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  1. This is not something new. It has become a habit for these individuals whose three characteristics are taqwa-less-ness, basirah-less-ness and logic-less-ness to spread rumors without being able to back them up. Here is the summary of the main point of this thread: Someone creates a topic about funeral of a person and later two persons claim that he was martyred. People ask them "how did he get martyred" and they claim that "Iran killed him". Naturally people ask them that "what are your proofs" and they provide the following points as proofs: 1. Shirazi family is not in line with Iranian government. 2. Welayate Faqih has no place in Shia Islam and our scholars are against it (beside the fact that it's a false statement and all the Shia scholars, and if we consider some others as scholar, almost all the Shia scholars are in favor of Welayate Faqih, obviously it has nothing to do with the first accusation) 3. The person has written 1400 books. 4. Plus a video of his funeral called documentary, which is everything but a documentary claiming his body was stolen that even if it is true it doesn’t prove anything. "This is not tashayoe, this is clear aberrance" Also, read the article below to see how our enemies have put their hope in these people: What are they saying about Ayatullah Wahid that makes you worried about his situation?
  2. Repeating and in addition to what some of our brothers have stated so far: 1. These stories are not new. So using words such as 'leaking' and 'revealing' doesn't make sense here. 2. The exchange of messages between Imam Khomeini and Carter is not a secret thing on behalf of Imam Khomeini. The following is an example of the real and not fabricated messages exchanged between them in which, unlike what some claim, Imam Khomeini warns Carter: 3. Another way for disproving these never proved claims would be using counter-argument. One of these counter-arguments is memories of General Robert E. Huyser. As he has stated in his book "Mission to Tehran", he was sent to Iran to prevent Revolution from happening. Ayatullah Khamenei in one of his speeches mentions this mission Huyser talks about in his book: I didn't find an online copy of the book. But here is another relevant part: 4. Another point is that those fabricated messages and letters were denied by many involved individuals. One of these individuals whose name is mentioned in these texts is Ibrahim Yazdi. Everyone who knows him knows that he is not a pro-Islamic Revoultion and has had issues with Islamic Revolution. 5. Many other things can be said in this regard, but all things aside, as it was mentioned; البینه علی المدعی: The proof is up to the claimer, while these people have presented no fact to back their claim up and obviously they don't have any to present. Also, in the OP, the issue of Iran Contra is used as an evidence for the Op's claim. It's enough to see OP doesn't know what he is talking about.
  3. In Islam it is not just accusing without solid proofs regarded as a great sin and forbidden, but also spreading it: ولا تقف مالیس لک به علم ان السمع والبصر والفۆاد کل اولئک کان عنه مسئولا And this approach, spreading rumors without required knowledge, is not light in the sight of Allah: "When you rumoured with your tongues after hearing such matters, and uttered with your mouths about which you had no knowledge, and you considered it light; and that, in the sight of Allah, is very great." [24:15] Insha'Allah, I will talk about the topic later in more detail.
  4. We have had a topic about it earlier: He is not praising Umar or his justice. He is talking about the importance of justice Prophet taught ummah in a way that it prevailed even during the Khulafa eras, many years after departure of Rasullallah. You can read Ayatullah Khamenei's opinion on the three Caliphates in his books and speeches to see his stance on them.
  5. My dear brother, What makes you think you can so openly call others oppressor here and there -- while you are living under a regime like France -- without mentioning its crimes? You are just expressing the ugly habit of your politicians; accusing others of being what they themselves are. The regime you are living under is one of the major sponsors of terrorism in the world. It clearly and shamelessly supports and helps MKO, Saudi and Zionist regimes, not to mention its support for terrorist groups like Daesh -- off course sponsoring terrorism makes one terrorist as well The politicians of the government you are living under, such as its current president and the past ones, are among the most worthless and vicious entities in the world. These neck-tied terrorists have neither religion, nor freedom or gentility. You speak of democracy. Democracy means a government supported by the will of people. In Iran 10s of millions of people, a few times a year, take to street to show their support for establishment, what the regimes run by Zionist lobbies, like France, just can see their dreams. So, my brother, if you want to be a freedom-fighter and against terrorism and dictatorship, the one of the clearest, one of the most at the hand and one of the best battlefield is where you are living. Don't let your good intention in opposing oppression be manipulated and misused by those who are the oppression itself, my brother.
