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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam

    man Arash hastam .

  2. oh my gorddd!! what the hell happened to you?? are you still like in love with loads of people???? please say yes!

  3. tu leemu hastee!!

  4. ^ I hardly ever saw any. I mean my ucle is a crazy driver in Iran and he has never had an accident and when your sitting in his car you think he's going to hit into another car or post or something but then he dodges it reallly well...and for me its like :o WOW Everythings a risk in life. :huh:
  5. LOL.... :P ...the 'just jokes' bit saved you :P LOOOOOOL...has to be said, driving in Iran is 'exciting' and horrific but ppl don't often have accidents which means that they do have driving talent after all! :P
  6. There's main types of Iranians...the ones who want democracy (may take place in different form) one way is via the son of Shah and they love their personal freedoms and stufff....the other type is the lovers of the Islamic Republic and their pride in being Shia muslims etc etc... And then you have ones who are either in the middle (sitting on the fence- go with the flow) or you have ones that don't fit in those categories LOL... What DjibrilCisse said was true as well...ha ha!
  7. Nothing much LOL...i don't come on myself often b/c i have sooooooo much work to do...i don't know how i ever came on literally everyday in the past, a bit sad realy he he...i don't know what you've missed...i've been away a lot myself so, i'd like to know what i've missed too :blush:
  8. ^his family aren't afghan...they were born in Afghanistan DUH! Anyway...haven't seen you around for a while...missed you!!!! :cry:
  9. Happy B'day brother...many happy returns of the day
  10. I've always admired Khatami for the way that he has a sense of conservatism in him..however he has respect for the feelings of others so he tries his best to show that...em, i'm not going to say he was a bad leader NO...but he's the type of person that keeps his friends close but his enemies closer and this is deffinately an impotant quality that politicians should have...He didn't give the west the chance to criticize him and put their finger on his weak point or whatever...very talented MashAllah...I hold a lot of respect for him. I think Ahmadinejad as a leader is very strong and defensive,
  11. Education is very important not just for women but for everyone...its the uneducated that usually get up to no good LOL...not all the time though (sometimes educated people are worse LOL :Hijabi: ..like that free masonist that has 33 degrees)!!!
  12. I understand that sis. But does that mean that people with those minority ideologies should be oppressed and forced to think otherwise just because they are a minority?...isn't that juat as bad as the holocaust event...treat a minority of people (the jews) unfairly...
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