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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The translation is 100% correct. You are mixing the translation with the comments of the uploader. There is no need to lie as many people know arabic and can see there is nothing wrong in the translation. Don't expose yourself as liars in front of others.
  2. I thought everyone here knew that Ams khan is behind Antimajos. al-`Ajal Ya Imaam, October 28, 2012 The videos are a copy and second upload of Amskhan2007, aka Anti-Majoos channel, he brings incredible scholars, faulty arguments, and insults to the table, there is no need to look at them.
  3. Interesting thread on tsn. Lets see what he has got to say
  4. As a layman I am fed up with all these accusations of tahreef and denial of tahreef. I am looking for a rational, respectful debate between learned shias and learned sunnis. I believe Nader is the best candidate for this as he is very knowledgeable and respected figure.
  5. Believe me, I too am looking for the whole lecture. Can anyone here (shia/sunni) help us to locate the whole lecture?
  6. @PureEthics I am afraid that there is nothing after that comment because Murtaza Qazwaini said he doesn't what to comment any further on this subject.
  7. There are narrations on both sides recommending camel urine only for medical purpose. So it will better if ignorant people avoid making comments. You mean shias enjoy drinking camel urine? http://www.sistani.org/index.php?p=251364&id=48&pid=2375 2636. It is haraam to drink the urine of all haraam animals, and also of those whose meat is halal to eat, including, as an obligatory precaution, that of a camel. However, the urine of a camel, a cow or a sheep can be consumed, if recommended for any medical treatment. Knowledge is light.
  8. Unfortunately he did not. May be he missed them wallahu A'llam. Don't know what would have been his opinion if he read the whole thing. Starts @ 11:45
  9. This guy uploads another similar video on his page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RXcJrnWQVc
  10. This point is irrelevant because the one in the video is very famous radood called Haidar Alattar
  11. You mean this program of Karbala TV? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7z-hg1cf74
  12. But in the below clip @16:08 - Ayatullah Kamal alHaydari admits there is consensus among shia callers that Ibn Taymiyya did not mean this. I don't think all these arab callers are wrong except for Haydari and Al-Muhammadee. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqCtekfCibU
  13. Did anyone watched last tuesdays 'halqa'.....Subhanallah!! So much lies by wa'd al lami!! I don't get why do he have to lie intentionally? Is it part of his believe, I mean are there narrations that encourage him to lie? 1- YouTube - ‫كلمة سواء مع هروب وعد اللامي 1/10‬‎ 2- YouTube - ‫كلمة سواء مع هروب وعد اللامي 2/10‬‎ 3- YouTube - ‫كلمة سواء مع هروب وعد اللامي 3/10‬‎ 4- YouTube - ‫كلمة سواء مع هروب وعد اللامي 4/10‬‎ 5- YouTube - ‫كلمة سواء مع هروب وعد اللامي 5/10‬‎ 6- YouTube - ‫كلمة سواء مع هروب وعد اللامي 6/10‬‎ 7- YouTube - ‫كلمة سواء مع هروب وعد اللامي 7/10‬‎ 8- YouTube - ‫كلمة سواء مع هروب وعد اللامي 8/10‬‎ 9- YouTube - ‫كلمة سواء مع هروب وعد اللامي 9/10‬‎ 10- YouTube - ‫كلمة سواء مع هروب وعد اللامي 10/10‬‎
  14. I am afraid if your maraje use the formula then there will zero sahih hadith left in your books.
  15. Did you read careful what I post above?
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