. Just take a look at the pictures in the original post. How can’t some of us see the ghobh here? How does just fatwa of a person make these things halal? Is it even possible? If the person whom I am following at the moment allows such a thing which is obviously ghabih and portraying us Shia’s as some illogical individuals, then doesn’t it indicate that the one I am following lack the requirements of being a marja? The problem lies here and to solve this problem we should deal with this mozal (issue). Because whatever we say and regardless of the numbers of reasons we provide that such practices are wrong, at the end of the day, we will be responded that “there are some marjas who allow it. Who are you?”. It’s very dangerous and will have devastating effects, if this idea of "some allow it" spreads in other fields. This is really worrisome. We need more Ibrahim’s and more bot-shekan’s. There are some taboos in the name of respecting maraja and status of marja’eiat, which actually are damaging status of marja’eiat, as if everyone with some knowledge and some apparent conditions can become a marja and others can follow it. A marja should possess required conditions; high level of Knowledge, piety and wisdom. Does a person who allows things which are clearly wrong meet these requirements? Note: A marja may allow chest-beating and zanjir-zani (not the one with blade which is common in some countries) even if at the end this leads in some sort of bloodshed. I am not talk about these maraje and these fatawa. What I am talking about is what is shown in the video in the OP. Allah doesn’t allow things which are clearly ghabih, neither does a qualified marja. Insha’Allah our brothers who love Ahlulbayt and value matam– which is admirable – see the damage these practices are doing to Islam of Ahlulbayt. No one here is anti-matam. It's a Great Sin to call others anti-matam, while they are doing matam throughout the year, love it and live with it.
  20. Don't call it SAUDI ARABIA, Call it HIJAZ Global Campaign EXC.VIDEO: How could they change the name of an Islamic country Hijaz, make it a family name? Imam Khomeini’s view on Saud catastrophe! http://www.islamicinvitationturkey.com/2016/09/15/exc-video-how-could-they-change-the-name-of-an-islamic-country-hijaz-make-it-a-family-name-imam-khomeinis-view-on-saud-catastrophe/
  21. This news is clearly a move for abraha'izing Sadui's opponents to gain more support from the Muslim world. They don't have any legitimacy. So, they try to make fake stories to fool Muslims that they are Khadim-al-haramain and protecting them from Iran, Houthis and others attempting to destroy it is a responsibility for all Muslims, and sadly some Muslims believe them. While the clear reality is that Sadui's are traitors and not worthy of having control over the Holy Cities in Hijaz. That they openly drink Alcohol with enemies of Islam and Muslims is enough to make them fasiq, althogh it's not their only sin. The Macca (Kaba) just can be guarded by pious (motaqi) individuals, not those who sin openly: "And why should not Allah punish them while they hinder (men) from Al-Masjid Al-Haram, and they are not its guardians None can be its guardians except those who have Taqwa, but most of them know not.(8:34)" وَمَا لَهُمْ أَلَّا يُعَذِّبَهُمُ اللَّـهُ وَهُمْ يَصُدُّونَ عَنِ الْمَسْجِدِ الْحَرَامِ وَمَا كَانُوا أَوْلِيَاءَهُ ۚ إِنْ أَوْلِيَاؤُهُ إِلَّا الْمُتَّقُونَ وَلَـٰكِنَّ أَكْثَرَهُمْ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ Isn't it a duty for all Muslims to liberate the Holy cities in the land of Hijaz out of these fasiq's hands. Don't make this mistake that opposing Saudis is the same as being against Holy cities and a form of disrespect to them. It's a trick by Saudis and their media.
  22. Saudi Arabia is already renamed. The land is named after Saudi dynasty is and should be called Hijaz.
  23. What you said is either exactly the same or not very different than what actually I think unity means and what it doesn't mean. Shahid Motahari, while defining the meaning of unity, answering some misunderstanding and proving necessity of it says: ما خود شیعه هستیم و افتخار پیروی اهل البیت علیهم السلام را داریم. کوچکترین چیزی حتی یک مستحب و یا مکروه کوچک را قابل مصالحه نمی دانیم. "We are Shias ourselves and proud of being followers of Ahlulbayt. We don't compromise on even smallest things, even a mustahab or a small makrouh". Meaning, Unity doesn't mean "let's accept each other beliefs" as it's the case in Religious Pluralism. http://www.imamreza.net/eng/imamreza.php?id=3971 Even when we say Sunni's holy figures should not be disrespected, it doesn't mean they are good individuals. For example, we know who Aisha was, but Imam Ali didn't disrespected her. Ayatullah Khamenei, Shahid Mutahari and others who have been among the most famous scholars who have asserted the necessity of unity, at the same time in their books, speeches and works have clearly said whatever they wanted about Suuni's holy figures. But they don't disrespect them to make Sunnis defensive.
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