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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I came I tried, there is no help for the hopeless. Let the rivers of blood flow, only then will it quench their thirst!

  2. Please be clear in your writing. The only reason I misunderstood is when you clarified on your above post. I do not deem Al Qaeda, Al Nusra or any of these terrorists Muslims and if you've read any of my previous posts you should know that, nor do any Sunnis I know. Also it is the leaders of these Sunni countries who have sold out and in the process the people are dying and starving. Please tell me whilst they are being suicide bombed and droned by the US who is going to help the help them? Need I remind you that Shia's are dying amongs Sunnis to. Like I said the Sunni countries are being use
  3. I came I tried, there is no help for the hopeless. Let the rivers of blood flow, only then will it quench there thirst!

  4. Thank you very much brother. People who think the Wahabi/Salafis equate to all Sunnis are no different then the ones spreding lies to cause sectarian strife leading to violence and the killings of Muslims be it Sunni or Shia!
  5. Official by the coup? Whose strings are pulled by Washington. The very people who deem Hezbollah a terrorist group! Even secular Egyptians will riot over the militarisation of Egypt and crackdown on human rights. There is nothing laughable about what is happening in Egypt. The Sunni world (your words, I call it the Muslim world) is not turning against itself, it is being made to turn into itself and there is only one reason, to get to the Shia world and it will happen unless WE get our act together.
  6. I wouldn't expect anything else from Hezbollah. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would understand Hezbollah have nothing to gain from the killing of Mohammad Shatah. The only people whose purpose this act of terrorism serves is those who are paying for Lebanon to be set on fire. Do we need 3 guess's as to who they are? I think not!
  7. I will reiterate as I have previously done that I am not a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood but what is happening is a well orchestrated plan involving the US and House of Saud in Arabia. We should take ourselves back to the first protests in Egypt. The heavy crack down of the Egyptian military for the first time found the US publicly stating if the heavy handedness did not stop they would stop aiding the Egyptian Army. Out of blue, a reaction never historically known the House of Saud in Arabia proclaims that it would aid the Egyptian army and more than the US ever could. The reason being
  8. My dear brother, Thank you for your kind words please as your sister don't take to heart what I said just learn from it because it may not seem important for you and me or for Sunni or Shia but for Imam Mahdi As, may Allah swt speed their blessed emergence for us. Keep smiling and be happy always.
  9. Not including Salafi/Wahabis any everyday Sunni I come across support Iran. They see Iran as the only islamic country today that is the voice of Muslims to defend them and their rights. We must educate people to understand that Iran is NOT looking to make Nuclear weapons but Nuclear energy to help the people of Iran, especially in the advancement of medical care. The US's barbaric unjust sanctions target and are killing everyday Iranians who lack vital medicines and facilities. Iran is a signatory of the NPT (Non Proliferation Treaty) under which has every right to Nuclear energy. The IAEA i
  10. Sister please read, understand and take to heart what brother Waiting for HIM has wrote in his post. I can't convey to you how perfectly he has summed up the use of torture and suffering in silence. Brother Waiting for HIM I remember my father literally giving a similar talk when I was a child. Thank you.
  11. WS Allah swt is all merciful and the religion of Islam never puts the safety of women at stake. When you are talking about taking your own life (which is a crime against Allah swt) and the safety of your son being at risk this a serious situation. No man should abuse, torture or falsely accuse a women once a person falls under that category they lose Allah swts favour. Please see Chapter 24.4 in the Holy Quran when it instructs to punish those who falsely accuse chaste women of adultery but do not bring forth four witnesses to prove the adulterous act. Such accusers should be punished for sla
  12. Please don't assume any filth that you spew against my beloved Sheikh Hasan Nasrallah has any affect on me. What it does prove is that the love we have for this great brave man eats away at you and why shouldn't it, in 10 lifetimes you would not be able to match up to his stature. Please let me inform you the people of Palestine are not starving but yes the people of Gaza are under a brutal siege. They are starving, dying without medical care, they have no sewerage facilities, gas or electric or civil society structures but guess who is helping with the installation of Israel's heinous siege?
  13. Yet it is Shia Iran and Hezbollah that speak up for and Champion Palestinians rights. Every suffering Muslims plight is every Muslims responsibility. Iran and Hezbollah are slaves of Allah swt Al Qaeda are slaves of the CIA and Israel!
  14. Where is your evidence implicating Hezbollah? CNN? Don't make us laugh! Seriously your hate for Hezbollah knows no boundaries and eschews your function for any rational thought. Please follow link below by former prosecutor in an international criminal tribunal, Marwan Dalal, has presented Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) pre-trial judge Daniel Fransen a legal document that contains information possibly implicating Israel in the Rafic Hariri assassination. http://english.al-akhbar.com/node/1237
  15. I completely missed that :D Superb Rose, thank you!
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