  6. Ahh..What can I say? Imam Reza, Haram, Sagha khouneh, Naghareh Khouneh, Panjereh foulad, Pigeons, this Imam e Ra'ouf and this paradise on the earth...
  7. السلام علیک یا علی بن موسی الرضا
  8. The old story of the America, independent countries and some of us: US imposes illegal and inhumane sanctions, forces dependent countries (by dependent countries I mean most of the European countries and countries like South Korea and Japan) to follow it, boycotts and steals the independent nation's assets, blocks all the ways possible for economic stability and progress etc. etc. and when some people leave the independent country and go to the US, US will be a great and good government for providing them opportunity and we blame the independent country! "What has come upon you that you judge in such a wise?"
  9. از سر جاده, راه افتاده, پای پیادهیه دهاتی با همون لباس سادهداره میاد برسه پنجره فولادبشینه روبرو گنبدگوشه ی صحن گوهر شادیکی از شماله از کنار شالی هایکی از جنوب و از همون حوالی هاهمه اومدند, دسته خالی هاهنوزم یه عده توی راهندمثل هرشب, دلم برات کفتره سلطانتو این شلوغی مارو یادت نره سلطان http://bank-shear-kheime.blog.ir/post/23 http://dl.downloadmadahi.ir/arabi/Karimi-Dehati.mp3
  10. The win, win, win is that US day by day is losing power and credibility, and Iran day by day is getting stronger. Firstly, it's unacceptable, unbelievable and shameful that US, this chomagh-bedast* teacher of democracy, for decades is threatening a country like Iran, and we know that when they say "all options are on the table including military action" nuclear weapon would be one of those options. Our world is facing such creatures. Do you see? So, when we are talking about possibility of war between US and Iran, we are just talking about possibility of US attacking Iran, obviously. There are some realities that make the war between US and Iran unlikely, and one reality that makes it possible. Realities that make the war unlikely are: -There are military and security experts in the US to inform Trump, if he doesn't know, of devastating consequences of war with Iran such as numerous American military casualties. -Although US bases in the West Asia is a threat to our region, existence of these bases is an opportunity as well. Destruction of these bases, especially US navy in Persian Gulf, would not be so hard for Iran's ordinary missiles. - They know that there are proper missiles ready to raze Israeli cities to ground, if Iran is attacked. -Money: They have spent and wasted enough money for the past wars to make them be hesitant to waste more; especially with this amount of debt. -Clearly US can no longer persuade its allies to accompany it in more wars. Remember a few years ago when US wanted to attack Syria, even its close friend, UK, didn't accompany it, let alone accompany it in a possible war with Iran. - A war with Iran requires a powerful and brave army. It's not a job for a worn-out and "just brave to attack defend-less people" army like US's. Remember the last year's incident in the Persian Gulf. There are much more reasons that prevent them from thinking about making war with Iran. However, there is one and only one reason which makes it possible, and that's stupidity. There are also stupid people living in their dream land whom we can't ignore. These people exist. *Here is a chomagh-bedast:
  11. I checked the book. There wasn't a reference for this quote. That's probably due to the fact that the book is compiled by a series of speeches by him. However, I don't think Descartes saying such a thing would be unlikely, since he was a truth seeker person, as far as we know off course. Anyway, the case of Descartes is just an example. It doesn't affect the idea Shahid Motahari is trying to explain in his book.
