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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Brother Al Husseini !!! if you can remove the post about Imam Bukhari on Abu Bakr and Umar . please do it . i think it goes against the rules of This Chat room to call other Names . though they are in the hadith . but it would be better if you remove it . i removed mine already month ago . because of which you did reply which was a failed reply . but still i request to remove the above post . Wassalam
  2. I have request , if you remove the post in topic Abu Bakr as Siddique . Where there is Narration of Ibn Hibban , there is mistake in it . Plz press the report button and request Admin to remove Wassalam

  3. bro kindly if you can remove this post . press report button and ask admin to remove it . i also remove my post regarding hadith of Sahih Hibban . i want to leave the forum . Wassalam
  4. Its is useless to convincing and discussing whether Abu bakr Ra was siddique . they are many typical sunnis , i think 99% who even love Muaweya like other Abu Bakr Ra and Umar Ra , near that they make him Khalifa Rashid , I Like the Point of view of Great Mufasir of 20 th Century Muhammad Rasheed Raza Author of Tafsir Al Manaar , He said : Syedina Ali (AS) did bayah of Abu bakr RA though Syedina Ali (AS) considered himself rightful for Caliphate than Abu bakr (RA) but he did not revolted like Muaweya revolted against Syedina Ali (AS) , who was never rightful for that Office .( Muj
  5. The Hadith about the companions that they turn on their heels and changed , is not about Abu Bakr Ra and Umar Ra , it was about Muaweya and other like him they changed truly and they always wanted Caliphate , which Umar Ra already knew in his time , its exaggeration to say that Abu Bakr Ra and Umar Ra were like him Muaweya .
  6. قال الإمام أحمد رحمه الله: إذا سكت العالم تقية والجاهل يجهل فمتى يظهر الحق

  7. This is actually easy in Arabic IF you learn this Simple Function of this letter Ya ی ۔ When you put it after the noun it becomes yours . Like take a word House = بیت . IF you want to say my House then it just add ya ی to the noun like بیت + ی = بیتي ۔ كتاب + ی = كتابی ۔ رب + ی = ربی this way it goes. If its plural than add نا to the noun it becomes Plural. بیت + نا = بیتنا ۔ ( our house ) كتاب + نا = كتابنا رب + نا = ربنا this way it goes . (wasalam)
  8. Ibnuhu is in marfoo form and Ibnihi is in Majroor Form . Like see in example . يعقوب نبی اللہ ، ابنه يوسف = Yaqoob is Prophet of Allah , his son is Yusuf . ( Ibnuhu ) ( Marfoo Form ) الأب يبكي علي ابنه = The Father is crying on his son ( Ibnihi ) ( Majroor Form ) if you want to know the 3rd and last that is Mansoob form الأب يكره ابنه = The Father dislike his son ( Ibnahu ) ( Mansoob Form )
  9. In Present tense form . One Has to keep in mind these 4 letters and it will always help they are ا ن ت ی ۔ to make it easy just memorize this word انتی . it has all these 4 letters . اسمع = I listen . تسمع = You Listen . نسمع = We Listen يسمع = He Listen so you see all these 4 letters i used which are in present tense form. remember ا ن ت ی = انتی Remember When you use verb for feminine in present tense in 3rd Person then verb will start with ت ۔ Like e.g The woman is crying = المرأة تبكي ۔ and for masculine The Guy is crying = الرجل
  10. Then why dont your sunni scholars Openly Says Abu bakr Alaih Salam ???? Are you ashamed??? Go openly say that . I have never heard any sunni scholar saying neither he will allow you . As Far as adding Alaih Salam to Ahle bait . it is because also we say Durood Salam in Salah . and we send salutation on Prophet's Family . and only Ahle Bait deserves that and they are rightful for that . If any scholar used it for Abu Bakr it doesnt mean he is rightul for that .. Many use even Ra for Abu Hanifa though he is not sahabi Salawat is only for Ahle bait . none else deserves that . and i
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