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  1. salam man Arash hastam. kheili delam mikhad ba shoma doost basham. this way i can learn englsh too.

  2. Just wanted to say salaam as its been such a long time, and yes, i am back here again discussing some issues lol. Hope u haven't forgotten Ur Turkish shia friend. Wa salaam

  3. I love a girl, and she is called 'loveahlulbaytforeverrrrrrr'

    :D :D :D

  4. You never want to get yourself into a sticky situation like that and look like bad guy for not taking the other person's side. So, if it were in this situation I would try not to take anyones side. If I knew my husband was wrong I would later on tell him what I thought about it. Sometimes these little arguments can can blown out of proportion if not handled wisely.
  5. I think the Red ones are the best! They are so juicy, crunchy, and the sweetness is mouthwatering especially when they are cold.
  6. YES!!! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! they are gross!
  7. You gotta stop stalking me otherwise I would be compelled to get an E-restraining order against you. :P

  8. Salons dont really have private rooms for cutting hair but, if its a female only salon then I dont think that would be an issue. You can either go check that place out or call and ask them.
  9. I have been wanting to see Persepolis for a while now but I need a link that has english translations!
  10. Really Cypress I never knew that! I only know one person that goes there and she is a shia :P
  11. I am from South Florida and there is another masjid in Boca Raton I go there when I am in Florida since its minutes away from where I live. Its prominently Arab but, the people there are wonderful! If you dont understand Arabic its ok since the lectures are in English. They have a program every thursday and then Jummah prayers. If you need directions to it let me know.
  12. Cool! you will like it there its really nice! I went to an event by the MIT muslim association they had Ammar Naskhawani a few months ago it was really nice. If you need further help feel free to ask me.
  13. This is the only place I could find http://www.bizwiki.com/beauty-salon/342621...-only-salon.htm I have never been to that place before so cant say if its good or not. Check it out if its not too far away from where you live. Guessing your new in South Florida otherwise you could have asked some females at the local masjid which are only 2 or 3. Hope this helped! :)
  14. I am currently studying in Boston myself and the closest shia masjid is the one in Hopkinton its actually really nice not bad.... Getting there can be an issue at times since there is no public transport but, the ppl there know it can be difficult for students to get there they try to carpool or pick u up.... I have a cousin that lives here so i just get a ride with her or a friend whom i commute with at times :) which uni are you planning on going to?
  15. I like Zuhair Murad he has some really beautiful pieces.
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