  12. یاد امام و شهدا، حسین حسین بگو تو جاده نجف تا کربلا http://www.mehrnews.com/news/3824274/مداحی-جدید-میثم-مطیعی-برای-اربعین-موکب-به-موکب-می-رسیم-از-راه
  13. Some pictures from the Arbaeen Parade (1): I am a doctor, let me know whenever you need me: Protectors of the Haram : Shahid Jahad Moghniyeh: Jama'at prayer (praying in congregation ): Arbaeen selfie: Flag of Islamic Republic of Germany: Parking (Mehran border): Iraqi kid with Shahid Belbasi, last year: Ba ma'erefat Iraqi kid without shahid belbasi, this year: The smallest Mukeb: الشام الشام الشام: In a mourning ceremony where there is no concern over fighting tyrants even Ibn Ziad and Umar Sad will do chest-beating:
  14. «یا یزید کد کیدک واسع سعیک ناصب جهدک فوالله لا تمحو ذکرنا و لا تمیت وحینا» Zeynab Kubra سلام الله علیها to Yazid لعنه الله علیه: O Yazid, make your schemes, increase your effort, do your best, by Allah you can’t wipe out our remembrance and eliminate our revelation. If I were a dove, I would fly everywhere…so East and West of the earth get familiar with your love and depart for Karbala...so story of sagha and thirst, story of the blood-soaked infant become global one day in every land in every language… "Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate (from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Bestower." [3:8]
  15. I don't know if all the people who participated in the tawabin uprising were from the same category, but the tawabin army was formed by individuals who sent the letter to Imam Hussein but refused to help him. The reason here for these people is hubal dunya, as hubal dunya is the head of all sins/mistakes (حب الدنیا راس کل خطیئه). Even if the reason why they didn't help Imam Hussein was fear of Ibn Ziad army, it would still be a form of hub of dunya. Yes, sadly there were even people who had been among Imam Ali’s sahabis but didn’t help Imam Hussein, although none of the famous companions of Prophet and Imam Ali such as Salman, Abu Zar Ghafari, Balal, Meqdad and Ammar were alive during the event of Karbala in 61 hijri. A clear and scary example is Shimr, alayhe lanah. In the battle of Siffin, Shimr was among the army of Imam Ali who was close to get martyred! Another example of these unwise companions (as some say, he is a controversial personality) is Khajeh Rabi’e or Rabi’e ibn Khuthaim. He was one of the companions of Imam Ali, but for whatever reason he abandoned Imam Ali and migrated to Mash’had. He is now buried there. There is a story about him which is both funny and sad. Khajeh Rabi'e was one of those daem-uz-zekr’s. When he was told that Imam Hussein was killed in Karbala, he said something along the lines of “Yazid did a very bad thing” and then regretted saying that and started repenting for a while why he said something other than zekr of Allah!
  16. اللهم صل علی محمد و آل محمد و عجل فرجهم و اهلک اعدائهم اجمعین
  17. Among the unwise elites, the story of Suleyman ibn Surad Khuzaei is something special:
  18. Such things coming out of a person who clams that Quran is distorted is nothing strange. I ask Allah to give you what you deserve for your hatred and baseless accusations that just come out of Wahabi and Zionist media and not followers of Ahlulbayt who fear Allah. Some diseases are not curable. «مَنْ بَهَتَ مُۆْمِناً أَوْ مُۆْمِنَةً أَوْ قَالَ فِیهِ مَا لَیْسَ فِیهِ أَقَامَهُ اللَّهُ تَعَالَى یَوْمَ الْقِیَامَةِ عَلَى تَلٍّ مِنْ نَارٍ حَتَّى یَخْرُجَ مِمَّا قَالَهُ فِیهِ»
  19. We neither celebrate nor mourn the US election outcomes: Ayatollah Khamenei In a meeting with thousands of people from Esfahan held at Imam Khomeini (ra) Husseiniyeh this morning, Novemnber 16, 2016, the Leader of the Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, stated that:I do not have any comments on the outcome of the presidential election in the U.S. Anyone coming from either of these two parties is pure evil." Regarding the hostility practiced by various U.S. presidents against the Iranian nation, His Eminence held: “One imposed sanctions, another shot down a passenger airliner and one attacked our oil platforms. We are not concerned and we are prepared to combat any possible incident. Across the world, some people mounred and some celebrated it. We neither mourn nor celebrate [the outcome of U.S. elections]; we concentrate on how to move our country out of possible problems. Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always witnessed hostility from both popular U.S. party sides, adding that: “Today the most significant needs of the country, particularly, for the elites and the authorities, are political insight, staying vigilant against enemy plots, and preserving the revolutionary spirit, direction, taking measure, and action in the arena of Economy of Resistance, continuing the rapid scientific growth, national unity and harmony, as well as maintaining an internal and spiritual strength. During this meeting, which was held on the anniversary of a mass funeral organized in Esfahan for the 370 martyrs of Muharram Operation of November 16, 1982, Ayatollah Khamenei said: "Persevering the principles of the Islamic Revolution is among the very important necessities today and the principles of the Revolution are the fundamentals and indexes expounded by Imam Khomeini (ra) on his last will and testament." [We Stand Up To The End] His Eminence further added: “The enemy has targeted the economy, because they think it's the country’s weak point; and this is why measures and action of the Economy of Resistance have been stressed; hence, authorities must demonstrate, before the eyes of the nation, the measures and actions and the implications of it. The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the issues brought up during the U.S. presidential campaigns regarding failures, poverty and massive problems in the United States stating: "The U.S. has spent its nation’s money on devious wars, which have brought nothing but the massacre of thousands of civilians and the obliteration of infrastructures in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen." Ayatollah Khamenei put emphasis on the fact that the realities, tapped into during election campaigns, in the U.S., have been brought up repeatedly over the past years, but some were unwilling to accept it, holding that: "insight means that you know who you are dealing with and how they think about you; and if you close your eyes towards that you will certainly get struck with a blow. His Eminence stressed that political and non-political elites are expected to have such insight, asserting: "fortunately typical people do have such insight, but it is a surprise how some elites rely on illusions; hence, they lack such insight. The Leader of the Revolution finally touched upon the Arbaeen Walk, dubbing it as an invaluable investment adding: "This great million-man walk between Najaf and Karbala, this enthusiasm, affection and movement-- even if accompanied by dangers—is always alive in the hearts of our people; this treasure should be preserved, as it guarantees the survival of our country." The full text of the speech will soon be uploaded on the website. http://farsi.khamenei.ir/speech-content?id=34912
  20. My father makes good kabab and he is Iranian. Does this suffice for me to vote for "Iranians"?
  21. So you came to Iran, looked at people’s eyes and you noticed the fear of Basij in their eyes! It’s ridicules, I must say, like your other ridiculous accusations against Iran you are spreading on various threads. There are formally about 25 millions registered Basijis in Iran, not to mention others who participate in Basij programs but don’t have formal Basij Card. Even others who may not be considered as so Hezbullahi acknowledge necessity and usefulness of Basij for country and respect it. Yes, criminals, thefts, sedition-mongers and terrorists fear Basij as they should, and you may be one of them who may fear Basij and Basijis? Maybe. As for your another accusation; you are accusing Iranian government of being dictatorial, while the support people give to it in parades, demonstrations and elections is unique in the world. The problem with individuals like you is that you don’t fear Allah, otherwise you wouldn’t make these so many baseless accusations. These are not your first accusations against Iran. I remember once you accused Iran of killing Shia scholars, once (if I remember correctly) you accused Iran of mass murder of innocent people, and I don’t think these are all the accusations you have been busy making against Islamic Revolution. I have been trying to ignore your posts and or be nice to you and just reply to some of your accusations, but that approach didn’t work. Maybe this approach works and makes you think of what you are doing.
  22. Revolutionary and Islamic concepts are like the scent of spring flowers. No one can prevent their scent from spreading. It goes everywhere. These concepts are like an enlivening and revitalizing breeze which cover and imbue everywhere. Now, they can create uproar and they can go on ranting and raving. This philosophy has already been promoted and you can witness it in different countries. This philosophy is active in Lebanon and Iraq. Iraqi youth have joined their army and they have managed to achieve these victories. The same is true of Syria, the same is true of Gaza, the same is true of Palestine, the same is true of Yemen and by Allah's favor, the same will happen in Holy Quds and in liberating al-Aqsa.

    Seyed Ali Khamenei - November 27, 2014


  23. Since unlike AutoCad Civil3D using AutoCad requires no engineering skills, can we say AutoCad is engineering software? Or it's a drawing tool like Microsoft Paint, but much more advanced?
  24. When wisdom doesn't exist, everything will be possible; even using Imam Hussein's mourning majalis for creating division among Shias, intentionally or unintentionally. By the way:
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